…as You go with the Flow(流れのままに…)をキーワードに、読者とシャンバラ(Shamballa)の質疑応答を、著者『ベス』がひたすら打ち込んでいく、世界でただ一つの面白不思議スペースをお楽しみ下さい♪

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For this week 06.11.17

Good morning. My name is Lambert who will be the lecturer on ELB Seminar tonight (FYI: 追記事項アリ/【ELB-1:本日11日開催です♪】Enjoy Life Basic☆ — Japanese only, but please let us know if you are interested in taking the live session tonight.).

Beth asked me to read this manuscript (“For this week”) while we were on a meeting before she headed for the live seminar (Enjoy Life Seminar).


今週の予定 2017.6.11

おはようございます。今夜エンジョイ・ライフ・セミナーの講師を務めますランバートといいます。(詳しくは 追記事項アリ/【ELB-1:本日11日開催です♪】Enjoy Life Basic☆



For this week 06.04.17

Good morning, this is Arom. First of all, I will begin with a delusional story, hee-hee.

The Earth is finally becoming the normal state after getting out of the wide-angle dimensional space last week. However, she is currently struggling in a dilemma which the arrangements settled during the time (= the wide-angle dimensional space) have become a fetter such as “that president” and “that country” seceding from Paris Agreement.


今週の予定 2017.6.4




For this week 05.28.17

Good morning. This is Arom.

When you are busy, you still enjoy within the business.  — This is the word from my mentor, General Haslihya. However, it was too busy to have such a time last week. Now, here comes the time for change!

First of all, Earth will be out of the wide-angle dimensional space in the week which we will enter the new dimension. What do you expect to happen? Well, all liars will be exposed one after another. We’ll collect Shikigami (animating objects to act as the sorcerer’s agent) which Beth has created in the week. A fun, honest man takes advantage in this stage. You guys, let’s be honest to yourself and others. That’s the tough one, lol!


今週の予定 2017.5.28




For this week 05.21.17

Hello, this is Arom. I had a vacation for a while which was the first time with my wife. It was really fun (smile)!

First of all, I would like to make the announcement that “Enjoy Life Seminar” which is the monthly seminar by Beth will finally appear on Slack (big applause, please!).  


今週の予定 2017.5.21




For this week 05.14.17

Good morning, this is Arom. Salon meeting has finally closed and it has been relieved in Shamballa. Your advisors must be coming back to your places by now. Please welcome them warmly.

Anyways, I honestly could not believe the negotiation had been done that well (`・∀・´)ahem!! Well, it was done great. We have fought back at once with clearing the name of a cattle planet. If you wonder what’s all this about, it means that the world has been changing, lol.    


今週の予定 2017.5.14




For this week 05.06.17

Hello, this is Brahman.

I announce the schedule for this week. I supposed to do it in the morning, but the song project happens today (10am & 10pm, JST). The theme for project in this time is “Let’s crash down the hologram!” which aims to break the hologram down by the project so that we all are able to see the sky full of stars. The title sounds a little bit violent, but you can just enjoy singing together as the main thing. Please check out the entry here (in Japanese) for the details, and let’s sing together!

There will be a meeting on Wednesday for the next pot-luck party (Little-Cooking) which will be on June 14th. JJ will join it. Please participate those of you who are part of this event planning.


今週の予定 2017.5.6





今週の予定 2017.4.30

おはようございます。アロムです。今お偉方との交渉中の合間でこのブログを打ち込ませています。はあ・・・(´-ω-`) しかし、地球は全くもってわからん星です。何をしても二重の交渉。責任者を呼べ!!といっても出てこない。まるで日本の役所みたいです・・・ゴホンッ ・・・冗談です


For this week 04.23.17

Hello, this is Brahman.

It will be the GW (Golden Week) starting from this week in Japan.  I bet you all have many plans ahead. Beth will join a rice-planting session on May 4th. It is going to be a day-off since she will go to Gotemba. It should be nice for her to be away from Shamballa on the day since she rarely goes out.


