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Today, I am going to introduce the second subject “Sense energy” which the first session was held on live at Slack on August 20th, 2017.

You may be surprised how close to deal with the energy on a daily basis in both good and bad ways by reading through the session. There are many familiar cases you will see here which hopefully you can take it as a tip to live with better understandings in this world.

Hopefully you will enjoy the the subject, Sense energy.


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

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All right! without further notice, let’s begin the blog edition of “ELB-3 : Sense energy, part 1”!!


ELB-3:Sense energy, part 1 Sunday, August 20th, 2017 22:00〜24:00 (JST)
Lecturer: Mr. Gilles Lambert (His brief introduction is here)
Room: class_elb03_082017 (in sschool-class.slack.com)
Typing (channeling):Beth
Technical Support:AL(K)
Slack Registration Support: JU

☆☆☆ total 62 participants ☆☆☆


I – Basics of the Sense energy
    I-1: Touching the Sense energy
    I-2: Sending the Sense energy
II – Scrambling for the Sense energy
III – Protecting your Sense energy
IV – Human Development and the Sense energy
V – Materials and the Sense energy
    V-1: Visualizing the Sense energy
VI – Q&A
VII – The Sense energy in the Present Day and the Song Project


[After the introduction by SH at 10pm on August 20th, Mr. Lambert was appeared at the auditorium of Shamballa School with a round of applause by the enthusiastic participants.]

SH:Mr. Lambert appeared jauntily as usual on the stage!
Lambert:(bowing) Shall I begin?
SH:Yes, please. Thank you very much again for this great opportunity tonight.

Lambert:Hello, everyone. I was just given an introduction; this is Gilles Lambert. It is my pleasure to be here again for the seminar tonight. Thank you, Ms. SH (for the introduction).

I – Basics of the Sense energy

Lambert:So, we have seen the world of psychics so far, and we now begin covering the second subject “sense energy” at this session.

You sometime use the expression such as “Someone sent me a bad energy” in terms of the sense/feeling energy, but it actually means that the ether electricity with emotions is thrown at someone.

Lambert:Now, let’s touch the sense energy.
SH:Wow, the session begins with an experiment right away! (No time for falling asleep, lol.)

I-1: Touching the Sense energy

Lambert:You have experienced touching your aura at the previous session.
Let’s review it at first. Everyone, are you all ready? Please do it together with us for those of you first timers.

Let’s stretch one of your arms in front of you, and face the palm to your face. Then, please start moving the palm slowly towards to your face.

SH:I believe the left hand seems more sensitive and easier to feel it.

Lambert:Let’s do it together even if you have already done it in the previous session in order to check out your sensation again.

Would you be able to feel some light resistance, warmness, coldness or tingling feeling when you (your hand) reach at a certain point? That is your “Qi” = aura. Did you all get it? Please do remember the sensation.

SH:Yes, I feel the elasticity now~~!!

Lambert:Now, let’s all touch the ether electricity.
Please let your hands free.

SH:Yes, sir!

Lambert:As you may know, every participant is required to create an aura-ball (sphere) in the beginning at a qigong practice. The Dragon Ball fans can refer to the motion of creating “Kamehame-Ha” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Ball). If you don’t know it, you can make the gesture which you imagine receiving a basketball with both of your hands by your adviser or a stranger (laughing).

SH:The position to receive a ball in front of my chest, right?
Lambert:Yes, that’s it.
All right, you just received the ball. Please imagine there is a ball (sphere) between your hands.
Now, let’s make it bigger. It can be up to a radius of around 40cm (1’3”).

SH:Everyone, let’s try!
Lambert:It is good to imagine the sensation of elasticity getting bigger.
SH:My entire body starts having the tingling sensation when I do this (smiling).

Lambert:You can imagine a light sphere between your hands which is shining. What is the color? Of course you can touch it. I believe you feel the same sensation as you have touched your aura a little while ago.
Am I too fast?

SH:I’m checking the color now.
Lambert:OK, please make sure to check the color and sensation.
SH:How about you all? Is your ball/sphere sparkling?

Lambert:Now, let’s incorporate your astral energy, I mean putting your emotion into the ball.
SH:Oh, yes! Are there any kind of emotions like happiness and/or excitement?
Lambert:I will guide you now.
SH:Yes, thank you!

Lambert:First of all, please imagine your most favorite person within the light ball. The person is smiling at you. How do your hands feel? Are they warm? or feeling a tingle?

That is the sense energy which you are sending prayer to your loved one.
I believe you are also smiling as looking at it (the ball).

SH:The light is warm too.
Lambert:Yes. That is the sense energy which is caring person.

All right, you can hand the light ball to your adviser (Person in charge of Shamballa). If you do not have him/her, please release it gently in the air. Those of you have the eye-sight (of the third-eye) should be able to see it eventually disappearing.

[note by editor: Adviser in Shamballa is the person who supports a participant accessing Shamballa from the physical world. He/She is supposed to be with the participant all the time and acts as a guardian.]

