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There are things you may see at the first time as well as the things you have always been wondering but no one ever had any answer before. There are many simple ideas and teachings you might already have been doing anyways without paying attention as well.

I hope you can find “your ways, your ideas” from the contents so that you will be able to tailor them to your original, unique path and mission.

Today, I am going to introduce the first part of the subject “Spiritual energy” which was held on live at Slack on October 29th, 2017.

Spiritual energy is a familiar subject to many of you as “ghosts” and the phenomena based on them. It should be pretty interesting to find out how they are explained and what they are all about.

Hopefully, this will give you some alternative tips to solve the issues regarding spirits and haunted places/things.


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

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All right! without further notice, let’s begin the blog edition of “ELB-5 : Spiritual energy, part 1”!!


ELB-5:Spiritual energy, part 1 Sunday, October 29th, 2017 22:00〜24:00 (JST)
Lecturer: Mr. Gilles Lambert(His brief introduction is here)
Room: class_elb05_102917 (in sschool-class.slack.com)
Typing (channeling):Beth
Technical Support:AL(K)
Slack Registration Support: JU

☆☆☆Total 58 participants☆☆☆



I – Spirits and Underground electricity
    I-1 : Types of electricity
II – Residence and Subterranean stream
III – Animal spirits and Purification
IV – Frequency and Spirits
    IV-1 : Animal spirits and frequency, How to handle them
    IV-2 : Residual haunting (Stone tape)
V – Q&A
VI- Extraterrestrials and Spirits (ghosts)
    VI-1 : Cautions for Channelling
VII – God’s hand


[Since the seminar day was very close to Halloween, we all gathered with costumes including Mr. Lambert who did wear really stylish black outfit which was the main character “Hei” of “DARKER THAN BLACK : The Black Contractor (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darker_than_Black).” There was a hall full of witches, goblins, ghosts, princesses, fairies, vampires which seemed pretty suitable for the theme in this time, “spiritual energy.”]

SH:All right everyone, let’s welcome Mr. Lambert on the stage with a round of applause!! Mr. Lambert, welcome to ELB! 888888888888888 (8 = clap in Japanese expression)
SH:Everyone, let’s give him a big hand!
Lambert:(appearing on the stage)
SH:Cosplayers are giving a thunderous applause all together!
Mr. Lambert looks pretty normal at this point, lol!
Lambert:Lol, lol, well, I am wearing a costume as well though, lol!!
Good evening, everyone.
SH:Lol! Good evening, Mr. Lambert!
Lambert:Shall we begin?
SH:Yes! Thank you very much for this great opportunity again tonight!
Lambert:Thank you very much.

Good evening, this is Lambert who was just introduced by Ms. SH. It seems that everyone is really getting used to be here naturally at this fifth session (smiling). I hope you will enjoy the seminar tonight.

Today, we will cover the subject “spiritual energy” which is the 5th session of the basic course in Enjoy Life Seminar. ELB has finally entered the second half of the 8-session series. Have you all tried what we have covered so far? You won’t be able to realize how effective and fun the methods can be such as Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki unless you actually try them out. So, please do try out and see how they go.

SH:Yes, all those sessions have been composed for practical use, haven’t they?
Lambert:Yes, indeed. Every step has to be moving forward with the experiment first.

SH:I could finally start seeing Prana, lol.

I – Spirits and Underground electricity

Lambert:Let’s begin the session now.
Today’s contents should be a little different world from what we have been seeing here before. That is a ghost, lol, however we do not treat it as such a third life-form. We interpret ghost as a lump of electricity. What we are aiming for the session today is that all of you will have the same point of view between “frightened by thunder” and “frightened by a ghost.” I hope you will enjoy the entire session.

SH:Yes, I am looking forward to it.
Lambert:Oh, it is my pleasure to be here.

First of all, this seminar has the basic principle which is “Everything is made of electricity.” The only difference is that there are several types of electricity in our science (in Shamballa) while there is just one kind of electricity in your science.

I have talked about your body (bodies) comparing to a raw egg before. The shell is supposed to be your physical body, the egg white is your astral body and the yolk is your mental body, and your causal body can also be included as the egg being fertilized or not. They are called physical electricity, astral electricity and mental electricity. In other words, they are physical electric world, astral electric world and mental electric world. There are more worlds above these, but I shall omit them since they do not much relate to you all.

Where such electricity coming from is that the magma in a deep part of the Earth generates the electricity as it moves. Then, it eventually reaches the ground level. Even such electricity has a several different types.


I-1 : Types of electricity

Lambert:Let’s review what you all have already learned here before. Would you be able to see many of squishy, bouncy grains which almost look like tadpoles in the light of an electric lamp on your room ceiling? You may be able to see them better in the nature or sky in the late afternoon. Please type “Yes, I can see them.” if you can. It is absolutely no problem even if you cannot see them at all. It does not mean people who can see them are superior than those of you who cannot see them.

