Hello, my dear blog readers & Shamballa staff members!
This is SH.

Thank you all for the opportunity to participate in the 4th session which was the climax of this lecture series with many of the participants.

This was another session we took with both our physical & astral bodies, and there was no trouble as well as everyone (in Shamballa) joined the lecture at the School auditorium and the reception afterwards safely & cheerfully.

Taking the session with both bodies has the great effect which you can understand things not only in your physical level but also in your deep conscious level, and encourages you to analyze & understand yourself in order to connect yourself truly.

It is totally fine that you only have the memory with eating many cakes and macaroons at the reception (laugh). It is more important that you have the sense you were “there”.

Those of you who participated the live session, please be conscious of yourself in Shamballa as you check back the contents of lecture with this blog edition.

By the way, if you take all 4 sessions, your level of understanding for the main theme “Knowing yourself” which flows through out the entire Course becomes deeper.

Some of you might have a negative idea about the title of this session “To Manipulate People (Like a puppet).” The live participants have all been explained the trick during the session.

I hope you who take the session for the first time with this blog edition will also find out where the (negative) idea you think is coming from as you go on reading the lecture carefully.

You may be able to meet “the new you”.


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

If you wish to ask any questions after reading the blog, please enter & submit them through the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please select “神官講座に関する質問”).

All right! without further notice, let’s begin the blog edition of “To Manipulate People” !!


The 4th Session : March 5th (Sun) 22:00~24:00 “To Manipulate People (Like a puppet)”

Lecturer : AZwell, the Commanding General of the United Galaxies.
Room : class_do4_030517 (in sschool-class.slack.com)
Typing (channeling): Beth
Moderator: SH
Technical Support: K
☆☆☆ 61 total participants ☆☆☆

[Here is the biography of the Commanding General AZwell prior to the session which is quoted from Shamballa wiki. Please check it out if you are interested in reading the complete edition (currently Japanese only).]

Currently as the Commanding General of the United Galaxies, AZwell has the unique name which the “WELL” means a “(military) serviceman” and “AZ” is an expression of “the beginning and the end” which was named by Sanat Kumara. “A” suggests “the beginning of everything” and “Z” is the initial letter of “Zain.” AZ is also a professional name for Vairocana (AZwell is not his real name). Every commanding general (of the United Galaxies) has the title Vairocana, and the term is 10 years (about 80 years in Earth time).

He is a level of people who would never descend to the place like Earth which is a totally remote region and a former colony; however he suddenly showed up on “Beth’s Blog” in 2014 since the catastrophic collision between The Milky Way Galactic System and the Andromeda Galaxy will occur and the Earth supposes to be in the front line. What is more, there is another person who is carrying Zain (= Elizabeth) on the Earth.

It is said that Elizabeth (physical body) who had been taking charge of the channelling & typing (for the blog) and staff members of Shamballa were shuddered way more than the blog readers with his severe criticism when he started being as a panelist,

He definitely has the forbidding atmosphere in terms of the position as the Commanding General, but there are several efficient people directly report to him who will never leave him alone no matter what situation arises since he is truly trusted by them with the attitude which he sees people friendly without minding the status or class as well as he has a bold determination and drive.

He is 190cm tall and has an attractive face and figure (which the image of an English model, Alex Pettyfer is often used for the reference). He has a strong and trained body, but it is not like a macho-man and makes all of us feel a smart & sensitive elegance. He has a wavy silver-colored hair and it almost looks like a blonde by the lighting.

SH:Ladies and gentlemen! We now welcome today’s lecturer (well, is it really OK to call him “lecturer”?) AZwell, the Commanding General of the United Galaxies! Here is the theme music for his entrance (of course)!!

(This Darth Vader’s theme music is actually called “The Imperial March”)

All right, everyone! Let’s give a round of applause for AZwell!!
General, please (come to the stage)!!! 88888888888 (← the famous? Japanese expression of “clapping”)

AZ : Good evening. I believe many of you meet me for the first time here. I am generally called “Sanat AZwell” which both Sanat and AZwell are my official title. Only a connoisseur would know my real name. Anyways, please enjoy my lecture tonight.

MB:clap, clap????????????
AZ:Actually, you (=SH) will be “thrown away = TOSS” (to the Universe) because of the music.

[OMG! I am already “out” in the beginning of this lecture…. sweating. Everyone, bye bye now~~lol]

SH : Ohhhhhhh Noooooooo (I’m gone!!)
JU:clap, clap, clap, clap~~~☆
KI:88888888 Thank you very much for your time.
CS : 8888888
MK : 88888
SH : Gooood byyyyyeee everyone~~lol, lol, lol
MG:Lol, lol, lol!! Oh, she is saying “good bye” now.
OK, I will repeat my first phrase one more time.
SH : General, please do so….. (I’m baaaaack!)
AZ : Thank you.
Are you ready? Here you go.
SH : All right, everyone, please stop clapping now!

