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【ELB-1:Psychics, part 1】Enjoy Life Basic☆

Hello, my dear blog readers & Shamballa staff members!
This is SH.

Now, we present this new seminar series “Enjoy Life Basic” which is the Slack edition of “Enjoy Life First Seminar.”

Today, you will read the first session: Psychics, part 1 — which was held on June 11th, 2017.

Hopefully you will enjoy the contents from the wonderland (you may think), Shamballa. You may also find some things surprise yourself.


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

If you wish to ask any questions after reading the blog, please enter & submit them through the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please type “ELB” on the subject field ).

All right! without further notice, let’s begin the blog edition of “ELB-1 : Psychics, part 1”!!


ELB-1:Psychics, part 1 Sunday, June 11th, 2017 22:00〜24:00 (JST)
Lecturer: Mr. Gilles Lambert
Room: class_elb01_061117 (in sschool-class.slack.com)
Typing (channeling):Beth
Technical Support:AL(K)

☆☆☆ 61 total participants ☆☆☆


About Mr. Gilles Lambert

Being the main lecturer of this Slack edition “Enjoy Life Basic” series, Mr. Gilles Lambert officially appears in front of the readers of “Beth’s blog” and the Shamballa participants in this physical world. However, he has been engaged in the blog project for a while as a chief panelist. What is more, he is the chief director of an epoch-making & adventurous project “The Real Project” which the advisers (in Shamballa) of participants visit them in the physical world on Earth throughout the year 2017. He also visited the early Shamballa School immobilization/stabilization tour in 2015 so that he is actually a very well-acquainted staff member to the students as well.

With his blonde hair, gray-eyes, Finnish based handsome features with 183cm (6 foot) tall, he has a charm of both smartness and sharpness. You may feel his pretty well-balanced and self-possessed atmosphere since he is one of the elder members (38 years old), but you must be able to see the other side by his answers (on the blog) which contains some cute jokes, impressive remarks and moving phrases. By the way, he has a wife and daughter.

He specialized in nomology which is the theoretical study of metaphysical, logical, divine, or human laws (obtained the doctor’s degree) and business administration. He joined the project including “Beth’s blog” commissioned by “a quite bigwig” (quoted by Mr. Lambert). We hope to have more opportunities to know him better through the seminar series along with his tasteful answers on the blog.

I – Introduction “Welcome to Enjoy Life Basic”
II – Aura: Visualizing, Sensation and Hearing
 II-1: Visualizing Aura
 II-2: Sensation of Aura
 II-3: Listening to Aura
III – Astral body: Confirming Sensation
IV – Questions & Answers
V – Place of Boundary


SH:I will call him Mr. Lambert during the session today. All right, everyone! Thank you very much for waiting. Let’s invite Mr. Lambert on the stage! Please welcome him with a big hand!!

Mr. Lambert, welcome to ELB—-!! 888888888888888 (←Japanese expression of “clapping”)

GR:8888 8888 8888 8888
MS:Clap, clap, clapping!

Lambert:(appearing on the stage)

SH:He appears with the same clothes as the posted image.

Lambert:(bowing)Good evening.

SH:Mr. Lambert, thank you very much for coming to do the lecture tonight!!
H:Thank you very much for this great opportunity.
Lambert:Thank you for the introduction.

Lambert:I greatly appreciate all your efforts to prepare for this seminar series. I sincerely thank you.

I – Introduction “Welcome to Enjoy Life Basic”

Lambert:Good evening, everyone. My name is Gilles Lambert. I will be your lecturer for this Slack edition of “Enjoy Life Seminar.” It is a great pleasure to be here tonight.

“Enjoy Life Seminar” had the very first session in the year 2000, and it officially began a full-scale seminar a few years later with the staff members in Shamballa. I have been responsible to teach elocution and even how to pause (between lines) to Beth as the overall director of seminar since 2000. I probably look unfamiliar to most of you here since I hardly ever showed up on the blog, but I hope you will have a good time for all the 8 sessions which I will be your pilot of this rather mysterious seminar.

SH:Thank you very much for this great opportunity.

Lambert:This seminar will be presented with the following 4 subjects: “psychics,” “sense energy,” “spiritual energy” and “reincarnation/dimensional operation” which we will give you 2 lectures per subject so that the 8 sessions total will be held on Slack.

As you have seen this “Enjoy Life Basic” actually called “Enjoy Life First Seminar,” the live edition has the Second, Third and Fourth seminar as the final level. Please see the blog for further details.

In fact, the First seminar we do here is considered the level as the lower classes of primary schools in Shamballa. Yes, you will get the information which even young children know so that we do not use difficult words, technical terms and the expressions like “love does this” or “God has that.” It will be more than enough if you can just feel free to read, enjoy, try and check it out.

You will be able to see the entire session whenever you access to Slack, so it will be great to re-take it as many times as you wish if you do not quite get it tonight.