SN:Yes, I can see them~????
LV:Yeeess (^o^)
RN:I can!
CO:I can see them.
SH:I am the beginner who finally started being able to see them, lol.
AL:Yes, I can see them!
HK:Yes, I can see them!
MR:I can see them.
JD:Yeees, I can see them.
LT:I just have been able to see them recently (← wow, comrade here! by SH)
MY:Yeeees, I can see them!
UP:Yes, I can see them (*^_^*)
SR:I could see them.
TN:I can see them.
MG:I can see them~~
SH:Wow, you guys all can see them…. amazing!

[note by editor : Isn’t it amazing? I just thought that people taking this type of seminars would be able to see those things naturally as a standard while people like myself (SH) who is really ordinary might not be participating much, lol.]

CL:I can see them!
JI:I can see them ^_^
Lambert:Thank you.
SH:Well, I feel embarrassed (giggling).
SM:I can see them~
MN:Yes, I can✨
Lambert:Pretty good.
CT:I can see them.
Lambert:There used to be only 3 out of 100 people could see it, but this many of you can see it today.

These grains of light are the electricity generated by the magma in a deep part of the Earth have reached the ground via a subterranean stream. Some of them are moving from roots to leaves of a plant and discharged as it’s called “negative ion.” Some other electricity have been worshiped as snake god since they rise up slowly from a swamp and creep over the ground.

The other electricity have been worshiped as Kitsune (狐: fox in Japanese https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitsune) and/or Inari (稲荷) since they were discharged and moving afterwards with a jumping and hopping behavior. Moreover, if the subterranean stream was thick so that the electricity got more forcefully discharged, it became called Ryu-jin (Dragon God). Each electricity does not have so much difference, but the name of each energy changes later by the way of discharging (electricity) at a moment.

SH:Yes, I have just recentlly noticed that some of them actually looked differently.
Lambert:These Pranas are gathered all together by undulation such as sound and impact. If this comes out in a photo, you call it an orb or a fireball/will-o’-the-wisp. It is actually a quite pure physical phenomenon. In other words, there is almost nothing to worship for.

You all do imbibe this electricity as the life energy from your back and exhale from the front. If a lump of electricity gets drawn in and clogged at the suction port on your back, it will become difficult to exhale so that you will feel listless. At this time, you may say “I am tired (tsu-ka-re-ta in Japanese).” This is why the 2 verbal expressions “tsu-ka-re-ta (疲れた – I’m tired)” and “tsu-ka-re-ta (憑かれた – I’m possessed by a spirit/ghost in Japanese)” are the same. We all take it granted it should be back when you get possessed. There should be no one pointing a finger at his/her chest and say “I am possessed by a ghost,” right? (laughing)

SH:Indeed… there should be no ghost sticking to my stomach, may be, lol.
Oh, my appetite is a different creature.
All right, let’s take a look at the world being described by such electricity. A subterranean stream at first.

II – Residence and Subterranean stream

Lambert:We have been saying “Everything is made of electricity” on the blog until now, but it actually changes according to where the subterranean stream is running. Let’s look at the following image:

This is the image you are supposed to look at a shopping street from above and how the subterranean stream is running under there.

As you see, the subterranean stream is running right under the 2nd shop from the right side.

Do you often see the situation that one store on the same location at a shopping street always changes? The truth is that a subterranean stream is running underneath the store. If the stream runs underneath a house or a store, the density of prana becomes really high which gives unpleasant feeling to a human brain.

SH:Ah! I have seen such shops around a station too!

Lambert:You may hear a noise of low frequencies as well. It is because a chain reaction occurs in the dimension by a collision between pranas.

SH:I see!!

Lambert:It irritates the sympathetic nerve so that you feel nervous all the time. It is fine in the beginning, but eventually, you cannot relieve your tension so that you get more and more tired, then the parasympathetic nerve becomes difficult to work properly. That brings your immune system down which makes your horizons narrower and increases the number of mistakes. There is one and only way to raise the immunity at such time. That is to get angry. Therefore, you always get irritated and are constantly quarreling so that the shop becomes a standstill and finally out of business.

However, this chain of events does not always happen to everyone. Some people happen to match the frequency so that the shop thrives for a long time. That is why you should not judge the location by good or bad but instead matching you or not.

SH:I am totally convinced of your explanation reagrding the difference between thriving shops and not such kind of shops.

Lambert:On the other hand, if the place where a subterranean stream goes up gains momentum, it will become the place where people gather to raise the frequencies such as shrines, temples and schools since people need certain level of frequencies in order to live. That is the place with a strong magnetic field. Especially, shrines and temples are pretty much the same situation which many of them are generally located on the top of a mountain where the subterranean stream looks like this (image) as well:

Lambert:There is usually a well where the subterranean stream goes up (as the yellow arrow shows) at the temple.
SH:The meaning of this image has finally been revealed to a worker who created it (me!).
Lambert:(laughing) Thank you.

