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【The Second Session:To Identify Own Talent】Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪

Hello, my dear blog readers & Shamballa staff members!
This is SH (who overslept & showed up late on the lecture day…. sweating).

I sincerely thank to those of you who came to join the second session “To Identify Own Talent.”

There were more participants in this time than the first session which were mixture of the first timers and those of you who took both first & second sessions. Everyone had an amazing manner such as taking an early & efficient registration for Slack, listening to the lecturer very carefully with great enthusiasm and really focusing on each section of the entire session.

As the lecturer mentioned in the session, we all have been totally forgotten and almost never even thought about “looking face to face with own self (= subconsciousness & higher-self)” which each of us humans should have done naturally as we grew up. This session was the invaluable opportunity to truly make us recognize it.

I edited and posted the entire session in this blog entry. I was going to separate them as 2-part entries at first (since it was veeeery long as you have noticed), but “I (who might be my subconsciousness)” told myself “This entire session should be posted at once for the readers who will have a great time letting them face to face with themselves without interuption” so that I decided to post everything in this one blog entry with the humongous volume (lol).

Please take a great time to read this slowly especially for those of you have never seen this type of lecture before.

I also posted the magic circle (including an instruction on how to draw it by hand & how to use it) which was used at the experiment in this session, you can use your own magic circle while you enjoy reading the lecture & experiment here on the blog.


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

If you wish to ask any questions after reading the blog, please enter & submit them through the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please select “神官講座に関する質問”).

All right! without further notice, let’s begin the blog edition of “To Identify Own Talent.”


The 2nd Session : December 18th (Sun) 22:00~24:00 “To Identify Own Talent”

Lecturer : Mr. Brahman Vickers
Room : class_do2_121816
Typing (channeling): Beth
Moderator: SH
Technical Support: K
☆☆☆ 61 total participants ☆☆☆

[At first, here is the brief profile of Mr. Vickers :

Mr. Brahman Vickers — currently is at the top of the class-A (the first class) priest in Shamballa. His strongest area is the magic circles/magic squares.

He seems to look more adult and masculine nowadays than before especially since he just came back from a training at the United Galaxies. He and Colonel Maxwell known as B-leader were in the same class and they are both 28 years old (That’s how they look on Earth in the real world).

Here is a similar image of him for your reference (well, he definitely looks way more adult now, lol) ↓↓↓]


Brahman : Good evening, everyone.

[Participants started calling (typing) “Good evening!!” all at once so that the Slack window was buried by the words instantly, lol]

Brahman : (my heart beating fast…)

[Applause & greetings continuing]

Brahman : (bowing)
My name is Brahman, and I’m going to be your companion tonight.
I thank you all for this great opportunity to let me join the special session. I will do my best to make various plans here in order for each of you to obtain something special. Please stay with me till the end.

I am a class-A priest in Shamballa. I will explain the priest and its job to you in some other time, but I’m here today to be your lecturer for the session.

OK, let’s begin the lecture.

When you hear the word talent, I assume many of you start thinking like “It’s not related to me.” or “That’s not my thing.”, don’t you? In general, the definition of talent is a special ability which is given by God.

However, it’s actually pretty simple without thinking too hard that “talent” actually means “what you like to do.” I bet you’ve heard this before that a person loved his hobby so much and it became his job, right? That is really the talent we are talking about.

This does not require any criterion for judgment like good or bad. If you enjoy doing it continuously, that should be truly your talent.

In this case, talent can also be included in your life mission which you’ve heard from the last session. If you look at your hobby especially in terms of the talent makes you devote to it, believe or not, you actually do recognize some sort of talent in it.

SH : Yes, I think so.

Brahman : Today, we will do an experiment and questionnaire which are actually performed at universities in Shamballa. These have been shaped as such by long time trial and error in order for each person to shine (with his/her own way).

Let’s do this at first.

SH : All right.