SH:I will also release the blog edition later. (This is it! : by editor)

Lambert:Yes, please do work with the blog edition as well.
Moreover, we have been asking Ms. SH to translate the seminar series into English in order for those of you live overseas (non-Japanese speakers) to be able to understand the concept of ELB. Please promote this blog as an interpretation of the spiritual world if you see someone around you who seems to have an interest in such field.

SH:We are looking forward to your support (bowing).

Lambert:It is totally fine for you to take this as just a kind of explanation. Please feel free to listen to the session since this is not all (about the spiritual world).

By the way, the contents are presented with the exact same way as we had taught Beth (well, actually Beth has been simulating exactly what we told her to do though) so that there are not so quite new things for the regular members who have been taking the live seminar for a long time.
SH:(I think the nuances are already different though, lol)

Lambert:It has been 2 years since Beth left the First seminar so that I imagine some of you might miss her a little bit. However, she won’t do it again after this series as her final appearance. Please consider this as one-shot deal by her.

SH:Wow! I’m getting nervous.

Lambert:So, the subject today is “Psychics.” People on the Earth seem to be in awe of the word “Psychics/Supernatural power”; however everyone actually has it. This session will give you a chance to recognize and confirm it. We are planning to have 2 continuous sessions for this subject – tonight and hopefully the next month.
We will be delighted if you all have a fun time.

Before beginning, I would like to explain the basic stance of this seminar.


Lambert:That is “Do not believe (it).”

Please be doubtful about anything you see and hear.
No one ever believes a magician saying “I have no tricks up my sleeves!”, right? If you feel hesitant to have such doubtful mind, please recall the suspicious feeling by a testimony in a mystery novel. You should be able to understand what I am explaining to you here.

Because religion forced people to believe the doctrine blindly, the war never ends even after several thousand years. However, science has developed this far by constantly doubting predecessors’ remarks. Why? It is because an act of believing never requires you to think.

SH:That is true.

Lambert:On the other hand, you cannot doubt unless you actually do understand and analyze the person/theory. You see? I would like you to listen to the words of this seminar (in the field of spiritual world) with the same attitude as science.

It is not impolite to have a doubtful attitude, and you never lose track of yourself if you keep it in your mind. This is the preparedness we would like all of you to have in order to take this seminar. Please do doubt as much as you wish to.

SH:To have a doubtful mind, to inspect what we see… let’s throw questions as many as we think of.

Lambert:Next of all, this seminar has the same basic principle throughout the entire subjects.

That is “Everything is made of electricity.”

Your body, the chair you are sitting on right now and the table, everything consists of electricity. The thing called spirit/ghost is made of electricity too. The only difference of understanding between you and us in Shamballa is that you think electricity is just one kind, but there are several types what we call electricity.

Let’s compare your body to a raw egg. The shell is supposed to be your physical body, the egg white is your astral body and the yolk is your mental body. In other words, they are called physical electricity (in the physical world), astral electricity (in the astral world) and mental electricity (in the mental world = spiritual world).

SH:A multifarious electricity…

Lambert:For example, the mental body which is the yolk is called “Reitai (spiritual body)” in Japanese. The astral body which is the egg white is called “Yutai (ethereal body)” in Japanese too. There is another body (existence) which is like a fertilized egg is called the causal body.

There are people who do/don’t have the mental body and/or causal body (If you don’t have the mental body, you do not have the causal body either. ). However, it does not really matter whether or not you have these bodies since there are heavy drinkers who have the mental body (and the causal body) while great managers who don’t have them.

The only difference is the number of reincarnation per body: people who have only the astral body would reincarnate 1 ~ 5 times, people who have up to the mental body are supposed to reincarnate more than 20 times on the Earth, and those ones have the causal body are even reachable to other planets. They are so experienced in the soul level which tends to make the life extraordinary and full of dramas. I will explain more at the later session about reincarnation.

SH:I look forward to it.

Lambert:Next, these electricity exist in the atmosphere. Everyone, please look up an electric light in your room. Those of you are in overseas can look up either an electric or natural light from outside. Would you be able to see many of squishy, bouncy things which almost look like tadpoles in the atmosphere? or small round grains?

That is called Prana which is a lump of electricity.

A tip to see it is to look at the light/atmosphere hazily.
Some of you might have thought of it as a speck of dust in your eyes.

SH:How is it? You can see it better if you try not to focus on the viewpoint (I am actually super ultra bad at seeing it though, lol).

Lambert:Of course it can be a dust though some of you may be able to see it sparkling. There are a lot of it at the places like shrines and beaches so that you can feel free to visit there and check it out even tomorrow.

It is no doubt that many people cannot see it. A hundred years ago, there were only 3 out of 100 people who studied at the Theosophical Society could see it, but 1 out of 4 people can see it today.

(note by editor: Those three people who could see Prana at the Theosophical Society were Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Henry Steel Olcott and Thomas Alva Edison.)

SH:Let’s all challenge it ♪

Lambert:Now, I would like to ask a favor of you who can see Prana.

