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I hope you have been enjoying “Enjoy Life Basic”!! You can read the first subject “Psychics” (both first & second parts are now available) as well as the first part of the second subject “Sense energy” here on this blog:

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Today, I am going to introduce the second part of the subject “Sense energy” which was held on live at Slack on September 24th, 2017.

This session contains the really unique, useful and effective method, Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki. I hope you would like to try out and experience the difference in your everyday life.

You will soon be able to figure out how you can deal with the excessive and meddlesome sense energies which may open up your unforeseen potentials.

Hopefully, this will be a part of your journey leading you to your life mission.


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

If you wish to ask any questions after reading the blog, please enter & submit them through the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please type “ELB” on the subject field ).

All right! without further notice, let’s begin the blog edition of “ELB-4 : Sense energy, part 2”!!


ELB-4:Sense energy, part 2 Sunday, September 24th, 2017 22:00〜24:00 (JST)
Lecturer: Mr. Gilles Lambert (His brief introduction is here)
Room: class_elb04_092417 (in sschool-class.slack.com)
Typing (channeling):Beth
Technical Support:AL(K)
Slack Registration Support: JU

☆☆☆ total 72 participants ☆☆☆



VIII – Managing the Sense energy : Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki
    VIII-1: Sensation from the Name & Birthdate (experiment)
    VIII-2: How-to Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki
    VIII-3: Cautions for Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki
IX – Variation in Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki
    IX-1: Name & Birthdate
    IX-2: More efficacy and a Phenomenon
    IX-3: Difference and Choice between Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki
    IX-4: How to burn, Other ways besides Burning
X – Q&A
XI – Application of the method
    XI-1: Ice pick
    XI-2: Cleansing of land (experiment)
    XI-3: Granting wishes
XII – Epilogue


[In this time, we, all participants gathered and said “Thank you!” during the pre-session introduction at the auditorium of Shamballa School. We all welcomed Mr. Lambert to the stage while we were really surprised and touched by the sense of unity in both Shamballa and the physical world.]

SH:… Now everyone, let’s give a big hand to Mr. Lambert! Mr. Lambert, welcome to the ELB!! 888888888888888 (8 = clap in Japanese expression)

[The participants are giving him a round of applause in both Shamballa and the physical world.]

Lambert:Good evening.
SH:The enthusiastic applause is unstoppably going on!
Lambert:Thank you.
Lambert:Shall I begin?
SH:Everyone, the session is now beginning!
Wow! It stopped and fell silent instantly, lol!

Lambert:Good evening, my name is Gilles Lambert and I am in charge of this seminar. For those of you who have seen me before, it is nice seeing you again.
I am particularly thankful to those volunteer members who have prepared for such a great session. I am also grateful to greet all of you here without any trouble. We, in Shamballa admire you who live everyday life with presence of mind in spite of the fear of J-alart (in Japan).

VIII – Managing the Sense energy : Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki

Lambert:So, I have talked about the basics and various cases of the sense energy at the first half of this subject last time (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=32122). You may think the situation which people scramble for the sense energy seems like the law of the jungle. You have no idea how easy your life can be if you all know the mechanism. This is the time to relieve all your intolerable feelings in your mind. With that in mind, I will teach you how to manage the sense energy in reality.

SH:Thank you very much again for this great opportunity tonight.

Lambert:It is pretty simple. Have you prepared for this session tonight which we had asked you to do? Yes, the method of Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki. They have been established among the blog readers; however it may be a little bit difficult to get used to for those of you who are not familiar with either the blog or even Slack.

SH:This session is designed for the Okyo-maki & Ofuda-maki exclusively!

Lambert:No worries. This seminar will be posted on the blog a few days later so that you will be able to read the entire session again from the very beginning. Oops, that does not mean you should shut-down your PC now. Let’s try some experiments together here, and realize & share the effect on live.

SH:Let’s enjoy the live experience fully!

VIII-1: Sensation from the Name & Birthdate (experiment)

Lambert:Many of fortune tellers work with a client’s name and birthdate. How you feel from a name & birthdate written on a sheet of paper – we have done this experiment before though, we do it again here in order to understand Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki better.
Lambert:All right everyone, let’s write the full name of 3 people you know of such as your family members and/or friends (acquaintances) on a sheet of paper. You are supposed to write one (name) on the top, one in the center and one on the bottom of the paper.

Here is the example:

SH:Everyone, let’s do it.
Lambert:Please make sure to space between the names enough so that you can put your hand right above each name.

Lambert:I do not think you would ever do this though, just in case you are wondering, please do not copy the names on the above image, lol. They are just examples.
SH:John Smith is my father!! … ooops, I’m just kidding, lol.
Lambert:Now, please place the sheet of paper on a table and put your right hand right above each name to compare the sensations.
SH:Well then, how do you feel about them? everyone?
Lambert:You may feel differently per name such as a tingle, coldness, pressure, and so on.
If you do not feel anything, please try it again with your left hand instead.
How is it?