Brahman : Please take a look at the following questionnaire —

1.What is your most productive environment when you study (or you used to study when you were a student)? Please pick one of the following places:

a.  A quiet library
b.  A loud (by voices of customers) cafe
c.  Your own room with the sound of radio as BGM

2.What were you most interested in when you began to understand things?
3.What was the thing you could do better than other people when you were a little child?
4.Which is the most sensitive part in your five senses?
5.Have you seen the dream that you were at work? If you so, what job was it?

There are questions you can’t just answer by yes or no.
Please take it easy and enjoy recalling your memories.

SH : I think I can answer more than one.
Brahman : Yes, you can. As many as you can come up with.
SH : Wow, that’s great! Thanks a lot. Everyone, please feel free to answer the questions. I try to come up something with my sleepy head…. well, nope, lol [←since I was late for the session, my head was not clear yet.]

Brahman : Well, are you guys all done now?

The first question suggests your soul type.

a.  A quiet soul (静霊 : シズタマ) – You can focus on things as the place gets quieter which you have the quiet soul.
b.  A rough soul (荒霊 : アラタマ) – You can focus on things as the place gets louder & noisier which you have the rough/wild soul.
c.  A flat soul (平霊 : ヒラタマ) – You can focus on things as you create & dip in your favorite environment in your room which you have the flat/neutral soul.

According to this questionnaire, you can identify your soul type as follows:

  • A rough soul (荒霊 : アラタマ) = Your consciousness wavers up and down.
  • A quiet soul (静霊 : シズタマ) = You can keep your presence of mind.
  • A flat soul (平霊 : ヒラタマ) = You change your frequency depending on who you are speaking to.

You should be aware your soul has its own unique characteristic.

Moreover, the rest of above four (4) questions suggest what make your body become sensitive.

Now, please answer the following questions with a full understanding of the above (previous) questions:

6. I could come up and move into the action immediately when I was told it (= own life mission) would be a hobby at the last session.
7. I had already moved into the action.
8. I vaguely know what it is, but I am not quite sure yet.
9. I used to get so excited that I’ve got goosebumps with my past hobbies.
10. I have the hobby which has given me opportunities to meet great people.

These (Q. 6〜10) questions suggest whether or not you identify your own life mission.
Of course we can catch a glimpse of your talent in there as well.

SH : Please keep asking yourself and answer the questions.
Brahman : How did it go, everyone?
My students in Shamballa start looking into themselves by using these questions. To listen to your own inner voice, it is seemingly easy at first sight but is actually pretty difficult. That’s why we need these questions to bring it out in you.
SH : I see. There are questions I cannot easily answer Yes or No.
Brahman : It’s not good that you all believe your talent is buried under (you so that you can never recognize it). Your life should be the most peaceful and a full of joy as long as you can recognize and advance toward it.
SH : Oh, peaceful?! [←I thought talented people would have the life full of ups and downs.]
Brahman : You neither have to make a unnecessary struggle nor a persistent attachment. You only like to pursue who you really are. If the society allows people to recognize talented company (opponents) and admire each other, we humans can live happily no matter how severe the situation we are put in.

All right, I will accept questions from you guys up to this point.

SH : OK. Is there anyone who would like to ask a question?
RK : Yes!
SH : Sure, RK-san!
Brahman : Please.
RK : I really wondered which one I should choose between b and c at the first question regarding the soul type.
Brahman : Oh.
RK : I feel more indecisive like a flat-soul with some wildness in it.
Brahman : You are correct. You can’t really draw the line. However none of us have everything (all characteristics) either. This rather simple questionnaire is a preparation for the experiment we will do later. Please force yourself a little to choose one of them even if you feel indecisive.
SH : I see.
RK : I’ve got it!
Brahman : You might feel unsatisfied with the other questions, but they are all for the sake of experiment.