AZ:Good evening. I believe many of you meet me for the first time here. I am generally called “Sanat AZwell” which both Sanat and AZwell are my official title. Only a connoisseur would know my real name. Anyways, please enjoy my lecture tonight.
SH : General, we are all looking forward to your lecture tonight.
AZ : All right.
(giggling) It’s really fun (giggling).
Well then, let’s begin.
SH : (I am pretty excited… well, kinda nervous for the next “thrown away” call by him.…)

AZ : This is the forth lecture series of the come*come Course. It is titled as “To Manipulate People (Like a puppet).” We, the specialized armed force for a wide-area disaster often encounter the emergency situation which we have to persuade people (to evacuate) at once. It is of course preferable to do so with a person in charge or a representative of the planet.

So, I will teach you how to convince people easily with a Magic circle tonight. In fact, this method in Shamballa is considered as a junior high school level of Earth (in the physical world) which is pretty safe to perform. I hope you all learn it here so that you will be able to manipulate people as you wish with your job and/or family relations.
SL:8888888 (= clapping in Japanese)
SH : Yes (my heart is beating fast).

AZ:The very first thing I should let you know is that manipulating people (like a puppet) is not a bad thing. I would like you to remove such feelings (like manipulating = bad thing) from you since the Magic will be useless no matter how hard you perform (if you have such a fixed idea).
SH : It may be a common idea in everyone’s mind.

AZ : Well then, why do you think it is NOT a bad idea? You all should realize that there is a contradiction between the idea you can operate dimensions and the thought you cannot manipulate (people) in order to accomplish your goal. Have you noticed it? Both methods are for you to have your own way. Everything happens within you.

You should enjoy your ways. That is why I believe you would rather operate dimensions certainly with manipulating people. You may think there should have a good reason to do it like us as an expert to rescue people in emergency situations, but you all should be even more tough to live your own ways.
SH : I see! We suppose to operate dimensions which really means that we are “manipulating” them.
AZ : For example, Zeus of the Universal Federation can certainly acquire anything he would like because he has the outstanding ability. It is no wonder he can accomplish it since he does not only operate dimensions but also manipulate people.
SH : Wow, Zeus!

AZ : Next of all, we cannot see the result on the spot in this lecture. You should confirm it tomorrow or in a few days. If you cannot do so, then you should repeat the whole process again.

Now, what would you like to request (the person you suppose to manipulate)?
If you have already come up with the idea(s) prior to the lecture, please do use it.
Those of you who have no idea should also manipulate people as a part of this lecture & experiment.

What you suppose to do is either requesting him/her to ”bow to you when he/she sees you” or “raise the right hand when he/she sees you” (for the sake of this experiment).
Yes, you suppose to control/manipulate the person who you have in your mind for this experiment.
SH : Oh, they are quite obvious actions!

AZ : So, I now present the familiar questionnaire of 10 questions.
I give you about five (5) minutes to answer the entire questions, so please write them on a sheet of paper.
SH : Please prepare writing materials.
Are you all ready?
AZ :
① Name your the most favorite person.
② Name your the least favorite person.
③ Where are your hands positioned when you talk with people?
④ Where/Which parts of the person do you normally see when you explain/convince him/her?
⑤ Write down the name of person who may dislike you.
⑥ Write down the name of person who may really like you.
⑦ What would you like to say if you can speak to yourself in your mind?
⑧ What would you like to say if you can speak to yourself in everyday life?
⑨ Write down your most attractive feature (part) on your face.
⑩ Write down your inferiority complex on your face.

SH : There are some tough questions to answer.
AZ : You can have a same answer for the questions ⑦ and ⑧.
There is an intension to do this questionnaire.
SH : You can write down the answers just come into your mind.
AZ : Yes, it is important to come up with such answers.
SH : Is it OK not to answer those questions I can’t think of anything?
AZ : That is fine. I repeat once again.
It is quite important to answer what come into your mind. No one is watching you so that you do not have to worry anything at all, lol. Please spend less than 30 seconds to answer each question. If you are not sure, please write ○ (circle) for the question.
SH : Please ignore those guys (suppose to) watch over you like your advisors and bodyguards, lol.
AZ : Are you almost ready?
SH : How are you guys doing? All done for the questionnaire?
I guess I am done with it (sort of).
K : I’ve done it.
CC : Ye—s!
SH : I guess we are all fine now.
AZ : Then, let’s move on.
SH : Yes, please.

AZ : I will explain the questionnaire.
①② = The person you would always like to manipulate.
③ = The position of your hands when you manipulate people.
④ = The part(s) you focus on (target) when you manipulate people.
⑤⑥ = The person you ARE normally manipulated by.
⑦⑧ = What kind of operation(s) you normally do for yourself.
⑨ = The part(s) you are confident to deal with.
⑩ = The part(s) you have lost confidence.

SH : I see!!
AZ : All right? Your instinct is the most important thing here.
SH : I feel that the name of people on ①② and ⑤⑥ may be overlapped.
AZ : That is fine since we do this (questionnaire) on purpose.
SH : I see.
AZ : Let’s now move on to the next.
Are you all ready to bring the person you would like to manipulate in this experiment? Then, write the name and date of birth (of the person) on a sheet of paper.
If you do not know the date of birth or the full name, that is still fine. Please write what you know while imagining the person in your mind.
SH : Yes. I believe people close to me should be a candidate for this (not someone with a big name or unfamiliar with).