Please close your eyes slowly while seeing Prana. Some of you may be able to see it even with your eyes closed. On the other hand, there are people who cannot see anything when they close the eyes.

SH:Please try it out. How is it?

Lambert:You all actually see Prana not with your physical eyes but the third eye which is right between the eyebrows where the pineal body is located. This is the organ where dolphins and owls do catch the supersonic waves.

Why some of you cannot see Prana with your physical eyes closed? That is the same reason as small children who close the eyes when you tell them to open the mouth wide. Yes, your third eye is also closed when you close your physical eyes since you are still very young and immature.

Well then, where is the stuff called Prana coming from?

The magma in a deep part of the Earth generates electricity as it moves and eventually reaches our life place as spring water and in some cases, it is sucked up by plants and discharged as it’s called “negative ion.” That is the irreplaceable life energy. It means that a subterranean stream is like a high-voltage electric line.

SH:Prana = life energy

Lambert:We will talk about the relationship between the subterranean stream and animal spirits which is a lump of electricity at the later session “spiritual energy.”


Lambert:Have you ever noticed that animal trails in mountains and forests seemed almost strangely winding?

There is a subterranean stream which is a high-voltage electric line located right under the animal trails. All animals including us human being have the tendency to walk on this electric pressure (= voltage), and the dowsing which is used by the people at waterworks bureau actually detects the electricity of the buried water pipes including earth current.

In the history of Japan, both Kobodaishi (Ku-kai) and Saint Nichiren are well-known as psychics to be able to find a water vein, but they actually could just sense the earth current which they were like outstanding police dogs. Dig here, woof woof, lol… let’s cut this phrase, lol.

SH:….what? cut? (I never cut anything! by editor)

Lambert:What I would like to mention here is that it is NOT a special ability. You do have the particular corner/area in your house where you would not want to place any furniture, don’t you? That place can be above a water vein.

SH:Oh, I see!

Lambert:Now, those electric grains released on the surface of Earth have one habit. They tend to gather towards the place caused by a little bit of static electricity, wind and vibration. That would be shown on a photo as orbs. Some people may say it as a fireball/will-o’-the-wisp.

However, that is just the lump of electricity.

This electric lump also has the habit to run on a water vein which people often call it as a path of the spirits.

SH:path of the spirits = on a water vein.

Lambert:Yes. We all do imbibe Prana from back of our heart chakra and exhale from the front. That is a cause of the phenomenon which a lump of electricity called Prana gets clogged at the suction port. You may feel listless and/or a chill when this part (= suction port) gets clogged.

No one ever points at the chest when possessed by a spirit/ghost. It is always back side.

SH:Ghost hangs over our back…

Lambert:When you get home, you often say “I’m tired (tsu-ka-re-ta in Japanese)” with a sigh. That “tsu-ka-re-ta (疲れた – I’m tired)” and “tsu-ka-re-ta (憑かれた – I’m possessed by a spirit/ghost in Japanese)” are same not only by the pronunciation but also the actual meaning. A lump of electricity – people often call it a spirit/ghost – which stick fast to your suction port gets dropped as soon as you give a sigh since the absorbing behavior stops.

That is to say that the spirit possessed you does not intend to do so. What can we do, then?

SH:They unintentionally stick to you (laugh).

Lambert:I will explain this in detail at the session “spiritual energy” as well.

You are like a machine equipped with a TV if I could compare. Let’s say you are watching a soccer game on telecast live. Then the picture (moving images) suddenly stops which seems like the TV becomes a big radio. It is obvious that the amount of information becomes decreased.

The Mental world exists as mental electricity whose function is like TV-level frequencies which has sound, vision and color. It can also bring out a sense of presence here.


Lambert : Let’s now move on to the next. The Astral world does exist as astral electricity which is pretty similar to a radio. Yes, it has only sound. The amount of information is that much less (than the mental world).

Then, how about the physical world?
It is Morse code signals. Yes or no… that is quite difficult to express the soccer game on TV by Morse codes.

SH:Dah dit dit ….

Lambert:Morse code singles had been used until half a century ago to send information with only 2 basic codes, dot (dit) and dash (dah). Yes yes, dah dit dit.

(note by editor – from Wikipedia: Morse code was used as an international standard for maritime distress until 1999. As of 2015, the United States Air Force still trains ten people a year in Morse.)

SH:It became popular once at the blog (laughing).

This is the answer for your question why you do not remember anything about your life even though you were born with all the information from the birth to death. Yes, it is too difficult to decipher and too little information to understand. However, the information always flows into you.

That is why the answer for your question “Where is the God’s world?” is no other than “HERE” which is same as the question & answer, “Where is the radio wave for this live broadcast?” “Here it is.” It is because you are able to receive it if only you can match the frequency.

SH:That is really an agonizing situation.

Lambert:Although you are equipped with all the receiving functions, you just don’t know how to use them. Consequently, the purpose for this session tonight is to verify your receiving functions.