WM : My hobby is reading…. but I am not sure how that is related.
Brahman : Related? You are sensitive to a letter.
WM : Oh, well.
Brahman : Your soul belongs to a spirit of language which suggests a flat soul.
WM : I see.
SH : A letter suggests both writing and reading, doesn’t it?
Brahman : Yes, you should keep your own frequency when you write, but you should match it (your frequency) to the book when you read.
SH : Oh! That is totally true!
Brahman : So, you now understand, right? (what your soul type is)
WM : …..well then, I haven’t been able to write my blog lately which means that I haven’t been able to keep my frequency…?
Brahman : It’s not important to keep it but is pretty essential to be honest with your soul frequency. When it (= your soul) moves, let yourself move. When it stops, let yourself stop. Please do not feel bad about you can’t keep the frequency.
WM : I see.
SH : Mr. Vickers, do you accept more questions?
Brahman : Oh, let’s move on.

All right then, let’s ask your higher-self directly what your talent is.
SH : In that case, let me explain how to draw the magic circle first.
Brahman : OK, please do so.
SH : This is for you who could not prepare the print-out or are interested in drawing by hand. Please prepare a plain paper (ie. copy paper) and a blue pen now.
Are you all ready?
WM : How about a black pen?
SH : If you only have a black pen, that should be fine.
WM : Yes.

SH : Here we go.
1. First of all, please draw the circle with a radius of 4〜5cm (2”) = 10cm (4”) in diameter. It is about the size of your palm.


2. Then, we draw a hexagram within the circle. The hexagram consists of the two equilateral triangles overlapping upside down. Please be sure to draw both triangles touching the circle.


3. As you see above image, the first triangle is drawn within the circle. Please make sure the all three (3) vertexes of a triangle touch the circle. After that, you draw the inverted triangle with the same manner as you see the below image.


How are you all doing so far?
CT : Should we draw the triangles with a single stroke?
Brahman : You don’t have to worry about it.
CT:I see.

4. At last, please draw a dot on the center. That’s it. The magic circle is now completed.

Priests in Shamballa draw this magic circle on various places/surfaces in order to carry out rituals/magic/seals.
Have you all finished drawing it?
MA : My circle is distorted. Is it OK?
Brahman : Yes, it is still fine with a little distorted shape.
Free-hand drawing often causes the issue. If you worry about it, please print it out next time. Tonight, let’s see how goes with the one you have just drawn.
H : Is this the only “correct” shape (which a vertex of triangle is at the top) of the magic circle?
Brahman : There are many more ways/shapes, but we use this tonight to contact your higher-self. You use this particular magic circle for the particular purpose.
All right. Are you all ready?
SH : I believe so.

Brahman : Now you all have the magic circle with you, yes? You also need a coin.

Before we start, please tap your heart lightly about 3 times. Those of you who participated last session already know that this is a chakra adjustment.

First of all, please hold the coin with your right hand. This is for a coin-toss later to confirm your result, so that it’s not related to the magic.

Then, please put the paper with the magic circle you have drawn (or printed out) a blue-colored hexagram on your left.
SH : On your left side. [I say the important thing twice, lol]
Brahman : Then, place your left hand gently on the magic circle like covering it. Your palm center supposes to touch the center dot of the magic circle. After this, please remain your left hand on the magic circle. Please do not let the hand off from it until I say so.

Then, please recite the following spell three (3) times:

To-ho-ka-mi Tsu-ta-e E-mi-ta-me
To-ho-ka-mi Tsu-ta-e E-mi-ta-me
To-ho-ka-mi Tsu-ta-e E-mi-ta-me

You all did it three (3) times, yes?

Now, do you feel a warm energy on your left hand coming from the magic circle? Some of you may feel a tingling sensation or feel cold on your left hand instead.

Everyone has a different sensation but it’s all an influence of the magic circle.
I will talk about the difference between warm and cold sensation some other time.

OK, let’s ask your higher-self now. In case your left hand is removed from the paper (magic circle), please (put your hand back on and) recite the spell above “To-ho-ka-mi….” again.

“What is my talent? Please let me know” — please ask this to your higher-self.

You may see some images, visions which we’ve seen various cases.
In any case, your subconsciousness is actively engaging in a conversation with you.
How is it?

You can chat now for about 2 minutes.
I am anxious about your reactions too, lol.