AZ : Now, you have the three (3) sheets of paper by your side.
In this session, we will use both Magic circles, the Pentagram and the Hexagram. Please place the Pentagram on your left side and the Hexagram on your right. Both magic circles have to be the same color. Then in the middle (between the Magic circles), you place the sheet of paper which is written full name & DOB of the person you would like to manipulate (*DOB = date of birth).
SH : Everyone, please prepare your Magic circles now.
Left = Pentagram, Right = Hexagram

[This is the image of Magic circles we use for this experiment]

AZ:Now, you place your left hand on the Pentagram and right hand on the Hexagram.
It is the same way as the last sessions which the center dot of Magic circles should be corresponding to the center of your palm(s).

You may want to make an enough space between these three (3) sheets of paper in order to perform (the magic) comfortably, otherwise it would be pretty difficult to do so. They do not have to be close together, and it is totally fine to have a space between the sheets as long as they are not overlapped.
SH : Three (3) sheets of paper = 2 sheets for each Magic circle (print-out), 1 sheet for the name & dob of the person who you would like to manipulate.
I bet you all watch the PC monitor in front of you so that the Magic circles should be placed both sides (left & right) of the monitor and the name & dob sheet should be posted in front of it….. hmmmm, we need a large desk, lol!
AZ : Yes, indeed.
Shall we move on?
SH : Those of you who are trying to touch the Magic circles on your PC monitor, please find a good way to manage all of them.
Oh yes, please (move on).
AZ : Once you place your both hands, you recite the following spell in this time:


This is not the past tense. Everyone including non-Japanese speakers should recite “ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU”.
Let’s repeat three (3) times of this.
SH : ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU in the present tense, it is!
AZ :


Next, you murmur/whisper three (3) times the name of person you have written on the sheet of paper who you like to manipulate. Then, please talk to him/her in your mind how you would like him/her to be like.
This should be as short sentence as possible.
You do not have to do it three times.
Once is enough.
SH : All right. Let’s do it carefully.
AZ : At last, you recite the following phrase three (3) times : As you go with the flow(流れのままに). The spell “To-ho-ka-mi Tsu-ta-e E-mi-ta-me” (which was used for the last 2 sessions) was used to face yourself; however we won’t do it in this time.

As you go with the flow
As you go with the flow
As you go with the flow

This phrase can be recited in your mother tongue.

SH : (I will do the whole thing later… since I need to use my both hands, lol)
So, the phrase “流れのままに (Nagare no mama ni) = As you go with the flow” is OK to recite in English, yes?
AZ : It does not have to be Japanese.
SH : I’ve got it.

AZ : All right, you all should confirm the result whether or not the Magic reached the person (who you would like to manipulate).
You can now release your both hands and do the coin-toss. Please do it six (6) times. The odds suppose to be 3:3 in physics, but the gap gets larger as the Magic penetrates into the deeper level (of his/her body).
The side of the coin does not matter in this time.
Everyone, let’s do it.
SH : Yes, please prepare a coin for the experiment.
It is six (6) times as we have done in the last session.
AZ : How are you all doing?
If the number gives you somewhat a sense of incongruity, you should adjust your chakras. Please tap your chest lightly. In Japan, it is called “thymus tapping” isn’t it? Also, it takes more time to see the reaction (by the Magic) as the gap (odds) becomes larger which relates to the deeper level.
SH : Please let us know your result.
AT : 5:1
MK : 3:3
CC:I’ve got 3-3
JU:Mine is 5:1????
H:I’ve got 4:2
HG:3 vs 3
CL:Mine is 4:2
YA:I’ve got 5:1
AN : 4:2
SH : Wow, many of you seem to have good numbers!
MN:I’ve got 6:0!
AZ:4:2 means that the Magic has reached the shallow-level astral body, and 5:1 has reached the deep-level astral body.

