Good morning. This is Arom.

It is really interesting incident that the Aegis, USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship on Saturday the 17th. How lame they couldn’t find the container ship (more than three times their size) in front of them even though they “suppose” to be able to find nuclear missiles flying towards to them (= USS Fitzgerald is an Aegis guided missile destroyer), LOL.

Well, it really tells you that it has been 70 years since the US Navy was on a battle field. Vietnam war took place in a jungle region. Iraq War, Afghanistan and entire Middle East have all been staged in the dessert regions. But it suddenly becomes a preparation for possible naval battles now. It’s no wonder inside of (the US Navy) officials get mixed up. This is just between ourselves though, it has been a cutthroat competition going on at bottom of the sea during Soviet era and now since the WWII.

Anyways, let me announce the plan for this week. How was the ELB (Enjoy Life Basic) last Sunday? The subject “ESP (supernatural power)” has gone only the half way and it has not reached the climax just yet. Meanwhile, Beth got a slight burnout (LOL) and her brain didn’t work till Wednesday. But she has been going with the 3-hour sleep schedule again since Thursday in order to work with another seminar deadline. That’s why the blog posting had been totally delayed. There will be about 9 entries posted today. I bet they have already been up by now, yes?

She will have another course of all-night channelling/typing sessions for a party in this week. It is so great to be busy, isn’t it?

So, there will be a dance party and the make-up show by JJ along with a potluck party on Saturday the 24th. It has been in preparation for the broadcasting & commentary on Slack (Little-Cooking). I think there will be the meeting tonight. Please enjoy the event and we all are expecting to see more new members next time.

June Bride Party by Little-Cooking : June 24th (Sat) 20:00~24:00 (Makeup Show by JJ will begin at 18:00) at Shamballa School Salon

You must make the most of it in Shamballa!

It is a slogan posted on a wall of the salon 🙂

The theme for this week is “Healing” suggested by Mr. Gilles Lambert. What is the remote-healing all about? What is healing in the first place? You can ask all your questions regarding Healing. We, including our Medical-team will answer them.

Well then, please enjoy your Sunday.

Please stay with us for this week as well.





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