SH : Well then, please let us know your impressions, comments, etc.
Brahman : Please do not remove your left hand though.
SH : I cannot type…….
Brahman : Ooops, you’re right, lol, lol, lol!!
HD : I am a rough-soul type, but I can’t feel anything since my family is too loud (behind me).
RK : I almost have tears in my eyes.
SH : I feel warm like touching steam on my left hand.
WM : (I hear words like) To write, to tell…
RK : I now have a stomachache.
TK : I feel a pain with my left hand sticking so hard (to the paper).
Brahman : (To TK) Oh, you strain too much.
AN : I’ve got it by a sense.
KS : I have seen an ocean with the color of emerald green.
CR : I too almost cry, in fact I am crying.
MB : It’s pretty warm.
RT : Tears came into my eyes.
Brahman : (To RT) You can take a deep breath.
KI : I feel itchy.
KT : I don’t feel anything….
CT : It’s warm like a burning (sensation) a bit.
S : I’ve heard (the message), is it OK to remove my hand now?
Brahman : (To S) There is one more step after hearing (a message from your higher-self).
KB : I have a burning & trembling sensation.
IZ : It’s pretty warm and actually almost hot at the center point.
WM : I felt a tingling sensation at first, then it became milder and relaxed.
SO : I have a tingling sensation as well.
K : It’s fun!
SH : It would be pretty interesting if you could get some sort of reactions like seeing/hearing.
S : I feel warm.

Brahman : Now, let’s do a coin-toss to confirm what you’ve heard/seen. Once you have heard something (from your higher-self), you can check it out whether or not that is true by a coin-toss on your right hand. You can actually drop the coin on the table. Please do it 6 times. I tell you one more time that your left hand remains on the magic circle (during the coin-toss).
SH : You can do the coin-toss like rolling a dice.
Brahman : The odds suppose to be even (3 on 3) based on the natural principle. If you can see it collapsing to one side, that’s all you want to confirm unlike the last session with Mr. John Smith.
Anyways, I tell you one more time. Please do not stick to the surface of coin (= it’s not important to be face or back).
Once you finish all 6 times, you can remove your left hand from the magic circle.
SH : Please let us know your result of the coin-toss.
HD : I have no idea(T ^ T)
S : face 4, back 2
CT : face 3, back 2
WM : 3 against 4
Brahman : (to WM) 7 times? You suppose to do only 6 times.
WM : I’m sorry.
MK : I’ve got 5 vs 1.
NT : Mine was 4 vs 2.
AK : face 1 and back 5.
AN : 5 against 1.
K : I’ve got 5 vs 1 too♡
SH : You can feel free to start over again.
UP : 5 vs 1
KK : My result is face 4 and back 2.
WM : 3 vs 3.
FC : back 6.
KS : I’ve got 3 vs 3.
KI : back 4 and face 2.
MA : face 5, back 1.
KE : back 2, face 4.
H : 3 vs 3
HG : 4 vs 2.
MU : face 4 and back 2.
KB : 3 vs 3.
HD : I could not get it before the coin-toss.
WM : back, face, back, face, back and face.
JU : back 4 and face 2〜
S : What I have heard was “connecting point to point”
Brahman : HD-san, please tap your heart once again and then start over with putting your hand on the magic circle.
UM : 5 vs 1.
SU : 3 vs 3.
HK : 4 vs 2.
IZ : face 4, back 2.
MOS : 3 vs 3.
KT : I will do it again.
TU : 5 vs 1.
AN : 5 vs 1.
SO : I can’t get it at all????
CT : 4 vs 2.
WM : It is totally even with me.
Brahman : SO-san, you too tap your heart and start over one more time.
SO : Yes.
Brahman : Those of you who have got the even odds, you actually engaged the conversation with the shallower consciousness than your subconsciousness. It happens when you are nervous and/or you do not read the questionnaire carefully.
CT : It changed to 5 vs 1.
SH : I’ve got 4 vs 2 (I started over, lol).
Brahman : The questionnaire above is for this experiment.
SH : Oh, it means that we can face to our subconsciousness easily.
HD : I will try it later. I have done a few times but I could not get anything.
KB : My result changed to 4 vs 2.
Brahman : If you’ve got the even odds, please start over carefully later.
But you have to read the questionnaire at first and answer the questions.