II – Aura: Visualizing, Sensation and Hearing

II-1: Visualizing Aura

Lambert:Let’s visualize/see your aura first. Please prepare a sheet of white paper/copy paper.

SH: Please bring it at hand.
(crawling out from my desk…) Are you all ready?

Mr. Lambert, please move on.

Lambert:Are you sure? OK.
We are going to see the aura of your hand now. Please put your hand on the sheet of white paper and look at it vacantly with the sense of vagueness. You should not glare at it.

SH:It’s good to look at it with sleepy eyes 😉

Lambert:It may be better to take your glasses off now if you are wearing it since the metallic parts may interfere with your third eye.

At first, you can see afterimage phenomenon with the opposite color around your fingers.

When you see the afterimage for a little while, it gradually turns with colors. In case you have a difficulty seeing it, please shift your fingers (hand) down slowly & smoothly which you will see the trace of your aura/qi on the paper. I believe you will be able to see the color even clearer.

If you have someone next to you, you can take a look at him/her. The large joints suppose to discharge aura/qi more than other parts (of your body) so that some people can see it around shoulder much easier.

SH:It’s easier to see it with really blurred eyes.

Lambert:You are right.
That is the color of Ether aura. You may not be quite sure it because of the really faint color. Some of you may have the white color aura so that you can change the white paper to colored ones if you are having a hard time to see it.

The color you are seeing currently is a really shallow-level aura in terms of your soul. It means that the color changes pretty often and easily according to your emotion. There are people whose aura turns red when they see the person they would rather avoid. That is also called Astral aura.

SH:Wow! I can see my aura color better now than before!! Hurray for my sleepiness, lol.

Lambert:There are some mediums/spiritualists appear on TV can actually see the Mental aura. In Japan, Hiroyuki Ehara is one of them. He usually tells clients mostly constant colors since he sees the Mental aura.

SH:I see. The mental aura does not change much…

Lambert:You are correct.

OK, I will give you about 5 minutes to check out your aura color. Meanwhile, would you like me to give you a small talk (lol) or would you rather have a Q&A time?

SH:Mr. Lambert, would you be able to do a Q&A now?

Lambert:Yes, just 2 people now (to accept questions).

SH:Please say “YES” if you have a question. How is it?

SH:OK, AL-san.
SH:WM-san, You are the second questioner.

AL:I have a friend who can see people’s age of death by numbers. Do you think she can get the information by reading aura?
Lambert:No, it is a different ability. She can read the genes.
Lambert:She can probably tell when a person gets cancer too.
AL:I will ask her for sure. Thank you very much!
SH:Are you fine with the answer?
SH:Well then, WM-san, please ask your question.
WM:I have always wanted to ask a question about the principle “Everything is made of electricity.” Somehow, Fleming’s rules came up in my brain which I think I can say “Everything is a magnetic force and energy” if everything is electricity. Is this correct?
Lambert:Of course yes.
However, if someone asks you what the fundamental element of magnetic force is, you can only answer “electricity.”
WM:Oh, well.
WM:I see.
SH:The root is no other than electricity even if we try to express any other ways, isn’t it?
Lambert:Yes, indeed so. That is all you can say with the current level of science in the Earth.
SH:There are electricities we, physical bodied humans on the Earth aren’t even aware of.
Lambert:No no, it is not such an easy principle.
SH:I guess we (our science itself) haven’t even reached the point we could come up with an equation.
Lambert:There will be the time many issues can be solved if you all really understand there are various kinds of electricity.
Lambert:Sorry, please let me move on to the next since I do not like to give Beth hard time anymore… as you know, she is not good at Physics lol.
SH:Is it OK to move on, WM-san?
WM:I could only come up with this frequency equation, F=1/t. anyways… OK.
Lambert:All right then, let’s move on.
SH:MY-san, you will be the first for the later Q&A. Is it fine with you?
SH:Please prepare for your question♪

Lambert:Let’s begin with where we paused before the Q&A. It may be difficult for you to realize whether or not you are actually seeing the aura since you are currently trying to do it by yourself at your house or room. At the live seminar, it is much easier to recognize aura colors since approx. 30 people try to see it all together at once in the same room under the same light, and the results are still pretty varied by the participants.

All right, here is the meaning of your aura color:

Red         The person who can give energy & courage to others.
Yellow   This is the color for healers.
Blue        The person is endowed with analytical capacity & calmness.
White     The person capable of leading others back to basics. In other words, he/she can remind you of the initial enthusiasm.

Besides, there are people who have the crystal aura which they catch the aura of person nearby. If you see someone who immediately catches an unique habit of the person sitting next to him/her, it can be a good example of the crystal aura characteristics.

The basic color of aura is red, blue and yellow. Neutral colors are the mixture of these basic colors so that the person who sees green has the character of both yellow and blue as well as the person who sees purple has the character of both red and blue.