SH:I can see my adviser smiling at me.
Lambert:Next, please get another ball from your adviser. If no one is around you, please do imagine another light ball between your hands.

Then, let’s imagine the face of person you dislike the most, have a hard time to deal with, or do really angry with. This is just an experiment, so please do it calmly without a strong rejection like “No! I don’t want!!”
SH:Be cool & calm, lol.
Lambert:How did you feel about the ball? It is a success if you can feel any difference from the previous one recalling your favorite person.
Cold, stinging, feeling pulled, etc. How about you all?
SH:I’ve felt the ball really heavy like a stone, lol.

Lambert:Thank you. Now please hand it to your adviser if you have one. If you are by yourself, please sink it into the ground. You can put it out too.
If your hands keep stinging, let’s shake them at once.
Then, let’s get another ball.
SH:I kinda feel heavy on my arms (wry smile).

Lambert:At last, let’s get or imagine another ball and come up with the face of Guanyin, outer space, and/or you can imagine the Earth too.
SH:Yes! I think it is pretty easy to imagine the planet Earth within the ball♪
Lambert:How is it in this time? Does the ball become any bigger?
SH:My hands feel pushed and the ball seems expanding.
Lambert:Then, let’s fly the ball in the air. It is going up gently, and now it disappeared.

That is the Sense energy, everyone. You all send/throw the energy towards your company as your routine action on a daily basis.

Lambert:I will explain about it from this point on.
SH:(Everyone, please be careful not to fall asleep, hee-hee.)
Lambert:Oops, there is one more experiment, lol.

I-2: Sending the Sense energy

Lambert:Well then, let’s continue the experiment. As you have done previously, please imagine the face of your favorite person. The smiling face. After a while, the image gets really clear momentarily.

Please let me know when it gets clear.

SH:I feel it becomes clear about 5 seconds later.
Lambert:What actually happening when you could imagine the face clearly is that your sense energy reaches the person at the moment (the image gets clear).
Lambert:What is going on then? Well, actually your face appears behind the person at the moment. Yes, it can be called co-walker/doppelgänger. A psychic medium can identify between co-walkers and guide-spirits/ghosts by the retainability of images.

Even if you imagine the face of your partner and send the sense energy, you unintentionally erase it in order to listen to me.
It means that the image of your face behind the partner gets vanished at the moment. The medium, of course sees a series of the image changes which gets clear, blurred and suddenly disappeared which he/she can identify it as a co-walker/doppelgänger.

SH:Co-walker…. it is unstable, isn’t it?
Lambert:Yes. You can identify it as a grudge or love by the facial expression. It is sometimes glaring at the person, lol.

For example, a couple being on bad terms exchanges the vengeful spirits each other. They do it repeatedly on a daily basis.
In the book “Out on a Limb” by the famous Shirley MacLaine (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_on_a_Limb_(book)), she describes her parents had been fighting and hating each other as they reincarnated and they kept fighting even in their current life. That is because their sense energies had been tangled each other which eventually made them an inseparable couple.

SH:Nooooo, I would rather be a happy smiling living spirit! Well, it can’t be co-walker anymore, lol.
Lambert:Well, well, that is still a co-walker/doppelgänger.
SH:Oh my god!
Lambert:In case you would not want to see your spouse in the next life, I recommend you not to send your sense energy to him/her, lol.
SH:Well, I can see you guys imagining your partners now (smiling).

Lambert:Let’s say, the spouse of such a couple had never got along suddenly passed away. Then, the sense energy of the other (survived) one comes back to him/her after a year and put him/her in a mentally painful situation.
It is a state of depression.
SH:I see!

Lambert:Becoming a depression as spouse suddenly dies tends to happen with the couples on bad terms, but it is actually caused by the sense energy (of survived one). It should be released immediately.

SH:Oh, that ls the case which we often get surprised by the depressed one since the couple used to be really on bad terms (We tend to think the depression = sadness by the loss).
Lambert:I will talk more about this at “Ofuda-maki” in the second part of this subject.
SH:I am looking forward to it.

[note by editor: Ofuda-maki and Okyo-maki are both unique rituals from Shamballa which clean and/or eliminate low, negative energies. (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=21778#ofuda_okyo)]

II – Scrambling for the Sense energy

Lambert:You all understand the sense energy can be reached far distance, don’t you? Now, I will explain what can be happening when you are nearby. The sense energy is originally the mixture of ether electricity = Qi (aura) and astral electricity = sense/thought-form, and you all throw it at people. It sometimes gets scrambled for if you have people close to you.

Both husband and wife scramble for the sense energy during a quarrel.
This is still OK since they do it each other. On the other hand, there is a case that one keeps the energy being taken away one-sidedly by the other one.
It is not just a physical violence but it can be a rude language, blaming, and after all, constant glaring. The victim side is constantly taken the energy away and gradually loses the vitality to fight back.