Now, I accept your questions. Three (3) people.
HD : Yes.
SH : Oh, it’s time for the Q&A. I see.
HD-san, you are the first questioner. Please wait for a moment.
Is there anyone who would like to ask a question?
Please say “Yes” if you have a question.
TU : Yes.
SH : OK, TU-san, you are the second.
One more person.
Anyways, let’s start with HD-san now.
HD-san, please let us know your question.
AZ : Please.
HD : I could not find answer for ①② on the questionnaire so that my odds were 3:3 even I tried to do the whole thing a few times. This means that my Magic doesn’t work, right?
AZ : You are correct. You cannot come up anything for ①②, can you?
HD : I can’t. I don’t have anyone particularly like or dislike.
AZ : The Magic may work well if you come up with someone for ①② (laugh). Don’t you have someone you love? How about your family?
HD : Hmmmmmmm.
AZ : Your husband and/or children… you only like cats? lol (HD-san uses a photo of her cat on her profile).
HD : I love cats the most.
SH : Cats〜〜
HD : (giggling)
SH : They are not humans.…
AZ : Please leave the answers. Then do the whole thing one more time. It should not matter without the answer.
HD : I did it again with leaving the answers.
AZ : I see.
SH : Then you still get only 3:3.
HD : The target person (= person she was trying to manipulate) probably dislikes me.
AZ : Well then, let’s find out about it later.
Is there anyone (who would like to ask a question)…
KI : Yes.
SH : OK, the next questioner will be TU-san. After that, it will be your turn, KI-san.
TU : Can anyone do this way to manipulate people? Let’s say I tell this Magic to someone who doesn’t know or doesn’t believe anything about this blog, is it still effective?
AZ : Yes, otherwise I would not introduce it here.
TU : I see. Thank you very much.
AZ : The result won’t change no matter how ignorant the person (who performs the Magic) is.
TU : I understand.
SH : Are you fine with the answer?
TU : Yes.
SH : Thank you for your question. Now KI-san, please let us know your question.
KI : Yes. I’ve got the same answer on ⑨ and ⑩. How would you think of such answer?
AZ : Hmmmm, let’s see…. (‘ω’)
Is that true?
KI : Emoji…. yes.
AZ : Hey, Beth! (Beth is typing what Azwell is saying)
KI : lol
SH : Your attractive feature and inferiority complex are the same…?
AZ : I would like to hear more about it.
KI : My left eye and right eye, I guess?
I like my left, but the right is not so… like that.
AZ : That is ……. a rare case.
SH : lol
KI : Oh.…….. (giggling).
AZ : Well, face is actually asymmetry especially people on Earth.
KI : I know they are same eyes, but it is a delicate issue for me.
SH : I see. I have the favorite side (of my face) too.
AZ : Are you always comparing your left with your right?
Then, you can say the right or left side of your face. So, which one is which?
KI : I like my left side.
AZ : Yes, please use the answer (for the question ⑨).
KI : But, well, I like it but it can also be a disliking part as well. It is difficult to explain.
AZ : Hey!!!
KI : Well.….. (laughing)
SH : lol
AZ : (`・ω・´)
KI : Please don’t get mad at me….… (laughing)
SH : It is an example of the mixed feelings of love and hate, isn’t it?
KI : That is exactly right, lol.
AZ : TOSS (= throw away)
KI : Ohhhhhhhh, I am thrown away!!
SH : Ooops, you are thrown away, KI-san. Let’s get thrown away together.
AZ : lol
KI : Ahn〜
SH : Well, General, I actually got the contrary answers between ⑦ and ⑧. It is possible, isn’t it? For example, “You should work hard!” and “Don’t push too much!”
AZ : Yes, that is possible.
This questionnaire has the particular purpose.
So, please be your instinct as the first priority.
You still have more things to deal with next, lol.
SH : KI-san, please check out yourself one more time.
KI : Yes.… it was my instinct though.

AZ : Now, I will teach you how to manipulate/operate the person in front of you with Magic circles. Are you all ready?
SH : Ah, yes, General.
AZ : We won’t use paper in this time.
First of all, let’s imagine the Pentagram appears on your left hand. It is just like the Japanese comics (= Fullmetal Alchemist — If you don’t know anything about this, please do not worry : by Beth). Then, please imagine the Hexagram appears on your right hand. The line can be black colored or shining, but both Magic circles have to be the same color in this time as well. You will be able to do this within a second once you get used to.
SH : Yes, they can appear for an instant.
AZ : Then, you suppose to draw a Magic circle on the person’s skin or clothes while you are talking to him/her since it should not be noticed. In this step, the answers (you have come up with) for ③ and ④ on the questionnaire become useful.

③ Where are your hands positioned when you talk with people?
④ Where/Which parts of the person do you normally see when you explain/convince him/her?

You turn your palms on the ground with the position you have answered on ③.
④ is the easiest place for you to draw the Magic circle.
SH : Wow! I see!
If your answer is “eyes” on the ④, you suppose to draw it between the eyebrows.
AZ : Yeah, that’s right in this case…. but please try to draw on the eyes if you can. It is also fine to do it just one of them, left or right eye. You suppose to draw the Pentagram here like rising to the surface. The color should be the same as ones on your hands.
SH : So, drawing the Magic circle on eyes…. directly….
AZ : Yes. Then, you order the person what you would like him/her to do with the first name (not the full name).

Do _____, Hiroshi! ”… Why Hiroshi?? (lol)

SH : Hiroshi, lol, lol!
Especially when General says so.…. LOL!
AZ : Then, you recite the following spell in your mind just once:

“ARI-GA-TOU GO-ZAI-MA-SU, As you go with the flow”

and snap your fingers. It is OK not to make the sound, lol. That stabilizes (and completes) the whole Magic. By the way, there is a scene on a TV drama which a surgeon puts his hand on the patient’s shoulder after an operation. That is also a (type of) stabilization. You may see such actions in many places.
SH : Wow! So, we do it by snapping fingers in this time.
AZ : Yes, yes.
SH : This magic seems pretty easy to perform when we get used to do it.
AZ : It takes about 30 min to see the reaction. How do you think about this? It is quite easy, isn’t it? Now you understand why the Establishment tried to seal the world of Magicians/Priests.
SH : Yes, indeed. If anyone can do such Magic so easily.… I can do it now with someone near me.…. oh well, I have only cats (near me), lol.