When you mix red, blue and yellow of light, it becomes the color of sunlight while the mixture of 3 colors by ink turns the black color. Then, the equal mixture of 3 colors of aura turns the gold color. It does suggest that you are NOT the God because of the gold aura. Even an animal spirit can have the gold aura if these 3 colors are equally balanced.

SH:I see! Three primary colors of aura turns gold.

Lambert:The reason why Jesus and Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) look shining gold is because their aura/qi are equally mixed and balanced.

II-2: Sensation of Aura

Lambert:Let’s touch and feel your aura next.

First of all, please stretch out one of your hand in front of you and turn the palm against your face. Then, you start moving the palm slowly towards to your face. Have you noticed any sensations at the certain point as the palm getting close to your face such as an elasticity, warmness, coldness and/or a tingling feeling? That is the shield of your aura.

And then, let’s start touching slowly around your head, side (of your face), arms and so on. I would like you to know the aura you are feeling currently about an inch or two away from you. How do you feel it around your head?

Conversely, you may feel the shield as you move away your hand slowly from the inside (of your aura field).

SH:I have the tingling sensation….

Lambert:I shall explain the meaning of sensations.
Those of you who have the feeling of elasticity are energetic from aura’s standpoint. If you feel the warmness, that means you are a healer type. If you have a tingly feeling, that corresponds to the blue color aura which you have an analytical ability.

SH:Wow! I’ve got the blue-type in double (laughing)… tingly sensation with the bluish purple color!

(note by editor: I did get the color & sensation as an analytical type at the seminar, but I had a different result such as white color + tingly & elastic sensations when I was working on this translation. This is an example of the shallow level aura being easily changeable.)

Lambert:This aura shield protects us while we are moving in the dimensions. I will explain more about this in the different session except the one thing I would like to mention is that people usually do not want others to touch their auras. That is why people tend to get the end seat in a train.

Moreover, the people who can do a remote healing have the well-balanced orbicular/spherical aura. The aureole in paintings such as the Virgin Mary and a statue of Guanyin are the examples which those artists could actually see it.



SH:That is the famous aureole we see a lot in the Medieval paintings.



Oh? There are some unfamiliar images in the page. Please do not even bother with them.

SH:I see, thank you.

Lambert:Now, let’s do an experiment. Please prepare a sheet of paper. Then, you write the name of 3 people on it which can be your family, friends and/or someone you really know of. The birthdates are not required. You suppose to write one (name) on the top, one in the center and one on the bottom of the paper. You do not have to write the full name if you do not remember which you can just write his/her first name while recalling the person.

What we are aiming (to do this experiment) for is to identify a current condition of the people (you have just written the name on a sheet of paper) as well as to judge the image of a picture at times whether it is a ghost photo or not.

SH:Please write the names on a sheet of paper.

Lambert:Please do write the name of person who is still alive.
SH:(giggling) Yes.
Lambert:Have you all done it?
SH:How are you all doing?

Lambert:Then, please put your hand right above each person’s name slowly without touching it and compare the feeling & sensation of your hand. I believe you get the same kinds of sensation as you felt your aura a little while ago. I also imagine you should be able to get a different sensation from each person (written on the sheet of paper).

SH:Oh, please check it out!

Lambert:Please recognize the different sensation such as a tingle, warmness, coldness, being drawn into or pushed per each name even though they are all written on the same sheet of paper.

SH:It is surely different!

Lambert:I shall explain it.
If you feel a tingle, the person (you have written on the sheet of paper) is currently pretty nervous.
If you feel a warmness, the person is currently safe and happy.
If you feel a coldness, the person is currently anxious or fearful.

If you feel like being drawn into, the person is currently out of condition and in need of energy.
If you feel like being pushed, the person is currently discharging energy and full of confidence.

When you find a suspicious picture which can be a ghost/spirit photo, you can identify it with this method which is to place your hand on it. It should be harmless if you do not feel anything; however, if you feel a coldness, tingle or even rejection of placing a hand, that is the sense of a low frequency spirit/ghost being in the picture.

SH:I see!

Lambert:Of course it should be a higher-grade spirit in the photo if you feel a warmness.

SH:I feel some differences in a sense & feeling between the left and right hand. Do you think it is better to use the left hand?

Lambert:Yes. Left hand is better since it has the absorbing function.

SH:I understand. Thank you very much!

Lambert:In any case, you should do Otakiage (sacred bonfire in Japan) which you basically burn such tingly photos if you ever see or have them.

You can also use this method to check out whether or not your favorite power stones/healing crystals actually fit you. However, this does not mean your rejection towards particular stone applies to others since the information is yours exclusively.

SH:Oh, that’s really true! We can match up the stones with us.


II-3: Listening to Aura

Lambert:At last, let’s listen to your aura. However, it is impossible to do it if you are reading this session at a noisy place with many people around you. Please try it if only you are at a quiet place and/or you can listen to it later before you go to sleep.

It is pretty loud so that it has been misinterpreted as an ear noise/tinnitus which almost sounds like waves breaking on the shore.