SH:That sounds like a moral harassment….

Lambert:This happens between parents and children. For example, a strong mother often yells at her child. In general, a strong mother tends to have a sheepish child and she yells at him such as “Why are you so timid?! Stand up straight! Look sharp!!”
She sometimes even slaps him since she does not know what to do.
At the same time, she robs the energy from her child.
There would be no way for the child who has been taken the energy away to be strong.

Finally, the child himself starts giving up and handing in the energy to her as soon as he feels to be yelled by her in order not to be taken it away more than enough.
Of course, he starts looking at the parents with upturned eyes which is the way to protect himself (his energy).

SH:Oh no, that will cause in the vicious circle.

Lambert:However, children cannot just deal with the constant energy exploitation (by the parents).
That is why they do grab it from someone weaker than them. It can be their younger siblings or weaker classmates at school.
That sometimes causes a case of animal abuse by such children.
The bullying at school can also be a case which the place has been becoming a battlefield of energy scrambles. That creates the bullied child who gives the energy up from constant exploitation by the classmates.

SH:I see. Animal abuse is a cause of the energy scramble.

Lambert:Yes, it always causes a distortion somewhere.
It eventually brings a self-injurious behavior and an attempt at suicide in the worst-case scenario. It is indeed a tragedy.

SH:Yes, this is happening not only in Japan but also all over the world.

Lambert:Eyes of the children whose energies have been constantly taken away are really peculiar. They cannot look at other people’s eyes.
Because (they believe) energy will be taken away by looking at the eyes. That is the reason why such children cast an upward glance at people.
They cannot even face right in front of people so that they take the posture with slanting the shoulder (drawing one side back). That is how the world common posture for “bad (strayed)” guys gets formed.
It does not mean they are aggressive. They had to master it in order to protect themselves.

SH:Oh, the energy is taken by looking at eyes… I see.

Lambert:The situation which a teacher telling off the student “What a rude attitude are you taking (in front of me)?! Look at me straight!” makes him/her be such a position. The student can never look straight at eyes of the teacher since that is the perfect situation for the teacher robbing the sense energy of the student.
All the student can do is to protect himself/herself desperately with the posture.

SH:I’ve heard that there are cases that teachers get robbed the energies and have the look with upturned eyes in these days (sweating).

Lambert:Those students whose energies have been taken away constantly cannot even enter the classroom, of course.
They shudder with fear as soon as they look at the school building.
It is pretty natural since the sense energy is the life energy as well.

However, there is no parent or teacher who can understand the true situation, unfortunately. The student himself/herself does not know it, either.

It can be all explained by the sense energy.
Therefore, I would like to teach you how to protect your sense energy without being taken away by others now.

SH:Yes! Everyone must see!!

III – Protecting your Sense energy

① Letting your children greet you/family members, or Let’s exchange greetings.
② Waking up at the same time every morning.
③ Carrying and/or covering an energy guard.
④ Basking in the sense energy of early morning.
⑤ Walking with slightly long steps.
⑥ Raising your frequency.


① Letting your children greet you/family members, or Let’s exchange greetings.

Greetings are the great way to practice matching the frequency momentarily to the other person since those children/people whose sense energies have been taken away are mostly not good at it. It does not have to be a loud voice, yet it is worth a try with any number of times.

You might have heard that the workers were screaming “Good Morning!” in a loud voice on the street as a part of on-the-job training at some companies in Japan. That is also a practice to be able to deal with any customers no matter how strong they are.

SH:Wow, I see!

② Waking up at the same time every morning.

I will introduce many advantages to wake up at the same time every morning in this seminar series from now on. You can especially keep the balance in terms of adjusting your energy by waking up at the same time.

For example, every prisoner gets waken up at the same time which is a really efficient way. If your child has a hard time getting up in the morning, it is fine to let him/her go back to bed at first after the breakfast so that you should still wake him/her up at the same time.

SH:I am preeeetttttttyyy weak at this (sweating).

③ Carrying and/or covering an energy guard.

Please imagine something like a large lace cloth, light shower, whatever is wrapping up your whole body when you do it by yourself.

Let’s do it together now.
Please calm your heart down and imagine a lace cloth wrapping you from above. Then, the lace softly wraps up your whole body from top to toe.
The color can be anything you like.

SH:Oh, I have always imagined a white lace!
Lambert:It can be green or blue (or anything you like). It is also fine to imagine a light shower instead.
SH:The light shower really works too!

Lambert:This seems such a small idea, but it still protects you from someone who has an aggressive energy for about 3 hours.
SH:Wow! 3 hours! (writing down on my note…)
Lambert:It can be 6 hours which depends on the person. You can tell the lace being disappeared in the middle by feeling the opponent face larger. In such a case, please do it again.

For your children, please pretend to cover them up with a lace cloth while saying “Let’s cover you with the lace.” In NIP, you are supposed to hand an imaginary sword to your child while saying “Here is the sword and I hand it to you. Now, you will be fine.” That is also a good way, of course you should not hand the real one though, lol.