AZ : Anyways, I will talk to you one thing that can be your anxiety.
SH : Yes, please.
AZ : Some of you may think this Magic could be used by a malicious person; however especially those of you who have attended the previous three (3) sessions would never do it since you would destroy yourself by such action because you are so connected with your subconsciousness. I won’t say “You cannot do it”, but it never be rewarded by the action with such high-risk and low-return. You can try to do it if you want. I won’t take any responsibility though, lol.
SH : Performing on trial.… I never want to do it (sweating).
AZ : You better not to do it.
One of the testers mentioned that there would be some anxious people who would like to know how to protect themselves from such malicious actions/people. However, your best and the only way (to protect yourself) is to raise your frequencies by devoting yourself to your hobby and/or study. Just in case you would like to release the Magic immediately after performing it by changing your mind (although I do not want you to be such an idiot), you perform the same way except changing the Magic circle to the Hexagram (instead of the Pentagram).
SH : This “way” is the quick one, isn’t it?
AZ : The Magic will be released when you perform the entire procedure again with drawing the Hexagram on the person (who you would like to manipulate).

Now, I accept questions from four (4) people.
SH : I see. Is there anyone who would like to ask a question?
JU : Yes.
HT : Yes.
SH : JU-san, you are the first. HT-san will be the second.
2 more people.
CR : Yes.
TU : Yes.
SH : CR-san will be the third, and TU-san will be the forth questioner.
All right then, JU-san please let us know your question.
JU : Yes.
I would like to confirm the procedure when I would like to release the Magic in case I make a mistake. When I perform the Magic, the Pentagram should be drawn on my left hand and the Hexagram on my right hand. Then, should I draw the Hexagram on both of my hands when I would like to release it?
AZ : Oh no, it is not correct.
The Magic circles on your hands are the same : Left hand = the Pentagram, Right hand = the Hexagram.
SH : Same means when we perform the Magic, yes?
AZ : Both times. when you perform and release the Magic.
This is the basic rule for this Magic.
You always draw the Pentagram on your left hand and the Hexagram on your right hand.
SH : Magic circles on our hands are the same no matter what you suppose to do either performing or releasing!
AZ : Then, the Magic circle you draw on the target person (who you would like to manipulate) should be the Pentagram for performing (the Magic) and the Hexagram for releasing.
JU : I was confused with the part.
SH : I see!
AZ : That’s good. Thank you for your question.
JU : It is (one of) the eyes which I suppose to draw the Magic circle. I thought I should draw the Pentagram on his/her left eye and the Hexagram on his/her right eye…. (sweating)^^;
AZ : No, you draw only one (Magic circle).
If you draw it on eye, you should choose left or right.
JU : I understand now. Thank you very much????
SH : I see, I see〜
JU-san, are you fine with the answer now?
JU : Yes. Thank you very much.
AZ : Thanks a lot for your good question.
SH : All right then, HT-san is next.
Please ask your question〜
HT : Yes. When I perform the Magic, I suppose to turn my palms down on the ground at the position where I normally place when I talk with a person. However, I just can’t think of the position for my hands. Where should I place my hands in such case?
AZ : In fact, the position can be different either you sit down or stand up.
So, if you bring your hands down now, where are they placed?
HT : On a table.
AZ : Yes, you turn your palms down on the table.
HT : Oh!
SH : I see〜〜 HT-san, how do you feel about it?
I think you can do it 🙂
HT : I think it is an unnatural position when I stand up though.
AZ : Please stand up now, then where are your hands placed?
That is the place you turn the palms down (on the ground).
HT : My hands are at the abdomen.
AZ : Please turn your palms down there.
HT : This should be hidden by the target person….?
AZ : It is OK to be seen. No one knows what you are doing anyways.
HT : Oh, really.
AZ : I am not sure if you try to do it above your head though, lol.
HT : Ha-ha-ha!
SH : So, “turning palms down” means that the palms should face parallel to the ground, right?
AZ : Yes.
HT : I understand. Thank you very much.
SH : HT-san, are you totally fine now?
HT : Yes.
SH : All right, so CR-san, please let us know your question now.
CR : Yes, thank you.
The third question on the questionnaire says “Place hand when you draw the Magic circle.” Does this means I use both hands?
AZ : Well, is this the question where your hands are placed?
CR : It’s not placing the palm but turning it down.
AZ : All right, I understand now.
Yes, please do use both hands as much as possible.
However, you can do it with your one hand only when your the other hand is occupied.
CR : My question sounds pretty similar to HT-san’s????
AZ : Oh, no no. It is a totally different question.
CR : I now understand that it’s fine to use one hand or both hands.
AZ : Yes, we usually explain to use both hands for the beginners.
You can do it with one hand once you get used to (perform the Magic).
SH : Is there any preference or rule such as the dominant hand?
AZ : No no, it is fine to use either hand which is available at the time.
SH : I see. Thank you very much! CR-san, are you fine with the answer now?
CR : Thank you very much.
SH : All right. At last, Tu-san, it’s your turn〜
TU : You told us that we, the participants of this lecture would destroy ourselves if we used the Magic for a wrong purpose. How about those people who only learn the procedure and do it casually with some evil minds? I think such people tend to use the Magic more for the wrong purposes.
AZ : Yes, and they definitely destroy themselves.
They probably won’t realize it though since they misuse it on purpose from the beginning.
SH : That means that the people who only read the blog and do the Magic (wrongfully) will have the same result, yes?
TU : It happens gradually, doesn’t it?
AZ : However, the guardian spirits suppose to stop such a malicious action. If they don’t recognize it, we can do nothing with them.
SH : Hmmm, that will be a “TOSS (thrown away)” case.
AZ : The self-destruction happens without any effect of the target person.
Please read the user’s manual very carefully, lol.
TU : I see.
SH : Oh, the target person never get any damage from it. That makes me feel relieved.
AZ : That is correct. Such magic never reach the target person.
TU : That’s great. Thank you very much.
AZ : Since such people usually have really low frequencies, the severe self-destruction supposes to happen even more intensely.
SH : That almost sounds like a double-payback situation.
AZ : The paying self back double.
TU : Is it possible to control myself by looking (myself) at a mirror?
AZ : Why mirror?
SH : Are you saying that you try to perform the Magic to yourself (to manipulate/control)?
TU : Yes.
AZ : That is a situation of the mother of Snow White.
You try to perform for the self-destruction.
TU : Really?!
Also, I am wondering whether or not the Magic works for the people who are suffering with depression.
AZ : Ah, there is a different Magic circle used for the depression. You will soon learn it. I am sure you can learn from the blog (= you can ask the question).
TU : I see.
SH : TU-san, please ask all these questions later on the blog. I am excited to see the answers.
TU : Yes, it is really great to hear such useful information here.