If you hear something quietly… which sounds like a pink noise making louder and softer in your ears, that is the sound of your aura. If you have been experiencing a trouble sleeping because of the ear noise, that could also be the sound of your aura. You must be surprised how loud it is actually more than you imagine.

When you see the main character of “Dragon Ball” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Ball) becomes the Super Saiyan, you hear the unique sound effect describing as the aura/shield noise. That is actually pretty close to the reality especially the sharp & stinging aura description which is exactly the person who is ready for a battle (in reality).

SH:It really sounds like a wavy white/pink noise.

Lambert:Yes, it is. It sounds like wavelets.

By the way, the difference between aura and a tinnitus by ear disease is that an ear noise by otitis continues a sound of fixed/constant pitch. You can recognize aura only by the sound of ocean wavelets.

SH:I think the sound is hearing around my head instead of listening to it by ears.

Lambert:Yes, that is correct. That is the sound of your aura.

Do you all understand? This is the thing called aura. It does not matter whether you have a special ability. You all can see, hear and touch it.

OK, can we move on to the next?
SH:Yes, please.

III – Astral body: Confirming Sensation

Lambert:Now, let’s sense your astral body.
The Astral body is also called the ethereal body. I am sure some of you have already been experiencing the astral projection and even those of you have never done it before can still imagine what it is.

I would like all of you to sense your own ethereal body here & now.

How you would do is… Let’s begin with the hearing.

Lambert:Are you ready, everyone? Please shout “yoo-hoo!!” in your mind. You do not speak it out but do it in your mind. All right?

Now, let’s all say (in your mind) “yoo-hoo.”


Lambert:(laughing) That is the voice of your astral (ethereal) body which is often expressed by such a phrase as “I cry out in my mind,” isn’t it? There are people who can hear telepathic voices in this way.

SH:I feel it differently from my physical voice.

Lambert:The person who is sensitive to spiritual things often tells you he/she can hear things at a haunted place in which he/she actually does hear in this way (you just heard the voice in your mind).

That is why there are people who cannot hear it. By the way, are there anyone who could hear the immediate “yoo-hoo” back like an echo as soon as you said “yoo-hoo” in you mind? That is the reverberation which is resounding your voice against your aura shield we have checked out previously since it is pretty hard. No worries. It is not a ghost, lol.

SH:Oh, that echo-stuff is actually a known issue to me! It sometimes happens in my mind.

We use the term “I can hear” by the ethereal body in a different situation/phenomenon. That is the telepathy. People tend to think the telepathy is a special ability which is the conversation in our minds, but Japanese people are definitely a telepathic race.

When Japanese people are interviewed at a scene of traffic accident, they often use an onomatopoeia like this:

“Poof! The person suddenly jumped out, hit by a car like whomp!!, then boooom! the body flew out!”

They are the kind of people who can totally share the actual impact by such expressions.

It is almost impossible to let English speakers understand exactly how the accident took place by the expression. Japanese people can also make a conversion only with pronouns: “Hey, if the politician gets it, it will be that, right?” … yes, they can totally guess what the conversion is going for, lol.

SH:That is a typical conversation between aunties (aka: Obachan), LOL.

We call such conversation as the telepathic conversation which can be carried on with only pronouns (this, that, it, those, etc.).

For example, here is a Japanese couple who has been together for a long time. The husband who is watching a TV suddenly says this to his wife, “Hey, how did that stuff go?” then she immediately replies, “Yep, it’s fine now since I figured something out.”… How could you figure this conversation out?! LOL!

SH:That Japanese old folks are the tribe of Telepathy (laughing)!!

Lambert:By the way, we call telepathy as the “Pantomime of Mind.”

Let’s say, there are 2 people currently here, a Japanese and a French. The French person tries to do a pantomime first, and the Japanese person writes down the description as he sees it. Then, he actually can do it in Japanese such as “Oh, he must be drinking a tea or something when the morning comes.”, “Well, he is reading a newspaper.”, “Uh-huh, a bird arrives at his window.”

This means that people can pick up the thought prior to shaping as a language. It must be really strange if someone asks the Japanese guy, “Why can you write what the French guy is doing in Japanese even though you don’t understand French?” … right?

There was a program which a famous medium in Japan had a communication with spirits at some haunted places overseas, and a reporter asked her why she could understand what the spirits said even though she did not know the language there. Well, this is a good example (of what I mentioned above).

Now, the Japanese person does a pantomime. The title is “Mochi (rice cake).”

He really tries hard to express it, but it is very difficult to make the French person understand what actually it is. He can probably describes only with the expressions like this: “It seems a kind of food.”, “I guess it’s made by pounding something big….?”

Why does his expression become so vague? It is obvious that he does not know what Japanese Mochi is. That suggests that people can only express with the words like “I guess….” and/or “…kind of” when they don’t have the vocabulary.

SH:Yes, that’s right.