Lambert:It is a psychotherapy using the cranial nerve.
Please check it out by yourself.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s, by Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming).

I am going to stop talking about this now since it will be a long story (laughing).

SH:Yes, it sounds really interesting.

Lambert:You should not feel embarrassed at all even if you are adult.
There is also the useful method called “God’s hand.” This has been introduced on the blog, hasn’t it?
SH:Yes, it is secretly popular (among the blog readers).

Lambert:All right, let’s hold out your hand. Then, someone grasps your hand back.
Who is it?
God, it is… well, this is the most unfamiliar word in the blog, but we also call it “God’s hand” in Shamballa.
SH:Yes, I was really surprised at first.
Lambert:You will have nothing to fear at all.
Don’t you feel the sensation? Yes, God keeps holding your hand. There will be nothing to worry about. This is how you will be protected.

④ Basking in the sense energy of early morning.

SH:Wow~ I love to do some productive activities in the morning (I’ve been into it recently)!
Lambert:It is good to be bathed in the sense energy which is prana in the early morning.
SH:The early morning means the time after the sunrise, doesn’t it?

Lambert:The ideal time to fill up the sense energy is between 5 and 6am in the morning, let’s say, up to 7am is still fine to do so. Please open a window of your child’s room during the time.
Your child does not have to get up if he/she cannot, but you should still open the window.

The sense energy in this case is the energy full of emotions which people brace themselves in the early morning.

SH:Ah, my parents used to open a window of my room abruptly in the morning, lol.
Lambert:That is really a great parents, lol, lol.

You do not have to open it at rainy day. Prana usually becomes the thinnest at 2am in the midnight and the thickest at 2pm in the afternoon. That is why the nap in the afternoon revives your body in a short time. On the other hand, the energy in the morning is the clearest so that your body absorbs it while you are still in the bed and gets efficiently revived. Those children who are not a morning person are probably not good at absorbing prana as part of a reason. Therefore, such children get the best condition when para becomes the thinnest in the midnight.

⑤ Walking with slightly long steps.

Have you ever seen yourself walking on a daily basis? Those of you who try not to look at yourself reflected in the shop windows must be really sensitive. When people have a hard time, they tend to walk with their eyes cast down.
If you walk with slightly long steps, it naturally lifts your eyes without thinking to look up. The power to imbibe prana on your back gains at this time as well as the power to blow it from the front.

SH:Ah, I think I know what you are saying! Indeed, that makes me feel refreshed and braced up.

Lambert:You may get tired at first, but you will be able to do it comfortably once you get used to.

By the way, older people tend to walk in a zigzag since they do lose the power to move forward straight.
That is why an older man often says “A bicycle suddenly appeared in front of me!” when they had a minor crash on a street. However, he does not realize that he actually turns away by walking in a zigzag. A bicyclist coming from the behind feels really dangerous since the older man who supposed to face forward suddenly turns away.
It does not suggest that the bicyclist is always right, but it is important to know the mechanism of the older people’s behavior patterns.

SH:I see! They cannot walk straight not only by the air resistance (sweating).

Lambert:Moreover, newcomers at military forces usually begin the trainings with a marching which is also part of a practice to blow Qi (prana/energy) from the front. This is because they have to have the stronger sense energy than the opponents in order to survive when they even momentarily encounter them.
If they keep marching for about 7 days, the troops start producing a vigorous atmosphere which you can hardly imagine the first day anymore.
They also have a beautiful manner of walking by then.

Marching practice for an athletic meet used to be a must do for children in Japan, but it does not seem happening nowadays, does it? It is shamefully famous in the world that the walking manner of Japanese people is pretty awful. I wish they did practice marching again, but isn’t it allowed because it would make them look like the military forces? If so, that is such a disappointing reason.

SH:That’s right. It is really disappointing. I used to like the marching a lot though…

⑥ Raising your frequency.

Raising your frequency really means that you do study.
You will hear the phrase ever so many times from now on.
It does not mean you study English or Kanji (or something you force yourself to do), but do what you really like. If you are especially trying to live up to your life mission, you should study what you love to.

For example, if you are taking a flower arrangement class, you can raise your power of concentration with the desires such as having an own shop one day, becoming the teacher one day, and so on. Your attitude in the class will change at the moment. That raised focus is as equal to raising your frequency.

SH:Let’s get serious about it! right?

Lambert:Yes, there will be no harm anymore if you raise your frequency.
No matter how much the sense energy with jealousy and grudge is sent to you even by a group of people, there will be no fear of it at all if your frequency is high enough.

A long time ago, there was an assassination plot seriously planned in one of the major countries which a group of psychics gathered together to put a deadly curse on the top person of an opponent country.
However nothing ever happened.
Why? Because the frequency was too different. There would be no way for even a group of psychics to have the same frequency as the person who becomes the president (of a large country).
If the plot was ever carried out with the top person of the country as a collaborator, the probability (to be able to assassinate the opponent) could be higher. However, they did not do it fortunately.