AZ : Now, it is about the closing time.
SH : Yes, it’s time for the conclusion.
AZ : That is all for the contents of this lecture “To Manipulate People (Like a puppet)” on the Happy come*come Course. At last, I will explain to you why I chose this rather negative subject than previous three lectures.

I believe you all have heard that people around you are your mirrors.

If your mission is something you would really love to do, the mission definitely includes that
you suppose to carry out your intention (what you would love to do).

Even if your choice is to deal with some plants or a development of mechanical technologies (which seems not to deal with people), you can never do anything without the human relation.

This society is neither the number by statistics nor the monitor of a PC. Everything is made by humans. You should never forget that the mission can only exist when people are around you and your world. That is why your ability is in question how efficient you can realize your own mission, plan to pursue your goals, gather the fund and move people.

SH : Yes.

AZ : You can never do anything by yourself alone. People around you all exist as a tool for you. However, this tool needs tactics unlike your mission or money. Humans always need rewards and compensation even it is said to be free of charge. They expect some sorts of rewards in return even if it is a simple desire to be just complimented.

The Magic circle in this lecture can make you manipulate people without such tactics. You may think that is not going to give you any lesson, but you cannot do it without analyzing yourself what you would like to do for the sake of the Magic circle. If you do not have any reaction from this lecture, that means you have not been able to analyze clearly what you would like to do in you.

Please re-visit yourself through this Course to identify the reason why you are born in this world.

What is the belief which makes you even manipulate people?
If you realize what it is, you will be able to accomplish your mission.
It all depends on you.

SH : To identify myself…..

AZ : When you realize it and if you really understand what the spiritual world is all about, I can safely say the Course is successful.

Based on the acknowledgment, I hope to work with you some day.
I look forward to it.

Thank you very much for your participation in this long lecture today.
I hope this will give you a click for your wonderful future.
I really appreciate your attention.

SH : Wow, thank you very much!
General, we really really appreciate your appearance for this special lecture. All right, everyone! Please give him a big hand one more time!!
K:Thank you very much????????????????
SH:Thank you very much!
CL:Thank you very much.
NM:Thank you very much.
HK:Thank you very much!
HG:Thank you very much for such a great lecture!
CS:Thank you very much! 8888888888
AJ:Thank you very much. 8888888888
MG:Thank you very much.
KI:Thank you very much even though I was thrown away.
LT:Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
UN:Thank you very much!
MY:888888 Thank you very much.
MK : 88888888888888
SO : 888888888 Thank you very much!
UP : 88888888888888
MG : clap clap~☆
IK : 888888
LG:Thank you very much❗
SH:I am back from “TOSS,” lol.
KI:Resurrection, lol.
MG : Welcome back, lol.
JU:Thank you very much~????????????????
CT:Thank you very much.
CC : (╹◡╹)♡
HD:I figured out why I could not do the Magic…
SH:Wow, HD-san, you have figured out! Great!!
HD:Yes. I have not done enough self-analysis.
SH:It is very important to focus on our own selves〜〜
I recommend you to take the previous 3 lectures of come*come Course again.
HD:Yes, totally〜

[From here on, “the stage” moves to the reception. After the lecture, we all joined together at the lobby of Shamballa School right outside of the auditorium where the nice buffet-style party was held with teachers, staff members and participants.]

SH : Everyone, you are all here (at the lobby) now!!
We now ask General AZwell to give us the opening speech!
AZ : All right.
Here is my speech. Are you all ready?
SH : Please〜!!!

AZ : Thank you all very much for your attendance at the lecture from 10pm and this reception. You have already noticed that the lecturers for the first 2 sessions were staff members from Shamballa, then Arom from Andromeda and today, myself from the United Galaxies carried out the lecture.