Lambert:You probably have noticed before that those foreign mediums (can be seen in these days?) on TV sometimes used such ambiguous expressions. You can safely bet they do not know the Japanese customs when you see things like that.

Next, let’s all experience the sense of a thought being sent to you.


Lambert:Everyone, please recall the memories you have felt really embarrassed in the past.
SH:Whaaaaaa?! my embarrassing stories…
Lambert:I imagine the memories came up all at once when they flashed across in your mind.
It could be tens of pages if you tried to write them. Such memories can be recalled pretty easily even if you forget what to speak.
SH:Really?! (I don’t remember tens of pages worth my dark past… I guess I have erased them before, lol.)

Lambert:That almost welling up sensation…
that is the sense a channeller refers as catching a thought.

Lambert:Now, let’s move on to the “vision”. What a fortune teller often saying “I can see things in the crystal sphere” (which is a typical scene you all are familiar with) is not a special ability at all.

All right, everyone, please remember the entrance of your house now. Oh, do not actually look at it (smiling). It can be one of your memories though, the image you are seeing now is “the vision.”

SH:That is the image coming across my mind, isn’t it?

Lambert:Yes. That is a proper expression.

Is there anyone who sees the image in black-and-white (monochrome) now? That person is actually looking at the current entrance by the power of clairvoyance. Some people believe that a clairvoyant should be able to see things clearly and realistically, but it is not true. The vision is usually nearsighted and black-and-white which some say it is similar to the eyesight of a dog. There are some clairvoyants who often close their eyes and frowns when they try to see things with the clairvoyance because of such (low) level of images.

All right, we are going to see the same vision as the FBI Psychic Investigator does. You can feel nostalgic with the name, can’t you?

(note by editor: “FBI Psychic Investigator” is a special TV program in Japan which was broadcasted about 15 years ago — https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/FBI%E8%B6%85%E8%83%BD%E5%8A%9B%E6%8D%9C%E6%9F%BB%E5%AE%98 – Japanese only )

Lambert:I consider the average age of participants of this session, lol.
SH:That is middle-aged men & women.. oh, no, no, no, lol.

Lambert:Please keep the vision which is still at the entrance of your house. Now, let’s leave the house from the entrance. You can open the door and go outside. If you live in an apartment building, please take the elevator/stairs to reach the first floor and go outside. Those of you live in a house, please proceed to the street in front of your house and move to where you can see the sky above. Yes, this series of moving images is the vision which those FBI Psychic Investigators are seeing.

Would you be able to go outside? Oh, you should not literally go outside, lol. Please use your imagination.

SH:(I am wearing my pajamas which I can never go outside now, lol)

Lambert:All right, then, you suppose to jump and float in the air at one breath. Yes, you are going to fly in the sky. Let’s juuuump!

You slowly become the same height as the roof of your house, then you look it down. Now, you start seeing the lights of houses/buildings like jewelries even though it is dark around you (in the night sky). Then, please keep going up until the height you usually see as the image from a helicopter on TV which is about overlooking the town.

SH:Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump!!!! Ooops, I went up too high….

Lambert:Please feel the wind there… it is a little chilly. Let’s look down the world below you. See? what you see (from the sky) can be probably a few points such as steel towers, a river, and bridges bit by bit. It is almost too hard to catch a mark or target. This (vision) becomes an image that the investigators suppose to draw on a paper. I hope you who saw it on TV and thought that was pretty bad (laughing) will understand now there is nothing they can really do about it.

Then, please feel the four directions of east, west, north, and south. Would you be able to figure out which direction is the South? Those of you who can truly recognize the directions are eligible to start working at FBI as of today, lol.

SH:It is too difficult to make even a rough sketch… unless you have the kind of talent🙄

IV – Questions & Answers

Lambert:Here is the time for your questions, but I am sorry I can only accept 2 people since there is not much time left tonight.

SH:I see, then let’s start with MY-san who was left out of the last Q&A.
MY:Thank you very much for your time.
Lambert:Thank you.
SH:Please go ahead with your question.
SM:Yes! I would like to ask a question later.
SH:(SM-san, you will be the next!)
MY:I have a questions regarding the sensation of aura.
MY:I feel some warmness and tingling sensation.
The color changes based on the time and place. Does this suggest that I’m lack of practice?
Lambert:No, it is quite natural the color changes by the time and place. It happens because the aura is in really shallow level of soul which can be easily influenced by the outside situations. It changes no matter how hard you practice (seeing & feeling it).

If you are able to see the deeper level aura, you will notice it does not change. Well, there are some courses/institutes which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to just see aura. You may be able to learn the skill at the places like that….? may be.


Lambert:(;^ω^) Is it ok with the answer?
SH:How is it, MY-san?
MY:Yes, thank you very much♪

Lambert:OK. Then the next person, please.
SH:SM-san, please let us know your question!
SM:Well, this is regarding the sound I am hearing.
SM:You said about the sound of aura a little while ago. When I asked a question on the blog before regarding the sound I always hear in my ears, the answer (by Shamballa staff) was that it could be the sound of Earth.