Have you noticed there is a large space in front of shrine/temple precincts? That is the area with a strong magnetic field. Therefore, I believe most of you should have been told not to walk center of the approach especially to shrines after you go through the sacred gate (Toriihttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torii) since the center is the path for Gods. It is actually the area with a strong magnetic field which may alter the dimension of the person who has a weak frequency when he/she walks (on the center).

There is usually a magic circle at such places to control the energy; however, if you take it in because the place is a (famous) spiritual site even it seems a little weaker, you may encounter troubles if the frequency does not match you. Please be extra cautious with it. You can tell the place does not match you by returning back home several times because you forget some things when you leave your place and/or seeing so many red lights on your way there.

SH:Changing the dimension… I see!

Lambert:Next, this subterranean stream becomes animal trails in the natural world as I have mentioned before. Animals are all made naturally to run/walk right above this subterranean stream.

Lambert:If you all just look at your house now, do you have the place where you never place any furniture? If you especially have a passage inside the house which somehow becomes a regular course, I can say there is a subterranean stream running underneath it.
SH:I see, there is indeed a regular passage inside the house.
Lambert:Please take a look around now (in the physical world).
If you ever place a furniture on such a place, somehow the flow (of your life) becomes stagnated.
SH:I don’t think anyone who would like to force placing a furniture there though…

Lambert:Well then, what would be the difference between the (house/shop) died out subterranean stream I have introduced at first and the stream where people live unconcernedly? Here is the image:

The house where the subterranean stream goes up has a high frequency which is sometimes called “the house where Dragon God lives” because of the momentum.
Then, the stream goes down in the case of dying out house.
The house with the stream running parallel to the ground is the condition you live unconcernedly.

If an electric pressure of the ground is really high, people cannot live and the land eventually becomes the land where people do not live such as school, shrine, community center, and so on.

People are influenced casually by this very small amount of electricity. How do they sense it? Well, they do sense a particle of supersonic waves and electricity by the pineal body located at the back of glabella (in the middle of forehead) which is also known as the third eye. According to legend, both Kobodaishi (Ku-kai) and Saint Nichiren are well-known as psychics to be able to find a water vein, but they just had the higher sense ability than others. Today, waterworks bureau does it by a dowsing technique which is really the same thing. It reacts by a very small amount of electricity.

SH:It is interesting to have my forehead reacting.
Lambert:The third eye, it is.
SH:Yes (giggling).

III – Animal spirits and Purification

Lambert:Now, I would like to talk about animal spirit(s) which is a group of pranas. Animal spirits do move against the flow of a subterranean stream. It is sometimes called a ghost road/spirit paths. They follow and stick to humans when the frequency matches while moving through the ghost road.

For example, people in Japan usually scatter a pinch of salt before entering the house after attending a funeral. There is the opinion which you do not have to do it since a sutra is chanted by a priest during the funeral ceremony. However, it is impossible for you to keep your frequency high as you face a human death. That is to say that animal spirits follow you as your frequency goes down so that you are supposed to scatter salt before entering the house.

SH:Oh, I see!! I am totally convinced now.
Lambert:This happens when you visit to a regious gathering as well. People are supposed to get loosened their tensions by listening to some august teachings from the master/leader so that those animal spirits possessed them come off. On the contrary, there are people who actually do take them back home (from there).

They are the people who always exchange negative conversations while listening to the teachings. In other words, they are the ones who (almost proudly) spread the stories of their unfortunate situations and troubles. Of course they do not mean to act proudly, but once other people sympathize the situations and support them more, they exaggerate the stories since the more misery people become, the more support & attention they tend to get. Such people are supposed to shoulder other people’s animal spirits as they go to the gatherings, and they drop them off scatteredly with saying “tsu-ka-re-ta (I am tired = I am possessed in Japanese)” once they come back home.

SH:Ah, that is a set pattern to become a cult addict!
Lambert:Of course it causes a lot of troubles among the family members. In the beginning, some things get broken, they catch a cold easily as well as getting an autointoxication because the immunity is going down. Then, there are eventually more injuries and sickness, and some of them even come to live in extreme poverty. However, no one would know the true cause and it becomes even worse since the members of the organization recommend them to attend more gatherings such as “You become sick because you do not have enough faith. You should come here more often!”

SH:That is a vicious circle….
Lambert:Yes, it is.
Oh, since I have mentioned salt, I will explain how you can purify the house (by using salt) when you think there are ghost(s) in there.

Lambert:This is a useful method when you somehow feel heavy inside of your house or you wonder something may be around you since you have been unlucky with your life.
SH:Wow, everyone must see!!

Lambert:Salt, unrefined salt would be better if possible since the more natural and lesser-touched by human hands salt is more effective. The reason we use salt is because it is NaCl (the chemical formula) representing 1:1 ratio of sodium and chloride ions (monovalent ions). That is why an alcohol is fine but water should not be included. I have never seen it before except holy water.