SH:Indeed, I never pay attention around me no matter what other guys are doing while I am really focusing on.

Lambert:You see?
If you ever feel something like unpleasant thought-forms sent to you by a group of people, please do study anyways.
You will never be harmed by them.
Many doctors must be blamed and cursed by family members of the patient who has met the really unfortunate result in spite of their devoted treatments. However, they never get affected by the curse since they do study really hard (which raise the frequencies way higher than any of such negative thought-forms).

SH:That’s true. I’ve never heard of the doctor who was cursed to death.

Lambert:Let’s say, here is the person whose profession is to put a deadly curse on someone. When you request “the job” to him, you are usually asked the following:

“Please let me know address and birthdate of the target.”
Why address? (。´・ω・)?
Then, what he does after you tell the address is to send a cursed doll, a straw doll in Japan to the target.

SH:It is really classic, and yet simply scary, lol.
I guess a voodoo doll is equivalent to it in some other areas of the world, lol.

Lambert:Now, the target person receives the box and becomes terrified as soon as he opens it which contains the straw doll with a thick & long nail hammered into it. Who did send this?!
Of course he never know since the client even does not know what the curser has done.

SH:Brrrrrrrrr….. that would make the frequencies dramatically drop down.

Lambert:Yes, that is right. It is a way to drag the target’s frequency down. It would be really difficult to curse the target to death if his frequency was really high and/or was having an exciting everyday life. Dragging down the target’s frequency is the process to get the job done efficiently.

It will be hard to put a deadly curse on the person who has really a quality life with excitement on a daily basis, and it can be a dangerous task since there may be a possibility to bounce it back to him without precautions no matter how professional he is.
Let’s get the job done efficiently ( *´艸`)

SH:A professional curser…. oh no.

Lambert:As I just said, you should consider the thought-forms may bounce back to you. It is because the sense energy originated by you would come back to you like a boomerang if the opponent did not receive it. If any of you have been suffering by unknown sickness for about a year or so which no doctor could diagnose with any particular name no matter how thorough you have taken the physical should consider the sense energy (bouncing back to you) as a reason. You might have had a grudge or jealousy against someone.

SH:Oh no! That’s not fun at all (sweating).

Lambert:Well then, you would be better not to do it. It is such a simple thing.
These all 6 things are pretty basic so that you all should be able to do as many as you like. Please try it out.

IV – Human Development and the Sense energy

Lambert:Next, I am going to talk about human development.

Lambert:As for the process of human growth, even though a baby gets physically separated from the mother at birth, the astral and mental bodies are still in her.
Baby sucks in not only nourishment but also the mother’s ether body by breast-feeding.
One of the infant’s habits, thumb sucking (finger sucking) is the condition which a baby is helplessly sucking own energy due to lack of mother’s energy.

SH:It is extremely important to feed mother’s ether energy to the child.

Lambert:Child’s ether body becomes independent from the mother around 3 years old.
The shallow-layer astral body is around 6, 7 years old (to become independent).
Then, the deep-layer astral body is between 12 and 16 years old, and as for the mental body, it is supposed to be between 22 and up to 30 years old, but you do not have to worry about this since there are people who do not have the mental body. Child enters the rebellious phase when the ether body and the deep-layer astral body reach the time to become independent.

SH:Horrible threes (terrible twos) and young rebellious phase (laughing).

Lambert:It is desirable for a baby to have as much physical contact with the mother as possible since the ether body is still connected with her even though the physical body has been independent (separated). Please raise while looking at your child after the independence of the ether body. I mean you keep your eyes on him/her. Children around 3 years old always look back at the mother which they feel relieved only after they can recognize her looking at them.

After the independence of shallow-layer astral body at the age of about 6 or 7, children need to have the contact of spirit body with the parents. It should be nice to play a game together around this time which they learn the tactics and experience of losing under the rules (Fortune does not mean to keep winning).


Lambert:Please make them study when they are between the ages of 12 and 16 which are the time to study anyways. However, those children who have rough souls (荒霊 : アラタマ) should do some sports, and the children who have quiet souls (静霊 : シズタマ) should do some quiet hobbies in order for them to raise the power of concentration.

There is the Japanese comic series called “Dragon Sakura” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Zakura) which we, in Shamballa have also got interested that the characters are considered all rough souls so that they have to move their bodies in order to memorize the subjects of study.

SH:Dragon Sakura, lol.

Lambert:You should be a rough soul if you used to get really focused on (a study) during the train commute to your school and/or unexpectedly busy & loud places, on the other hand you could be a quiet soul if you preferred a quiet room and places like a library. You all should keep in mind first that there are several soul types which the sense energies are varied as well.

SH:Yes. Everyone, please check out the come*come Course to review the subject.