I still hear something like an electronic noise chirping now. Is this… the sound of Earth?
Lambert:Although I am not sure (what it is yet) since I have not seen the actual answer on the blog, there is the sound of Earth.
SM:It sometimes sounds stronger and weaker.
Lambert:Oh, then that should be (the sound of) your aura.
SM:My aura does not sound like wave or wind.
Lambert:The sound of Earth has a low-frequency and long cycle of tone/wave changes.

The human (aura) cycle is about a ripple. On the other hand, the cycle of Earth changes every 2 or 3 minutes long. Which cycle yours is…
SM:Hmmmm, I now start thinking that what I am hearing may be my aura.
SH:The sound of Earth has the feeling like a bass, yes?
Lambert:Yes, it has very low booming tone. The best way to figure out is to listen to it with covering your ears. The sound of aura resounds with your entire body, but the sound of Earth only comes from deep under the ground.
SM:I can always hear it without covering ears, but (the sound of Earth is) from deep under the ground… what I’m hearing is from around my head so that it is my aura…hmmm?
Lambert:The reason for covering your ears is not to shut out the noise but to identify which direction the sound coming from. In your case, the sound most definitely is yours.
SM:Yes, I am sorry to take time. Thank you very much for answering my question.
Lambert:OK, that is absolutely fine.
SH:SM-san, are you fine with the answer?
SH:Thank you very much.

V – Place of Boundary

Lambert:All right, then, there is one more thing I would like to cover tonight.
Let’s remember the image when you jumped up the sky above a short while ago.

You are currently floating in the sky. Now, you are going to be even more away from the ground. Let’s start leaving (going up) slowly.

Soon your houses are getting smaller and smaller.
Then, please go up to the point where you are able to see the entire area –
people live in Japan are seeing Japan from above,
people live in the United States are seeing the US from above,
people live in the Europe are seeing the entire Europe from above.

You are now seeing the country where you live below your eyes.
You are able to see the layer of Earth’s atmosphere if you go above a little more.
Then, you are able to see Earth’s horizon and the entire planet.
Please stop right there.


Lambert:Are you able to see the country where you live down below your eyes?
If you are too high to see it, please go down a little bit and stop where you can see both the planet Earth and the country where you live.

Source: http://www.japantrendshop.com/blue-earth-disc-for-homestar-planetarium-p-173.html

The Earth you are seeing now is the macrocosm.
Your country currently looking pretty small below you is the microcosm.
This point in which you are able to see both macro & micro worlds is the state of enlightenment, that is the place of boundary.

From now on, you will be in the society which requires you to have both micro and macro views. If the micro level refers to you, the macro level suggests the organizations like corporations and nations. When a conflict of opinion occurs in a group, it always stems from the difference between micro and macro views.

If you only see things as the micro level, you may think such way as “Why am I the only person (to be sacrificed)?!”
If you only have the macro view, you probably do things with the mind as “It cannot be helped that there will be some costs and sacrifices.”
We would like all of you to become the human who can treat both views as equally important.

However, if you have the ultimate occasion which you have to choose one of them, please choose the micro world.

If the choice is between your company and family, please choose your family. If the choice is between an organization and you, please choose you.

We really wish you to take care of your micro world.
We really wish you to take care of your Miroku (Maitreya).

(note by editor: Micro in Japanese is Mi-ku-ro which is the anagram of Mi-ro-ku.)

This is a knack of connecting your life which you came all the way to this era and participated this seminar.

SH:Wow… choosing myself, it is.

Lambert:This seminar is aimed at gaining significant results by small efforts.

We will continue with the second half of this subject “Psychics” in the next session. We hope you to become an expert of this game called “life” with a full understanding of the seminar. We will always be willing to follow-up and support you.

Thank you very much for staying with us such a long time today.

SH:Thank you very much, Mr. Lambert!
Lambert:(Yep! I made it in time!!)
SH:Thank you very much everyone as well for your time to participate this session!! Let’s give a big hand for all of us!!
CT:Thank you very much^^
MY:Thank you very much! 888888888
OK:Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!
LG:Thank you very much!
LY:Thank you very much.
HD:Thank you very much.
Lambert:Thank you.
RY:Thank you very much👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
MS:Thank you very much. Clap, clap, clap!
Lambert:Good work, everyone.
MA:Thank you very much☆
AL:It was really an interesting class! I feel I could understand better by the written words (than a verbal lecture)!
CL:Thank you very much. 888888
JD:Thank you very much👏👏👏👏
JU:Thank you very much😊
LN:Thank you very much~
DT:Thank you very much (´∀`)
UM:Thank you very much😄
H:Thank you very much.
TP:Thank you very much.
SM:Thank you very much~🌸
Lambert:(leaving the stage)

[A resounding applause kept going on for a while. Thanks a lot for a great session!]


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire session of ELB-1.

We hope you will find something to ring your bell from this.

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