The places you are supposed to scatter salt are:

  1.  Entrance
  2.  4 corners you are looking from inside of the house
  3.  The places you use water such as bathroom(s), lavatories and kitchen

I will explain this.
SH:Yes please.

Lambert:Scattering salt does not mean the way you are supposed to do it like a Sumo wrestler (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtU3MsJfG4U). What you actually scattering is your sense energy so that you only need a few pieces of salt in reality.
At first, you should face to the entrance and scatter a pinch (a few pieces) of salt. You can pretend scattering it in case you do not have any. It is nice to have it because you can feel more realistic to scatter the sense energy with it.

SH:I’ve been totally imagining the Sumo thing, lol.

Lambert:Then, you recite either the Buddhist invocation which is handed down in your family, Amen or the phrase like “All is the will of God” for 3 times. If you have no idea, you can say “Thank you very much” for 3 times. You are supposed to bow once while reciting. This form is not so rigid but just an example. The 4 corners from inside of a house does not mean 4 directions. It does not have to be rigid either. If you think they are the 4 corners, then they should be fine.

SH:Oh, if we have a good match with the house, we should be able to find such places pretty easily and the method will work quickly!
Lambert:That is true.
If you have the 2nd floor at your house, it makes you feel better to do the same 4 corners on the upper floor as well when you have enough time & space. Then you are supposed to do so at all the places you use water. Please scatter the salt while facing each place of them.

SH:(It’s so spooky funny that those cosplayers at the auditorium all look soooo serious taking the seminar, lol! ….I’m sorry the digression.)
Lambert:Oh well, it is cool to take the class of ghost with the perfect costumes, lol, lol!

Anyways, if you feel the air in the house any lighter and/or the same room-light any brighter (after the method), your speculation (about a ghost/animal spirits) is pretty much correct (laughing).
SH:Everyone, let’s try it out!

IV – Frequency and Spirits

Lambert:Let’s take a look more closely at frequency.

What does “high frequency” really mean? You are currently either sitting on a chair or directly on the floor, aren’t you? Please recite the following words as you are in the position. You will definitely notice some feelings if you recite them while coming up with some images.


SH:They put me dooooowwwnnn.
Lambert:How do you feel about these words? Have you noticed any, even a slight difference around the bottom of your body such as your back? I believe you all pull your body slightly towards back without noticing if we see you from the side. This means that the lower half of your body becomes tensed as soon as feelings of the words reach it.

SH:I’ve noticed a bit of heaviness on my feet (sweating).

Lambert:Please recite the following words too as you come up with some images. You may feel something in your chest area. Good words make your upper body lean forward.

SH:Woooow, yes, I feel some warmness coming to my upper body!!

Lambert:Let’s recite the first 3 words and then do these ones. You probably feel a slightly heaviness on your body part lower than the back with the first 3 words. I think you get some sensation around your chest up to chin by the second set (of 3 words), may be?
SH:I can feel the difference clearly by actually saying those words!

Lambert:All right then, please recite the following words with some images in your mind:
SH:Yes (it’s fun!)

Lambert:I believe you all can feel the difference clearly at this point. I mean you are supposed to feel something above your neck with these words. Some of you may feel drawn in (by the words).
Frequency does make your sense change this much.

SH:I’ve felt some fun feelings coming up from the bottom (of my body).

Lambert:By the way, please recite the following 3 words:

SH:Oh, this is interesting!
I feel something around my face (laughing).
Lambert:These are the words often used by religious organizations. How is it? Where do you have the sensation at most? I believe you feel something from your face and above, or some of you would rather feel something at the core of your body. You may understand how important and necessary these words are.

You all live in the change of these frequencies.
You usually watch the frequency-program called “everyday life,” but you sometimes meet the frequency “terrified experience.” There are frequencies such as “worry” and “happiness.” You all seem to live in the same space with a fluctuation of the frequencies, but each of you actually exist in a totally different (world of) frequency.

SH:Yes, truly it is. I’ve got it!!

Lambert:That is like the channels of a television. People often say that you sometimes forget your family since you are absorbed in your work; however it actually happens because you are in a totally different channel so that you do not hear anything while your family members are complaining to you. This is the situation each member of a family belongs to a different world even though they are sharing the same space since their frequencies do not match. A person with Asperger’s syndrome always belongs to a different frequency so that he/she cannot sympathize with other people (around him/her). If you compare this to a radio wave, you are probably able to understand the syndrome better.

AJ: ????
SH:When we say “That person belongs to a different dimension,” it really means that he has different frequency, doesn’t it?
Lambert:Yes, it does.
When you listen to a radio, you can catch the program (you would like to listen to) if the frequency matches, but you hear noise if it does not match, and you hear a totally different programs if it does not match even more. However, they all exist in the same air space. It does only matter whether or not the receiver matches the particular frequency. If you think of yourself as a radio which is equipped with the receiver of both AM/FM functions, you can raise your frequency by listening to the University of the Air occasionally as you live your everyday life in an AM frequency.