I now accept questions from 2 of you only.
SH : All right. Please say “Yes” if you have a question.
TK : Yes.
SH : OK.
Brahman : Please.
SH : TK-san, it’s your time.
TK : Thank you very much. I mentioned “surfing” as my hobby at the last session, but I’ve got the result in this session that I suppose to get impressed by what I see and let people know about it.
Brahman : That’s awesome.
TK : I think they are far away from each other… ?
Brahman : You like surfing because you see different views, don’t you?
TK : To be honest with you, I thought about my current job when I’ve got the result in this time.
Brahman : Oh.
TK : But it was my hobby last time, so it would be different, yes?
Brahman : Well, subconsciousness actually treats both hobby and vocation (suitable job) with the same view. But if you feel them differently, you should think what, how and why they are different.
TK : They both have the point that I get impressed by what I see, and they are both related to water… oh, nature too.
Sh : They seem to have many common stuff.
TK : I will accept both of them.
Brahman : I agree. It is important to think it over as an essential self analysis.
TK : Thank you very much.

Brahman : One more person.
SH : Is there anyone?
Please say “Yes” if you have a question.
S : Yes.
Brahman : Please.
S : I have two things which are a musical performance and researches. I pretty much know the common points in my own way.
Brahman : (*・ω・)(*-ω-)(*・ω・)(*-ω-) I see, I see♪
SH : ….Emoji…. you must be easy & relaxed, Mr. Vickers, lol.
Brahman : Well….
S : I would like to ask you, Mr. Brahman what you think they are common.
Brahman : OK, which one is your hobby?
S : Musical performance is definitely my hobby and researches are related to my job and hobby so that both of them can be my hobbies.
Brahman : Your first talent is the musical performance and researches are the second. If you can get many friends by your hobby, that (hobby) should be your talent.
S : Oh yes. I have met many people through my hobby.
SH : “It is important to meet people through a hobby”… Mr. (John) Smith has also said that.
Brahman : That’s true. We humans suppose to live the life to touch with others (other people). If you think of the life in such way, you must realize how important it (hobby) is!
S : My researches did it too though, I have met way more people with the musical performances.
Brahman : Great. You have already realized your life mission and the talent as well. That is a really awesome thing.
SH : Wow! 888888 (←clapping in Japanese)
Brahman : Are you guys all right? The magic circle with a tool in this time is a field of Priest. Of course the answer can be twisted if you are not honest with you. That’s why we need to do the coin-toss (to confirm the result).
S : Thank you very much. I have been doing more researches lately, but I would like to do musical performances again.
Brahman : That’s good.
S : You are so great as I expected, Mr. Brahman.
SH : Please keep doing your hobbies, S-san!

Brahman : You all do lie yourself a lot. They are for someone you are taking care of or for hurting someone.

However, your higher-self would love you to live honestly and fully with joy, so he/she always tries to guide you towards (your best way).

If you understand your own path by yourself and move into the action, your guardian sprits do not need to work for it, and they can really focus on leading towards to fulfill your life mission instead.

I hope you will enjoy your life by listening many things (to your higher-self) with the method we’ve done tonight.

I look forward to seeing your growth from now on.
Thank you very much for staying with me for a long time.

SH : Mr. Vickers, thank you very much for the great session!
MK : Thank you very much.
SH : Let’s give him a big hand!
K : Thank you very much ????
MK : 88888888888888888888888888888888
MR : Thank you very much 8888888
SO : Thank you very much m(_ _)m
SM : Mr. Brahman, thank you so much ????
RK:Thank you very much!
TU:Thank you very much!
NM:Thank you very much!
KI:???? Thank you very much.
AN:88888888 It was really awesome.
RT:Thank you very much〜!
HK:8888888 Thank you very much!
LE:Thank you very much ????????????
SU:Thank you very much! 8888!
LU:Thank you very much❗
KK:Thank you.
AG:Thank you very much!
UN:Thank you very much❗
HG:Thank you very much!!
SH:Wow! 60 people giving a round of applause!!

