You better not come to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020

Following article is the blog written by one of our readers based on the Japanese news:

“May 2020 Tokyo Olympics treat ‘Human Life’ lightheartedly?! – A crime matter by the JOC and Japanese media forces”

https://wezz-y.com/archives/68378 (Original in Japanese)

Quoted from the article:

“Since the weather during this period is sunny and warm, it should be an ideal climate for athletes to perform at their best.” – quoted from the candidacy entry file for 2020 Olympics which Japan completely fabricated the fact in order to make Tokyo become the host city. 

Broadcasting stations in the US would love to have Olympic games in July since there is a tendency to have less contents during summertime. Even though that is the true reason (why JOC & Japanese government have decided to have the Olympics in July), they could have said “Olympics in Tokyo should be held in a fall/autumn.” However, they did lie about the climate as “warm” because they didn’t want to loose the position against other cities such as Istanbul in Turkey or Madrid in Spain.

This means that JOC & Japanese government have absolutely no thought or consideration regarding countermeasure for the extreme heat. They never understand that people may face the life-threatening situations without such a countermeasure. This is really the terrifying fact.

There should have been more specific measures at this point since the Olympics is supposed to be held within a year. However, no media force in Japan ever mentions this yet.

Originally, sponsor for Olympics should be one company per industry in general; however Dentsu has broken the principle in order to make more money.

In this case, Yomiuri Simbun (a Japanese newspaper company) was supposed to be the only sponsor (for the Olympics) in the beginning, but other news companies started participating one after another. They could’ve made the decision to treat any media company equally no matter who would be a sponsor. However (since the sponsor companies would be treated differently), all other companies have claimed to become a sponsor.

There won’t be fair & healthy argument (about the Olympics) since many newspaper companies all become sponsors which such media should normally point out the problems.

I believe this has been a big problem. The issue of countermeasure for the heat should be one of the top stories on a newspaper which they should even denounce the government & JOC with a campaign.

In the beginning, they said the Tokyo Olympics should be able to be held with the cost of 700 billion yen (6.5 billion dollars) which they would only need 90 billion yen (850 million dollars) from the sponsors.

Now, there are already sum of 320 billion yen (3 billion dollars) from the domestic sponsors only which JOC has announced recently. Where do those money go even without paying any money/daily wage to volunteer workers? There are many such “black-boxes” regarding the financial activities.

The current situation of the Tokyo Olympics is exactly like the battle of Imphal during the WWII which unreasonable plans by any stretch of imagination have been pushed through. It is like “You should make a charge for anything with your Yamato-damashii (Japanese spirit)” because there is no countermeasure for heatstroke.

Generally speaking, the Olympics should be cancelled if there was no solution for problematic serious issues (such as heatstroke).

However, many large corporations such as Dentsu and other sponsor companies would make a huge loss if the Olympics ever be cancelled.

That’s why, the Olympics never be cancelled.

The victims of the things like heatstroke are not going to be any of employees and family members of such companies. They (= the victims) should be the people who have purchased the tix with what little money they had and/or the volunteer staff who have participated the Olympics with goodwill.


I am afraid to say that Japan will completely lose the reputation if the Olympics ever be held.

The budget is a lie, the climate is also a lie. The lies will be spread all over the world.

There will be so many people including the audience and athletes who fall down by the sickness.

Even if the Japanese media never broadcast the truth, media companies from overseas will broadcast everything.

How the people who prioritize own benefit only while never be considering human life will become… well, what is Yamato-damashii all about?




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    Lulu (from Tokyo)









  2. Julia(from TOKYO) より:

    The athletes are practicing hard to get the best performance at the Olympics.
    When I think of their feelings, my chest hurts.
    I hope the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will treat all players around the world in good faith.

    I will continue to be interested in this issue.