SH:University of the Air, lol!

IV-1 : Animal spirits and frequency, How to handle them

Lambert:Now, how do you interpret animal spirits? That is to say, you get the sympathy of their consciousness if you match the frequencies. It convinces you that there is a professional animal therapist. There seem to be some people who claim no dog ever talks human word, but it is pretty easy to transcribe the pre-linguistic sense energy into sentences.

The example we can explain easily is Kokkuri’s (Table-turning) which I have talked in the subject “psychics (ELB-2 : Psychics, part 2 — http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=30672).” You all know Kokkuri’s, don’t you? Tenshi’s (Angels), lol, is the same thing which is usually held at an after-hours classroom in the late afternoon. It is prepared with turning the room darker and lighting a candle. This ritual held by 3 people is supposed to match the frequency even before they actually start it. Then, the necromancy begins.

SH:Kokkuri’s again (laughing).

Lambert:At this time, they are able to see the animal kingdom (laughing) as their frequencies drop down by the fear. Of course they draw it close to them and a lump of electricity gets closer to a head of the person whose frequency drops down at most by the fear. You usually shudder at such time which the electricity is sticking to your body.

Then, most answers for the participants’ questions are limited information by the person who has been possessed. However, she may be able to bring more information beyond her knowledge if she has some latent abilities.

SH:Welcome to the animal kingdom (smiling wryly).

Lambert:All of a sudden, the room lights are turned on and a teacher yell at them. They say the animal spirits vanish instantly, but the truth is that they are only invisible since the frequencies have changed. It is not a great way to stop the ritual because it should normally finish slowly as if you woke up from hypnotism. The evil effect is brought back to them when they are in bed at night. I mean they recall the frequencies of the time they were performing Kokkuri’s.

When you feel scared by something like a ghost, here is a list of ways to deal with such spirits:

  1.  Turn on lights
  2.  Turn on TV and/or radio except ghost/horror programs, lol.
  3.  Ring a bell
  4.  Recite Buddhist invocation, religious chant (such as “Amen”) or say “Thank you very much”
  5.  Recall fun memories of your past

All above ways suggest that you have nothing to be scared of as long as your frequency does not match them.

SH:I think “Thank you very much” is the fastest and most effective way (smiling).
Lambert:A good example is the profession like doctor and lawyer.
Nature of the profession does not match frequency of such spirits since it requires nearly the hardest study.
SH:They really do study hard.
Lambert:Those doctors/lawyers normally never believe in the existence of such spirits/ghosts since the frequencies are too different.
SH:Indeed they exist in their independent channels.

Lambert:I will explain a little more about the above list. The reason I have mentioned “a bell” on 3 is because it has really a high frequency. That is why many religions use some kind of bells. The same high frequency can be produced by children’s laugh. There should be less frequent fires around kindergartens and elementary schools. Even though there are people who feel bothered by children’s voices, they are still protected by them without knowing the fact. As for the 5, parents usually wish to leave as many fun memories as possible for their children because they know the fact without realizing it that their children may encounter such an occasion (seeing/possessed by animal spirits).

SH:Oh, I see! Good & fun memories are the ways to raise our frequencies!

IV-2 : Residual haunting (Stone tape)

Lambert:By the way, there is a well-known paranormal phenomenon called “residual haunting.”
Lambert:This is the phenomenon which the sense energy of a dead person whose physical body had already been hospitalized and buried remains spinning right (dextroversion) at the traumatic site where the person encountered fatal event such as an accident or murder which he/she died with the tremendous fear so that the sense energy turned right suddenly. Generally speaking, a residual haunting is recognized as a cause if a same type of accident occurs at the same place more than 3 times; however, there are so many cars passing the site of those accidents everyday.

Then, why those were the only cars involved in the accidents? It is because the residual haunting drew up the people who had the same frequencies. If you get irritated and/or worried endlessly, the same energy with spinning right does react to it. I will explain how you can avoid such a trouble more in detail at the next session regarding guardian spirits, but in any case, this kind of whirlwind will be vanished someday.

SH:Ah, there are places such as a department store of accidents (sweating).。
Lambert:Yes, you all should be very careful.
All right then, let’s have a time for Q&A.

V – Q&A

SH:Yes, here comes the Q&A!
Let’s start with MY-san.
MY:You have mentioned “Facing the entrance of (my) house (when I scatter salt).” Does this mean I am supposed to face towards the entrance from inside of the house or from the outside?
Lambert:Oh, yes, you are supposed to face towards the entrance from the inside of your house.
MY:I see. Thank you very much????
Lambert:Everything should be done within a house including the 4 corners (which I have mentioned above).
SH:”Everything should be done within a house”… that’s the key phrase!
Lambert:Well, those mosquitos inside a net should be taken care within, right?
SH:Yes, that’s totally true. MY-san, are you fine with the answer?
MY:Yes, thank you very much????
Lambert:Thank you.