今週の予定 2017.4.23




今週の予定 2017.4.16 +課題追加+スイーツ解析


ツイッターでも言っていますようにイルミナティカードのあそこは上海ですよ~~~♪ 上海の観光写真にしっかりあのビルが出ています。いいですか。落ち着いてよーく見なさい。こっちのほうが似ているんです。そして地図も上海が穴が開いている地図ですよ。原発のマークは上海近郊の原発ですよ。


For this week 04.16.17 – new theme added!

Hello, this is Arom. Is there anyone who is really timid about the launching missiles (by North Korea)?

As I said on Twitter, that place on the illuminati card is actually Shanghai〜〜♪ (Not Yokohama). That building is clearly on the photos for tourists in Shanghai. Everyone, calm down and check it out really CAREFULLY. The building in Shanghai looks way more similar (than the one in Yokohama). Moreover, the map is also the one with a hole on Shanghai. The mark of a nuclear power plant suggests the one in the suburb of Shanghai as well. 


For this week 04.09.17

Good morning, my name is Al (Alfred). I am going to announce the plan for this week.

First of all, I will let you know about the recent situation in Shamballa. There is a spaceship from the Universal Federation currently standing by around the Sun. It is really gigantic. They arrived to stop the severe activities inside the Sun. The heavy machines have been charged into the session according to the request by the United Galaxies.


今週の予定 2017.4.9 +スイーツ分析(4/2-8)


まずシャンバラの近況を・・・ 現在太陽周辺に連邦の宇宙船が待機しています。巨大です。太陽の活動が内部で激しくなったのでそれを抑えに来たようです。連合側の依頼で重機がはいりました。


For this week 04.02.17

Hello, this is Fer. I am a priest in Shamballa. I am going to announce the plan for this week.

Before then, I would like to mention that you all did a great job at the Arigato-Festival (Thanksgiving festival) the other day. Please submit your request for any event you wish to hold from now on which you all suppose to come up the ideas and make plans for it. We all try to meet your wishes as much and sincere as possible. Please do not hesitate to come up and ask for it.


For this week 03.19.17

Good evening, this is Brahman.

Are you guys all planning to attend the “Arigato-Festival (aka Thanksgiving Festival)” at Shamballa School on the 26th? It is like a fun Spring cultural festival.

SH leader has been announcing several times. So, please check it out:


今週の予定 2017.3.19






今週の予定 2017.3.13 + 追加事項


① 先週はKリーダーによる「新ベスのブログを勝手に分析」という前編・後編に分けた大作がブログに上がりました。




For this week 03.05.17

Good morning, this is Arom. Yes! I could post the announcement on Sunday in this week (This supposes to be posted every Sunday… beginning of the week)!!

How did you all do the song project on the 3rd and 4th? I am wondering some rare phenomenon in the weather might occur since the Science team told me they’ve got an interesting data from the event. I will definitely let you know next week if there are something… well, I just said that since it was an amazing undulation going on. I guess it may be better (to do the song project) without paying too much attention.


今週の予定 2017.3.5 訂正版 今週は「前世」ですよ




For this week 02.27.17

Ooooops! I am sorry being late to post “For this week”! (This is Arom, by the way♪) It has been pretty busy since the day before yesterday so that our entries seem behind the schedule.

Anyways, there will be a series of “The song project” on March 3rd and 4th. The song “Happy Girl’s Festival (Ureshi-Hina-Matsuri)” planned by “Mr. how do you do?” on the 3rd, and the song from the movie “Frozen” (“Ana & Queen of Snow” is the title in Japanese — btw, Arom thought that title was “Snow hole” since “Ana” means “Hole” in Japanese, LOL, it’s damn silly!!!← by the honest translator, SH ????) which is the following:  


今週の予定 2017.2.27




For this week 02.20.17

Good evening, I am sorry to post the entry this late.
This is Arom. I was brought out here since I have been having too much free time.

First of all, thank you very much for your gifts, snacks, foods and drinks at the Valentine’s Day party on the 14th. We had a great time with the chocolate fondue (rather chocolate falls). I was really surprised that Mr. Brahman was chugalugging the chocolate with his own bowl, and those commanders in the middle of joint maneuvers came in at once and devoured a lot of foods there which I thought there were more refined.


今週の予定 2017.2.20




今週の予定 2017.2.12




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