KI : ????????????????????????
MG : 88888
AZ : Thank you.
SH : (I was very nervous….)
CC : 888

AZ : What this really means that the cooperative system has been established in order to support and raise this Earth all together. Although each of these three (3) organizations is independent which has its own system, we all have chosen to follow and work with Shamballa. This blog seems a pretty small place from the world, but this is the proof that the blog sends out all information sincerely and positively.

You were able to gain such incredible supports because all your consciousness has been growing. I am not flattering you at all. Please remember you are in such a position and expand this Shamballa School.

Now, I am going to make the way for Mr. Brahman. He and Mr. John are the true contributors for this come*come Course so that I should not steal the credit, lol. Please give him a big hand!!

SH : 88888888
IZ : 88888888888888888
AT : 8888888
FR : 8888888
AJ : 888888888
SL : 88888888
SO : 88888888
SU : ????????????????
HT : 888888888888
UN : 88888888
MG : 888888
HK : 8888888888
KI : ????????????????????????
TU : 88888888
CS : 888888888888
SH : Mr. John〜〜!!Mr. Brahman〜〜!!

Brahman : This is Brahman.
UP : 8888888888
HG : 888888
SH : Now he comes!
JU : Clap clap clap~~☆
Brahman : The name remains as General, please do not worry about it.

[In Slack, Azwell’s name and profile photo remained displaying on the chat screen.]

SH : Well, it definitely different from how General speaks (laugh).

Brahman : Thank you all for participating the lecture & reception. It is really tough to do a speech now since I am totally in the shadow of such a big name, lol.

Anyways, this Course has been going for about 4 months. I believe some of you might have only half believed when you participated in the first session. Now, I bet you would be really surprised how far you could get information regarding the Magic circle, but this is still a junior high school level in Shamballa which I have been telling you several times. It is still an easy step like cute babies. However, it becomes a monster when it gets to the point where the Queen belongs to.… ahem, excuse me.

SH : wwwww

Brahman : You won’t have to worry anything about what you’ve learned today since it is pretty safe. Please do try out as much as you would like to. Of course you will see the time you only make mistakes and/or nothing ever happens. It is still worth doing it no matter what results you may see since such (rather negative) experiences should be a part of your lesson which you always see yourself objectively.

You all have important missions. It is the way for you to feel happiness when you push forward with them. Please do not forget about it. Anyways, I will pass the speech on to another contributor before he passes out by getting drunk. John, it’s your turn.

SH : Mr. John〜〜! Please come up to say hi to us〜〜!! (Please do not sneak a cake, lol!)
KI : ????????????????????????
IZ : 8888888888888888888888

[applause omitted… a little bit (laugh)]

John : I am not drunk! ! I only ate a little too much! (Wha? already? lol : by Beth)
HG : 8888888
CS : 88888888
UP : 888888
MB : clap, clap!
AN : 888888
SU : ????????????
HK : 88888888
SH : He has been snitching foods since five hours ago…. that is in Shamballa time, lol, ahem, lol.

John : Well, everyone, thank you very much for your participation. In Shamballa, it is said that a great class is made by great students. The great guidance by K-leader, the great (laugh) punctuations/interjections by SH-leader, and all your well-ordered attendance at the lecture made us feel really responsible to provide the substantial contents without being shoddy.

This lecture has been made for all you guys. I hope it will continue on when the opportunity arises. I also wish you to let other people know how to use the techniques & the Magic once you can really handle them. You can teach them to your children, friends and/or siblings how easy they can be. I would be happier with it than a hundred of gratitude.

One day, I would like to have a more advanced class with you when the time this lecture becomes an ordinary thing ever comes.

Today, we in Shamballa, have prepared all these sweets requested by our students for this reception. I would like all you to enjoy being here with a pleasant chat. By the way, the white chocolate cake on the side of table was the best, lol. Please enjoy talking with your teachers. Thank you.

All right, CHEERS!!
SH : Please hold your drink!
KI : ????
John : For your bright future.… Cheers!
MG : Cheers♡
AJ : Cheers!
JU : Cheeeeeeeeerrs♪

[Everyone said “Cheers” which resounded through the lobby, and the reception went on in a really friendly? atmosphere (laugh) ]


[So, the clock just turned 0:00 which is about the time for a closing speech.]

SH : All right. It’s time for the closing speech.
The guest for this speech would be…..
That drinking old fart!!!
…..No, it’s not.
Arom : Ooooohhhh!!
SH : Mr. Arom〜〜〜〜, lol!
IZ : The Shōten!!! (the long-running television show broadcast by Nihon TV : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shōten)
Arom : Ta-dah!
AT : 8888888
MG : 88888
SH : Sir! please leave the masu (= a small wooden box to drink sake) on the table!!
Arom : teke teke .. ten ten (He is trying to imitate the sound of “ohayashi” – Japanese musical ensemble.)
IZ : 8888888888888888
OR : 88888888888
SO : 8888888
KI : ????
AJ : 8888888
SH : Teke-ten-ten-ten
SL : 888888
HK : 88888888
MG : Teke-ten-ten♡
Arom : Good evening everyone. The reception is in full swing though, we should bring it to a close now. I hear some voices of denial, but it’s time to go to bed, all you good children… (laugh)
CL : 88888

Arom : It was really fun. This is the height of joy. The structure of this lecture series was made by Mr. Brahman & Mr. John so that it became a really great lesson for me.