SH:Then TU-san, you are the next~
TU:If an apartment is located right above an underground water vein without knowing the fact and my health condition gets worse because of it, is there any way I can live there comfortably without choosing the option of moving out?
Lambert:Yes, in fact, you probably cannot tell (whether or not the water vein is the cause of your health problems) if the site is large. So, the best way for this case is to adopt the idea of Feng shui (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feng_shui).
SH:Oh, Feng shui!
Lambert:It is great to utilize the behavior of electricity.
TU:Could you tell me more in detail?
Lambert:You can let out the excessive amount of electricity by placing some foliage plants.
SH:I assume the direction of each room in the apartment may have some differences of effect, right?
Lambert:I do undestand that the direction of each room actually does not relate to this issue.
SH:Oh, really?!
Lambert:You are talking about the direction (of the rooms) which is a subject of Kigaku (fortune telling based on Chinese 12 year cycle).
I admit the Earth is rotating and the electricity affects those rooms as long as the magnetic poles exist as N & S.
However, I treat this problem as a separate issue since it is focusing thoroughly on the effect from a subterranean stream.
SH:2 totally different subjects between the subterranean stream and Kigaku… and I make the issue become more confusing, lol.
TU:Does the effect from a water vein become lesser on the upper floors since they are away from the ground?
Lambert:No, those upper floors actually can be affected by the force of a spout.
Lambert:Especially the rooms above 20th floor should be more affected in relation to the electricity in the atmosphere. Let’s say the spout reaches the 4th floor, it may cause repetitive troubles only on the 4th floor which depends on the apartment.
SH:Oh no! That can be… really a troublesome case 🙁
Lambert:Yes, that is why you should normally be aware of the floor and location very carefully; however, even if you do not have any knowledge of it, you can still avoid such troubles easily if you are able to catch the messages from your guardian spirits we will cover the next session.
SH:Wow! I see!
Lambert:You do not have to worry about it at all.
Since we would like you all blog readers at least to live safely, (we will give you as many useful information as we can.)
TU:Is there anything we have to be aware of if we build an apartment building where we know an underground water vein is passing underneath? Well, in other words, is it safe to build anything on such a land?
Lambert:In Japan, there should be a rare case if you can find the location where no such subterranean stream is passing underneath.
TU:I see.
Lambert:If you are a builder’s side, you should cover old wells on the site after purifying them carefully as well as holding a groundbreaking ceremony thoroughly.
The important point here is that you should do all those things to leave no unfinished feeling in your mind.
Your confidence of safety for the place which you have done all those things you could ever think of as much as possible will actually change the place (in a good way).
SH:That sounds like how human mind involves a physical phenomenon.
TU:I see, but I don’t think such a groundbreaking ceremony happens overseas… what do you think?
Lambert:There is a way to do it by yourself.
You should place salt at 4 corners of the land, then water, rice and salt in a small container (each of them) at the center. Then you recite the spell “To-ho-ka-mi… ” or “Ari-ga-tou Go-za-i-ma-su” while straightening body. After you recite it, you should clap your hands once (in front of your chest) as the stabilization.

[note by editor: To-ho-ka-mi… = To-ho-ka-mi Tsu-ta-e E-mi-ta-me]

It will be effective if as many of people who live there as possible gather and do the ceremony together.
They are not residents of the apartment.
They should be family members of the owner of the land.
It should be enough for an overseas case.
TU:”Straightening body” means my own body, yes?
Lambert:Yes, you are supposed to straighten your back. I am sorry (not to say this clearly). Oh, you should recite the spell 3 times.
TU:How long am I supposed to leave the items like salt there?
Lambert:You can collect those salt after the ceremony is over.
Please run it with water as much as you can.
You must not use it for cooking, LOL.
SH:Oh~it’s not good to use it~! (laughing)
Lambert:No way. No. No. (My favorite phrase in these days)

[note by editor: “No way. No. No. (Dame-yo, dame-dame in Japanese)” won a grand prize in Japan’s Buzzwords-of-the-year contest in 2014.]

TU:The salt (for the 4 corners) should be placed on the land (directly) instead of a dish, right?
Lambert:It should be better to use a small plate, just a bit.
TU:Then, am I supposed to run water from above the plate on the ground?
Lambert:No, you can run it with water at your kitchen after you collect it.
TU:I understand now. Thank you very much.
SH:Are you all fine with the answers?
TU:Yes. Thank you very much.
Lambert:Thank you for your questions.

SH:So, at last, Ms. goblin…no, FR-san!
FR:I have heard (or read) from somewhere that Japanese soldiers during WWII did camp at many different places, and they were really scared and could not sleep at Shinto shrines while they could sleep really well at graveyards.
Does this also relate to the frequencies?
Lambert:Yes, absolutely. I assume shrine must have been a painful place for such soldiers who committed murders since the place has really high frequency.
That is why people like you who do not have hidden (dark) side have no problem (to visit shrines).