[A resounding applause kept going on for a while. It was truly a great session!]


* Q&A about the Magic Circle (which we have used for this experiment)

Q1. Can we use the magic circle we have printed out (or drawn by hand) more than once? I wonder whether it should be used one time only or I can use it many times.

A. It’s better not to re-use it. You may do it one more time (after using it once) at most. Other than that, I leave it to your judgement. Also, the effect (of a magic circle) can last longer as accurate you draw it as possible. If it’s too distorted, the effect can only last a few second.

Q2. Are there other questions we can ask with the magic circle?

A. Yes. You can ask anything with this method as long as your higher-self allows. Please be a good listener.

Q3. Is there any particular way to dispose of the paper (magic circle)?

A.It’s better to burn it if you can. If you can’t do it, please rip it half (not crumple it).


☆Blog Special edition☆

There was a reception after the lecture which rather became a special party since we have done the first half (2 sessions) of the 4-session series.

Here, I posted the opening & closing speeches for you. I hope you will enjoy reading them ♪

【Opening speech by Mr. Brahman Vickers】

Thank you very much for your participation tonight. Please do not worry even if you couldn’t do well (at the experiment). You all can do it if you read this blog entry slowly & carefully. Please feel free to ask me any questions later (on the blog).

Now, I would like to mention this particularly rather suddenly though, I thank to SH leader & K leader who both have been supporting and bringing the special course to life.

Super detailed preparation and information such as a close meeting several days before the session, a skilled guidance and being a moderator…. We would’ve never been able to do anything without two of them.

SH : Wha…?!
KI : ????

SH leader is actually watching this from the monitor room currently in order to edit the session for the blog. We had no arrangement & no practice prior to this. This is a pure surprise for them, lol. K-san, please stand up now. Everyone, let’s give them a big hand!!

SN : Thank your very much????
K : Thank you very much! (bowing)
KI:Thank you as always.
SO:Thank you very much!
HK:88888 Thank you as always (^-^)
AK:Thanks a lot as always m(_ _)m
Brahman : SH-san, you should say something too.
SH : What?
H : I would like to thank you for your support♡
SH : Everyone, I am very sorry that I overslept and was late for the session today (sweating).
Brahman : Is that your point? LOL!!! ….Thank you.
SH : I am so relieved that the session has done without(?) any problem. Yes, that’s THE point.
Brahman : This is how Shamballa express gratitude to people when we realize it. You can tell how confused they look like (smiling). OK, you can have a seat now.
SM : I really like how you are, SH-san (。・ω・。)
JU : I thank both of you ^^
CR:Thank you as always.
UP:I’m full of gratitude!
UM:Thank you as always.
SO:Thanks a lot as always! ????????????
KB:Thank you so much!!!!!
IZ:I thank you two!!!
HG:Thank you very much ????
K:(bowing) m(_ _)m
Brahman:Thank you very much, everyone.
Please be seated.
SH:(bowing through the monitor, lol)

Well, we have done the first half of the Course. I let Mr. Arom take care of the second half. I’m looking forward to his lecture with the Andromeda style & the knowledge.

JU : Wow! That will be interesting^^
SH : The next session will be with Professor Arom, lol.

We have made this reception fancier to celebrate the end of the first half. Thank you all very much.

Now everyone, please hold a glass of champagne or juice.
To your further growth for the coming year,

Please enjoy all the way. Thank you!!

[The party started cheerfully with everyone saying “cheers!” “Kan-pai!” each other.]

【Closing speech by Mr. LeFile】

Good evening, my name is LeFile and I am a priest of the United Galaxies.

Many of you probably see me for the first time, well, I should say “Nice to meet you” instead?


Today, I thank you all for giving me a warm welcome to this really hearty party.

It has been a few years since I landed on a planet last time. I have been confused with the instability of a planet while inspecting places like the ground and ocean.

You may think it would be more unstable and scary in a spaceship, but I never fall as long as I am in the universe so that I feel more uncomfortable being on a planet. Because there is no such thing called “earthquake” in a spaceship, lol! I am amazed how reckless you all can live on such an unstable place, lol.