[note by editor: You can find out about the soul types in detail at 【The Second Session:To Identify Own Talent】Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪  http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=22085 ]

Lambert:How about the child who is doted on by the parents (especially mother)?
An excessive amount of sense energy by the mother is sent to the child in the name of “worry.”
However, the amount of energy within 24 hours for every child is still the same after the birth. It means that the sense energy from the mother is an extra which is not digestible so that it will be just accumulated. The sense energy becomes spoiled like water when it gets accumulated. In the result, the child starts begging for goods/toys as a visible action in order for him/her to remove the spoiled sense energy.

Have you heard the phrase like this before? “My child always begs me for any goods, but he doesn’t play with them at all after I buy.”

Child does throw up the indigestible sense energy into the goods by the mother buying them. Because they become so filthy as the child throws up (the sense energy) at the time of purchase, he/she does not want to touch them anymore. That is called the materialization of affection. The similar action is known as Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD).

SH:Oh… the shopaholism…

Lambert:I assume such people have the history of being really doted on by the parents and/or raised by the mother who worries too much so that she still sends the anxious thought-forms to them. Neither of them means to harm anyone, but it becomes a trouble since they do not know the mechanism.

SH:I think there are so many troubles all over (the world).

Lambert:Now, those of you have children should understand the mechanism of the sense energy. Sometimes, your sense energy can drag them down as well. Therefore, please do not worry about them during daytime. You should consider your face always appears behind your children as I mentioned previously which discourages them to become independent. Please do believe their own energies.

V – Materials and the Sense energy

Lambert:I would like to talk more about the relation between the materials and the sense energy.

SH:Yes, please.

Lambert:How do you feel like when you are cleaning at your place? Let’s say, if you are the type of person who cleans every time you have an argument, you are supposed to rub the unpleasant thought-forms of opponent against there. People can catch it instinctively so that the known phenomenon which the house makes you feel uncomfortable even though the inside is really clean and organized occurs.

What is more, you usually feel really tired to clean an unoccupied house because you are supposed to rub your sense energy at that time. On the other hand, such empty houses are decaying faster since the ether peels off from there without occupancy. People have the instinctive behavior to rub their own sense energy on such places which makes them feel tired.

SH:Oh, I see!!

Lambert:Now, let’s do an experiment.
SH:All right, everyone, it’s time for the experiment!! (Please wake up, lol!)
Lambert:What?! Were you guys sleeping?! LOL!
SH:S-sorry… I thought there might be such participants (giggling).

V-1: Visualizing the Sense energy

Lambert:You place your hand on a sheet of white paper. You already know how to see your aura by now (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=29098#ind2-1). When you look at the tip of fingers vacantly, you will see the afterimage like shadow. If you keep looking at it, you can see a color at the tip of fingers faintly. Let’s do it up to the point.

…So, did you see any color? It is still fine if you are only able to see up to the shadow of afterimage.

SH:All right, let’s do it! I use my right hand for this.

Lambert:Please place your hand on the sheet of paper you have prepared.
When you see it for a while, the afterimage appears which looks like a light border. It is more visible at the fingertips.
SH:Yes, it is nice to see it with the blurred eyes.
Lambert:If you can look at it well, you may start seeing the image which looks pretty similar to the energy gush of “Super Saiyan” by Dragon Ball (http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Saiyan).
It does not have to be that clear though.
It should be totally fine with the blurred vision.
SH:I’ve never seen such tremendous image of mine, lol.
Lambert:(laughing) It can be done by practice.
SH:Boooooooow (trying to feel like a Super Saiyan, lol)

Lambert:All right then, let’s slide the hand down slowly. Did you see the shadow of afterimage or aura color leaving the trace on the sheet of paper? That is the sense energy I have mentioned before and the truth about smearing energies. It is the same thing that the trace of your hand remains on the paper when you suddenly move it away. Did you all see it? Although some of you may need to do several times to be able to see it, we should move on to next.

SH:Yes, I see the trace shining with a color when I slide the hand down.
Lambert:Yes, that is right.
It is easy to imagine how exhausting you can be if you smear it on the entire room as the way called cleaning.
SH:That….. can be tiring (sweating).
Lambert:Needless to say, it is really scary to imagine someone smearing the energy with complaints about her husband, lol.

Lambert:The amulets and talismans at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan utilize the mechanism which they will be useless unless your sense energy is smeared on them regularly. I mean it will become just a wooden tag unless you do pray to the talisman. Yes, you should grow it after you purchase. By the way, I am going to let you know how to figure out whether or not your talisman has a good effect on you.

[note by editor: Talisman in Japan is mostly made of wood or paper.]

SH:Wow! I am excited to learn it!

Lambert:If you have several of them at your place, please compare all of them. You may be able to find ones have no dirt on even though you have them for more than 1 year, or another one which has brown stains on even though you have purchased very recently.