Is this fine answer to you?
FR:Yes, I understand.
Lambert:Thank you very much.
SH:FR-san, are you OK with this?
SH:Thank you~~Ms. goblin, lol.

VI- Extraterrestrials and Spirits (ghosts)

Lambert:Now, I explain the relationship between extraterrestrials and ghosts.
These two seem to be categorized differently in the spiritual world of Earth, but they are actually in the same genre.

SH:????=???? ?!

Lambert:As you have seen in the blog, the Astral world is also called “the world of the dead (Yukai)” and the Mental world is called “the spiritual world (Reikai).” They are the worlds where the frequencies are same as extraterrestrials.

Since Mars in the astral world belongs to the world of the dead (Yukai), you should be able to see flying spaceships around the civilized Mars if you looked at the night sky with an astronomical telescope when you were crossing the Styx after your death. However, Venus (in the astral world) should just be a planet without civilization.

SH:I try to die with an astronomical telescope!! (impossible….)

Lambert:You have heard on the news that stars with possible life forms all of a sudden have been newly discovered recently in the solar system. That only happened because you all have become able to see such things as your frequencies have been raised up. Moreover, some of you may think you have been crazy since you started hearing some human voices or seeing them which were not supposed to be there. However, you just started being able to see a peek of the astral world (Yukai) after the Ascension of the Earth so that you are pretty normal (laughing) and do not have to worry anything.

So, I have a piece of warning to you, channeller people. There are many cases those channellers believe they are able to hear voices of God and/or have a conversation with extraterrestrials which in fact is a communication with animal spirits on the Earth. Please listen to the mechanism and the advice.

SH:Oh, that is pretty important!

VI-1 : Cautions for Channelling

Lambert:There used to be a person called Saniwa who was always with mediums and necromancers/shamans. Saniwa has a really stable frequency which he/she can recognize the change of medium’s frequencies being up and down. However, Saniwa cannot be a channeller since it is a different type of abilities which raises the frequencies in order to listen to a voice of God. The role of Saniwa is to protect a medium whose body and mind by the stability.

He/she especially stops the medium as soon as the frequency drops down.

SH:That’s really a great security for mediums!

Lambert:You see the name “Elizabeth” in Holy Bible whose meaning includes “person who tells words of God (God is my oath).” You can interpret this as a medium/shaman. This Elizabeth has the husband “Aaron” whose name means “a priest” so that the couple was a medium and Saniwa. In the bible, there are several couples with the names such as Moses’ brother’s couple in the Old Testament. The husband, Aaron was doing his job besides his wife, the medium. That is how important Saniwa is.

However, there is no such couple or team we can compare to in the present day so that you usually cannot recognize the case which you have a chance to drop your frequency immediately and connect animal spirits even though you have once connected to an entity with high frequencies. You have to make sure how they are different.


Lambert:You should pay special attention if you see even one of the following 3 things which can apply to either the entities you are connecting to or yourself as a channeller:

  1.  Having an arrogant manner
  2.  Speaking in a commanding tone
  3.  Repeating negative words such as “〜not (should not, cannot, must not)”

I explain these now.
SH:Thank you very much.

“An arrogant manner” means the rough attitude towards lower people than oneself (you/the entity). The speaking manner becomes rough as well. However, the attitude changes to be surprisingly polite towards whoever upper than oneself. That suggests the custom which always compare oneself to others whether they are higher or not.

“Speaking in a commanding tone” means that it takes high-handed attitude and giving orders towards lower people you/entities think they are.

“Repeating negative words” is a conversation with the frequent negative sentences such as “You should not do it,” “You cannot do that” and so on.

If these 3 things ever happen to yourself, please do stop the channelling conversation at least 3 days. Generally, people who have high frequencies are gentlemen so that such 3 things would never be appeared on them.

In addition to this, you should be careful with the founder/master/guru of a religious organization who appears to have such an attitude. If your friend invites you to join such an organization, you should run away with saying “good luck!”, LOL.

SH:I’ve seen those in some spiritual/religious blogs as well (laughing).

Lambert:The reason why things like these ever happen is because channelling is the world of sensibility which is really hard to analyze yourself calmly. That is why I am telling you how you can judge the company whether or not he/she has truly high frequency. It is pretty simple which you can just decline the requests. If he/she gets upset because of you, that is a fake, lol.

You are standing at the same place/level no matter how high-class entities and/or extraterrestrials they are. You should reject confidently anything you would not like to do. You can just say “Ask someone else~” ( ̄д ̄). If they really need you, they are supposed to convince you instead of an arrogant manner (laughing).

SH:There are some animal spirits who make threats against us to give us a panishment if we don’t follow them.
Lambert:Yes, they are.
Please do throw away such a sense of obedience for their orders.