Well, I did observe your session today. The lecturer, Mr. Brahman (Vickers) has been in attendance on me since I came to visit the planet Earth. I will go back to my spaceship after this. On my last day (on Earth), I cannot thank you enough for inviting me to such an amazing reception. This was an unforgettable day which the reception was much warmer than the one by the whole nation. Thank you all very much. I am most grateful for your warm hospitality.

Also, I can tell at a glance what an exceptional ability you all students seem to have which makes us, the United Galaxies jump for the joy. We look forward to seeing your growth from now on.

Now, since the Ascension was over, the United Galaxies has been tied in with Shamballa even stronger than ever. To be honest, I was not much interested in Earth before I came here. It is a former livestock planet, and there are people who make fun of it as the farthest behind with planets in the Solar System. I thought it would be nothing great at the edge of Galaxy even Andromeda showing some interests.

However, there is no lack of human resources in this planet. I can see you all will run around the Solar System like your back yard with the skills and abilities. I now come up with the reason why you were forced down as livestock and retarded the growth must be who you are as the Earth people who can learn by trial & error and think outside the box. Yes, if you guys all here are Japanese only, I should say the seclusion must have done intensionally.

But alas, your longterm livestock consciousness have been infiltrated into your bones so that you don’t have a sense of crisis at all even though it is more dangerous now than ever after the Ascension. This is no longer the situation which you people do fight against each other. You are now at the crucial point whether you all people on Earth should be evacuated or determined to stay and realize the coexistence with all people (nations) in mutual prosperity.

Please do observe the true situation by leaping over the news from the set of men who try to conceal it.

We will start taking into action in earnest from the next year (2017). Please be ready to take it. If you all have the preparedness, you will be able to overcome (any difficulties) despite a bit of a lack of knowledge. Otherwise, we even the United Galaxies would not be able to guarantee the safety for you all. That is what we have been concerning about.

It is already too late to back out, and you are urged to make the decision. You can no longer act like ignorant and unaware (of what’s going on). Please do research and study. You all will be able to survive if you take the course at this Shamballa School.
I expect you to take the action in order to make this to be a good year.

After you all overcome this crisis, let’s get together and enjoy a toast with champagne again. I assure you that the day will come.
I pray for your eternal prosperity.

I had a great time with you all today. Hopefully I will see you again.
Thank you very much.

[Every participant gave a round of applause for Mr. LeFile and the screen full of “Thank you!” messages on the Slack screen. After the speech, Mr. LeFile went back to a fleet of the United Galaxies escorted by Mr. Brahman.]


That is the entire (edited) session of “To Identify Own Talent” and two speeches at the reception.

I now announce the third session here a little bit ♪

The date of the third session “To acquire the amount of money suitable to your purpose” has been confirmed!

January 29th (Sun) 22:00〜24:00
By Mr. Arom????

[The actual session will be held in Japanese only. For you English speaking friends, please come back to check out the English version on this blog I will post later.]


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire lecture and the speeches.

We hope you will find something to ring your bell from this.

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Thanks again and hopefully see you again at the next session!!




  1. フランソワ より:

    the coexistence with all people (nations) in mutual prosperity

    • Shire より:

      > フランソワさん おおお~超大作(自爆)をお読み頂きまして、大感謝です~~感涙。



      共存共栄、は直訳だと「co-existence and co-prosperity」になりますが、あまりにも単刀直入ww過ぎるので、「世界の人々(国々)が、それぞれのレベルで共通した感覚の(←これ入れたかったw)共存、共栄を行える」という柔らかいww表現にしています。英語もニュアンスが様々で、表現の仕方は色々ありますので、会話翻訳の場合は特に、話す人の意図に沿って多少意訳するようにしています♪


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      > tutyさん いやはや、日本語でも相当なボリュームでしたが、英語もえらいことになりましたwww


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      > Alyssaさん ありがとうございます♪




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          > honey dewさん 今までの人生で一番ハードwな冬休みの宿題だったかもですwwww