The first ones do not really work. As for the other one, the brown stain is a mark which those lumps of electricity such as animal spirits and/or ghosts have got burnt when they touched the talisman which contains the function of spiritual cleansing. If the stain (by the burn) has a round shape like an orb, it is definitely the one. If you have such a talisman even without praying after you have purchased, the phenomenon has occurred because either the Shinto priest or Buddhist monk who has a really strong spiritual power did chant a sutra to it. Please value it really.

SH:So, the beautiful ones are not good, aren’t they?

Lambert:That is correct. Of course it may become stronger if you pray (= put your sense energy) to it everyday.
SH:I see!
Lambert:You do not have to replace it every year by Otakiage (sacred bonfire in Japan). If you find the effective talisman, let’s pray to grow it forever. It will protect you as long as you keep praying to it.
SH:Ah, I didn’t know it! I thought I should do Otakiage every year!
I had no idea I could re-use and actually grow it!!
Lambert:Yes, you can keep it with you as long as you wish (forever).
SH:Let’s grow the strongest talisman, everyone!

VI – Q&A

Lambert:Now, I would like to accept questions from about 3 people. It is time for Q&A.
SH:Yes! Here comes the Q&A time!
If any of you have a question, please type “Yes” now.
Lambert:Good, please.
SH:All right, SM-san!

SM:Yes, thank you very much.
My daughter is 17 years old and she didn’t seem to have any rebellious period that I have ever noticed. Why do you think she did not have one?
Lambert:(laughing) Perhaps you are respectful to your daughter.
SM:Oh?… I don’t think it would happen…
SH:No?! whhh–y, lol.
Lambert:Children become rebellious because they are treated like a child by the parents even though they think they are grown enough.
SM:I might have taken lots of her sense energies.
Ah, yes, my daughter is the most adult in our family. We all recognize it.
I am the most child in the house which my mental age is in about the first grade elementary student.
Lambert:Your daughter is actually a quite tough person, LOL.
She pretends that her energy has been taken away, but she actually has been growing up strongly.
SM:Tough (゚Д゚)
That’s good. She is really sweet and pretty.
I know I’m almost overprotective toward my daughter.
It is like “Sassy Pants” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1822302/).
SH:I think you two are really cute pair of mother & daughter♪
SM:Thank you very much.
Lambert:It probably won’t happen that her sense energy is taken under your care. In fact, the opposite case may happen, lol.
SM:Oh, really? her energy won’t be taken by me?
SH:I think your daughter gets the energy from you instead (laughing).
Lambert:I think so too, LOL.
SM:That’s totally fineヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ
Thank you very much for answering my questions!
Lambert:I will talk about overprotection (by parents) later.
SH:Are you fine with the answer?

Lambert:All right then, please come up the next person.
SH:Cool, JU-san!
JU:Thank you very much for your time.
Lambert:My pleasure.
JU:You’ve mentioned that exchange of the sense energy between a husband and wife.
JU:What does it mean that the person who becomes full of energy after the spouse’s passing?
Lambert:That is an example of good couple.
They do take care of each other so that the returning energy after the spouse’s passing is own caring sense energy.
JU:Do you mean there is no energy exchange between such a couple?
Lambert:They do have energy exchange.
JU:The kind of thought-form they are sending each other is different, isn’t it?
Lambert:Yes, you are correct.
JU:An affection and a grudge…
Thank you very much for answering my question.
Lambert:That difference of sense energy we have recognized in the beginning of this session can tell you everything.
SH:The action of dwelling on someone who has already passed away also means the energy is supposed to come back to me, yes?
SH:I see! JU-san, are you all clear now?
JU:Thank you very much.

Lambert:Now, the last person.
SH:The last person, please say “yes” now~
Is there anyone?
SH:Oh, you were awake, TU-san, hee-hee!
Lamert:LOL, LOL, LOL.
SH:I thought you would be one of the falling asleepers overseas, lol.
TU:If I keep thinking of the person who already passed away, do you think I will drag him?
He should become unconscious by now, but he can’t be because we are worried him too much…?
Lambert:It depends how you think of the person.
Most troublesome thought is “Why did you die!!!”
Lambert:In fact, the person (who passed away) can simply rest in piece even though you may think it unexpectedly.
It is actually the survivors who throw the sense energy to the past and people.
SH:Ah, that is pretty much known issues.
TU:I am sometime worried whether or not my late father could actually recognize Shamballa when he died.
Lambert:He might not recognize Shamballa, but he would not have any hesitation once he accepted the truth of his own death.
TU:I see.
Lambert:The trouble happens in most cases by the saddened sense energy by family members.
Of course the truth they have to face which one of the family members is suddenly gone especially if that is a child is supposed to give a shock to them.
SH:That is the problem between the survivors.
Lambert:However, to regret what you should not have done itself creates the boomerang effect which you will be damaged by your own sense energy.
Especially when a person had a miscarriage, she would even create the shape of her unborn child by her sense energy. It would be really difficult to stop such an action.
SH:The actual dead person (unborn child) is no longer related at that point, right?
Lambert:No, the child does not relate to it at all.
In other words, the child does reincarnate in a different house after about 3 years.
If you still pray for a late child after 30 years, he would be a 30-years-old man by now.
TU:How can we erase the child we have created by the sense energy?
Lambert:It is pretty easy to cancel the sense energy you have created.
Please keep saying “Thank you” for 3 days.
SH:Everyone, please draw the underline with red here! (laughing)
Lambert:I am sure you would have severe tired feeling by creating and keeping such a chunk of sense energy.
If such feelings become released (and you feel a lot better), then it is safe to say that you have successfully removed the energy.
If you can, please pray with the phrase like this “I hope you will have a great family next time.”
I will explain this more in detail at the subject “spiritual energy.”
TU:Are we supposed to say such phrases to the child we have created by our own sense energies as it would be a real one?
Lambert:Yes, that is the way to forgive yourself.
TU:I see. It is to forgive own self.
Thank you very much.
Lambert:That is the heart of mother.
SH:TU-san, thank you very much for your questions!