SH:I thought such things could be an act in a play of own writing (= auto-intoxication by prejudice).

Lambert:We, people in Shamballa are not perfect either. We do make a silly mistake and do have some misunderstandings as well. Even though the frequencies and levels might be different, we are not so different from you. It is no wonder extraterrestrials also are the same. Please do not make your relationship with them become a master-and-servant.

Then, please do train 10 intellects when you learn 10 sensibilities That intellect does not include the spiritual world. Beth did obtain the license of a nationally accredited qualification in her 50s. She actually wanted to become a doctor, and medicine books are still essential and a large part of her life as of today. She is always in pursuit of intellect under the directions of Mr. Arom. Please keep being a stable channeller, and I hope you will become the one who people look up to as a channeller who has a superior humanity and intellect.

So, here is the important points to build the body which forbids connecting to the things like animal spirits:

  1.  Walking is a great exercise in order to blow your Qi. There are many practices of marching at military forces in the beginning which is indeed a great thing.
  2.  Raising your frequency regularly which I have said at the subject “sense energy (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=32122).” This means that you are supposed to have the hobby which can make you almost forget any of negative issues and troubles.
  3.  Acquiring a great guardian spirit and/or make your current guardian spirit stronger. I will explain this at the next session.

SH:A channeller = a shady/fishy person… we would like to clear such reputation, lol.
Lambert:Yes, you should. You can only call yourself a channeller once you all should be able to have a normal, everyday life.

VII – God’s hand

Lambert:Let’s do an experiment lastly.
Do you all know what we in Shamballa say “God’s hand”? You are supposed to hold your hand out to the air as you are pretending to shake your hand to someone. Then, there is someone grasps your hand back. This is a phenomenon anyone can experience. Please do it anyways, of course in the real (world).

SH:Oh, “God’s hand”!
Let’s do it, everyone~

Lambert:You can actually say “Let’s shake hand” while holding you hand out.

Did you feel someone grasping back to you?
SH:Oh? I just felt someone touching my hand, lol.

Lambert:Then, please pull the hand and get hugged. You can also say “please hug me.”

How do you feel about it? Please feel it a few minutes.

SH:Wow~~yes, yes, I would love to try!!


…..Did you feel it?????

Lambert:That is Gaia, everyone. You are always watched over by her. I will explain the system one day when you all get really used to be in this world.

Lambert:This is how you all are connected to the Earth. You all live here as a living thing of this precious Earth with no exception and no discrimination. Therefore, please do have a fun life in this planet, Earth. That will save many people who have the frequencies of anger and grudge. We will support you as well. Let’s have fun.

The next session will be focusing on guardian spirits. You will learn how large part of your everyday life they are taking as your protectors.
Please look forward to it.

Thank you very much for your participation today again for a long time.

SH:Let’s all have fun~!
Mr. Lambert, thank you very much again for the great session tonight!
KA3:Thank you very much!
SR:Thank you very much!
MA:Thank you very much!
SH:We all felt nicely warm at last…. and now, please give Mr. Lambert a big hand!!
TU:Thank you very much. I was awake entire session today!
JI:Thank you very much????
CO:Thank you very much.
RY:Thank you very much!????????????????????????????????????????
HK:Thank you very much ( ´ ▽ ` )✨
SM:(*゚ヮ゚*)Thank you very much????
CT:Thank you very much????
YA:Thank you very much.
FB:Thank you very much????
FR:Thank you very much.
JD:Thank you very much (*Ü*)
Lambert:Thank you.
MG:Thank you very much????????✨
KZ:Thank you very much
SH:All cosplayers are warmed up!
UP:Thank you very much????
OR:Thank you very much (;_;)
MS:Thank you very much!
LV:Thank you very much (^o^)
MAS:Thank you very much.
SH:Everyone, Thank you very much!!
FR:88888(Hmm, it’s hard to clap) — with the goblin hands, hee-hee (by SH)
HI:Thank you very much.
LN:Thank you very much.
SU:Thank you very much ????????
Lambert:(Leaving the stage)
SH:Thank you all for the great session!!

[While those various costumed participants were giving a round of applause, Mr. Lambert who had a really smooth session on time left the stage of auditorium at Shamballa School.]


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire session of ELB-5.

How did you feel about the different electricity and the spirits?

This session seems to cover the summary of the first half of ELB as well as we have learned how electricity and frequency really involve in our everyday life. I think you may be surprised how practical and useful the information is introduced here. Are you still scared of “ghosts”? (smiling)

Please read as many times until you feel comfortable as possible so that you will enjoy your life without having a meaningless fear of such spirits.

If you have any questions, please submit them from the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please type “ELB” on the subject field).

Please feel free to let us know your opinions via the form above and/or posting your comments (English language is totally welcome).

Thanks again and hopefully see you again at the next session (ELB-6:Spiritual energy, part 2)!!




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