Although I often give speeches in front of people when I am in the physical (real) world, I was really afraid before my lecture which was a totally different animal. It’s true! Because I can’t put any joke (in the middle of lecture), lol. What if I made a joke and totally failed among such earnest participants? That fear like a novice comedian made my lecture such a super serious one.
SH : Yep, the explosion of seriousness (laugh).
Arom : My back became wet with my own sweat which was telling me how serious all you guys took the lecture. To begin with, I really have to study the atmosphere which there is no room for a joke.

For the next time, I’m going to ask them to set up for my exclusive 4-lecture series, “straight man,” “funny man,” “world’s (funniest) jokes” and “conquest of the world with jokes,” LOL. How is it? No? Oh, Mr. Brahman said “No” by gesture while glaring fiercely (laugh). You are too serious, huh… (´-ω-`)
SH : Who would like to take the lecture (laugh)?
IZ : I want.
HK : I do (laugh).
HT : Yes♡
SO : Ye—–s!
JU : I am curious to learn the world’s jokes????
LT : I kind want to take the course, lol.
MG : Yes♡
KI : At the front low (laugh)
Arom : Oh, good reactions 🙂
SH : Ooooooops.…that’s dangerous, lol, lol.
KI : Ha-ha!
MG : Dangerous (laugh)
Arom : I am thrilled ( *´艸`)
UP : Of course♪
KI : (Risky, is it?)
HT : We should get the zabuton (= Japanese square cushion : by “Shoten” as seen on TV)!
SH : …with Mr. Yamada (= the famous zabuton guy on “Shoten”), lol.
KI : Mr. Tanaka! please bring a zabuton (Mr. tanaka = KI-san’s advisor)!
MG : (laughing)
LT : (it was risky, wan’t it…. lol)
SH : Mr. Arom, please continue your speech (laughing).

Arom : Anyways, we never overlook your hidden effort which you all worked really hard to create the account & access Slack (all in English!) even though many of you said your were not good at operating PCs. It is true that your such effort and mind really stirred us to work hard for the lecture series.

The next step is to make full use of your knowledge from the lecture. Please put everything you have learned in the entire Course to enjoy your life.

I wish you all flourish in your life from now on. Thank you all very much for staying with us this late!

CS : 8888888
KI : Thank you very much.
SH : Thank you very much!!!
HK : Thank you very much.
MG : Thank you very much!!
FR : Thank you very much.
KI : ????????????????????????
AT : Thank you very much!!
OR : Thank you very much.
SU : Thank you very much????
Arom : Thank you!
SO : Thank you very much.
K : Thank you very much.
IZ : Thank you very much!
HG : Thank you very much????
HT : Thank you very much♡
LT : Thank you very much^^
SL : Thank you very much!
H : Thank you very much!!!
LG : Thank you very much
JU : Thank you very much〜〜????????????????
AJ : Thank you very much!!
UP : Thank you very much.
SH : General, Mr. Arom, Mr. Brahman & Mr. John, Thank you very much for your amazing session!!!
Arom : All right then, good children go home with your advisors.
Thank you.

[After this, people were still talking some jokes & funny stuff while being fascinated by General AZwell how cool (handsome) he looks leaving the lobby, lol]


That is the entire (edited) session of “To Manipulate People (Like a puppet)” and speeches at the reception.

How did you think about it?

Those of you who have been taking the entire 4-lecture series probably understand the Course is not just the opportunity to learn the technique and/or feel the unseen energies, but the place to recognize “Yourself” which you truly contemplate who you are.

All your effort which is no matter how small it is such as the Slack registration Mr. Arom mentioned above, is identified and recognized by the staff members in Shamballa, your advisor and bodyguard, teachers at the School and lecturers of the Course.

Even if your step is too small to realize, we are not alone which we have teachers who are watching over us and fellow students who move forward together.

Please come back to this come*come Course when you feel getting lost in the middle of your way or about yourself. I believe you will see a light of answer. It is always great to share the feelings with your friends.

Each of our journey to “identify own self” will be continued. I sincerely hope you all participants will have a enjoyable and rich experience based on the Course.

Also, I would like to thank all the people who have been supporting this project from the beginning.

General AZwell, thank you very much for your great words which have really keen points of view during the lecture today.

Mr. Arom, Mr. John and Mr. Brahman, thank you very much for your support of every session as well as the great speeches tonight!

Beth-san, thank you very much for your huge support being the channeler and the helper who remains behind the scenes.

K-san, I sincerely thank you for your not only the support but also the ideas which have given me various awareness of the Course and myself.

I also thank to those staff members of Shamballa who have been working with/for us really politely such as setting up the stage at the Shamballa School, guarding & protecting all of us, leading the participants & the students to the auditorium and preparing for this reception.

At last, thank you all students for participating the lecture ♪

Here, I officially declare the end of “Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪” m(_ _)m

Thank you all for reading to the end.