VII – The Sense energy in the Present Day and the Song Project

Lambert:At last, I would like to talk about the actual situation of the sense energy in the present day. I have mentioned that the thought-forms would be accumulated and spoiled if a parents kept sending it with the worry over the child. The cases (I have mentioned) regarding children are the same.

Why do such issues ever occur in this age?

Actually these all happen because you live in the well-off age. People around your parents’ age until about 50 years ago used to work very hard everyday to survive. However, they now have lost the purpose of the life since they found way more space in the present day so that they could live with just worrying the family as like a job.


Lambert:Please consider these happened because you have entered the age which people in 60s still have the living parent(s). That is the first time in human history.

This is a harmful influence since you all have been living without even trying to identify your life missions even though you all should have originally lived substantially with them. People used to be too busy to even think they would not know what to do by worrying the family too much.

That is one of the great things people nowadays have been accustomed to; however, it is sad to say that there are so many people do not know the mechanism so that they who have even reached mid-30s do not know what to do by too much sense energies being continuously sent by the parents.

That leads to the present-day phenomenon, people cannot see the future. Of course that even causes a chain reaction which the parents send the sense energy to the children who also pass it on to their children.

Your life is supposed to be full of your life missions which there should be no time to kill. You all need to consider there are such issues going on in these days, and yet please do handle the sense energy reasonably without any fear.

SH:Yes, I hope to live with focusing on myself.

Lambert:I will explain how to manage such sense energies being sent at the next session. Yes, that is the method called Ofuda-maki and Okyo-maki. Of course you have seen them many times in the blog, but I will explain them in detail including more of the applied ways.

If you do not know or are not familiar with Ofuda-maki and Okyo-maki, please take a look at the first session of Happy come*come Course which has the basic explanation of this method (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=21778#ofuda_okyo). Please read it for your preparation.

SH:Yes! everyone, please check it out before the next session!!

Lambert:Many of you have been participating the song project which is the event we all try to sing a same song at the same time. I will give you a hint to make the event more effective for those of you have not participated yet as well as the veterans. This works because of the sense energy.

First of all, please do not think anything when you sing. You should just enjoy and keep singing.

I am sure you all have been feeling the light when you imagined the Earth at last. When you recite the 3 phrases (to the Earth/Gaia), you would like to start calmly to save your energy, and push really hard like throwing all the saved energies in the end.

Yes, it is easier to make your wish come true when you save it once instead of continuously desiring. You are supposed to push it hard at once in the end. Then, let’s stabilize it. You can clap your hand once or snap your fingers. That is the action of stabilization.

I did tell you this tonight since you all are starting to really understand the system. Please enjoy the experiment.

SH:The song project~♪
Let’s all try to do this at the next time!
It will be on October 15th, 2017 (Sun).

Lambert:Your life will be full of enjoyments if you can do it. Please be such an expert of the game called life.

Thank you very much for your participation again tonight for a long time.
I am really thankful to those of you who have prepared for this session.

Thank you all very much.

SH:Thank you very much, Mr. Lambert!
Everyone, please give him a big hand at last!!!

SL:88888888888 (8 = clap in Japanese expression)
JU:Clap clap clap clap~~~~☆
SM:Thank you very much, Mr. Lambert????????????
Lambert:Thank you.
CT:Thank you very much.
JU:Thank you very much^^
MS:8888888888888888 Thank you very much.
LG:Thank you very much m(__)m
SH:Wow, participants are giving Mr. Lambert a standing ovation!
Lambert:(Leaving the stage)
SH:Mr. Lambert dashingly left the stage!

[All the participants got to their feet with a round of applause for Mr. Lambert again at the auditorium of Shamballa School. Many more words and comments kept going on even after he left the stage. They all seemed happy to gain really useful knowledge.]


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire session of ELB-3.

We hope you will find something really new in your mind and ring your bells again.

If you have any questions, please submit them from the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please type “ELB” on the subject field).

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