SH:Wow, I felt some tingles from one name and the other one made me feel almost drawn into it!
Lambert:This is really a delicate sensation so that you may want to do it again slowly later if you do not get it yet. We shall move on now.
SH:It is strange that my left hand seems more sensitive.
Lambert:Yes, left hand is naturally more sensitive (than right hand).
SH:Yes, I think I can get the sensation easier when I move the hand slightly up and down right above the name.

If your hand feels a warmness, the person (you have written the name on the sheet of paper) is really healed and satisfied currently which is the same as if you touch the person’s aura.
If your hand feels a coldness, the person’s immunity is going down.
If your hand feels a tingle, the person is currently pretty nervous.
At last, if your hand feels like being pushed, the person has currently more energetic than you and full of confidence.

Yes, you can differentiate the sensation from just written names on a sheet of paper.
SH:It is really strange… I still feel different sensations mistily.

Lambert:All right, please write the same names again on a different sheet of paper and add the birthdates.
Here is the example:

Lambert:If you can, please compare the difference of your feelings to the previous sheet (with names only).
Although some of you may not feel any difference between 2 sheets, I think at least you should feel the stronger sensations with the one which the birthdates are added.

You all should be able to feel this much.
SH:Let’s try out, everyone!
Lambert:Yes, it is more effective to write the birthdate in addition to the name for Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki as well which I am going to introduce today.
SH:Woooww, I’ve got the sensation as soon as I put my hand!
Lambert:That is pretty sensitive (laughing).

VIII-2: How-to Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki

Lambert:Now, I will explain how to do Okyo-maki first.

① Write full name and birthdate of the person you are worried about (or yourself).

SH:Oh, Mr. John…. (who was a lecturer of the First Session of Happy come*come Course)
Lambert:I am wondering how he has been doing lately…

② Fold the paper horizontally in half (the information should be inside) and put it between any pages of a sutra book/bible.

[note by editor: The left side (the side of your first name) should be on top of a sutra book when you put the paper in.]

SH:It’s folded in two, isn’t it?
Lambert:Yes, this is often asked that the size (of the paper folded in half) should be as much as it should not be sticking out after putting between the pages of a sutra book.
It may be better to be the size of a memo pad.
A tip here is that you should put the paper with your presence of mind instead of thinking too much.
SH:I’ve asked you about the size of folded paper since I thought some sutra books might be pretty small.

③ If you can, pick out the paper (from the sutra book) and burn it after a week. Then repeat the same thing again at least 3 times in 3 weeks.

[Okyo-maki at a glance]

Next, I will explain briefly how to do Ofuda-maki.
Although I am doing this for our recording purposes, please stay with us as a review of your preparation.
SH:Yes, thank you again for your explanation.

① Prepare 2 sheets of paper.
② Write full name and birthdate on one of them. It is same as Okyo-maki.
③ Fold the paper in four (the information should be inside) and wrap it by another paper. This small bill (= Ofuda in Japanese) is called “Hitogata (effigy).”
④ Stand the “bill” on a clean place where you can keep noticing it such as a table, bookshelf, chest, etc. (No laying down, No post on a wall)
It is pretty much the same way as the time when you (in Japan) place an Ofuda after purchasing it at a shrine.

[note by editor: Ofuda = A talisman/amulet made of wood and/or paper, issued by a Shinto shrine – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ofuda]

⑤ Talk to the bill whenever you notice it.
You can say whatever you come up with such as the words of cheering, praising, complaining, claiming and so on. It does not matter whether you say good things or bad things. There are times you never notice it. Please do not think like “I totally forgot to say something to it today!” When your energy is weaker than the person in Ofuda, you will not notice it.

SH:I see… there are days it doesn’t get noticed.

⑥ Burn the bill entirly with the wrapping paper after one week.
⑦ It is fine to throw away the cinders since they have no effect.
⑧ Repeat the cycle after this is done. The cycle is same as Okyo-maki so that it is 3 times in 3 weeks.

VIII-3: Cautions for Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki

Lambert:At this point, please let me give you the biggest caution for Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki.
SH:Wow, everyone, let’s pay attention!

① Please do not use sutra book including Heart Sutra.

[note by editor: Heart Sutra – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heart_Sutra]

Other sutra books including Christian bible are all fine (to use), but Heart Sutra is too strong to insert the name of a person in general.

② Do not write more than 2 names (people) per Ofuda or sutra book.

A long time ago, I told Beth not to put 2 names at once in a sutra book, but she did put her 2 sons in one book within the same day as she called an experiment. Just as I feared, they suffered from a high fever on the night. Of course she had noticed (about Okyo-maki she did with them at once) in the middle of night, so that their fever came down 30 minutes after she pulled the paper out from the sutra book around 3am.

It was barely fine not to develop into a serious incident, but!! (; ・`д・´)Hey!!
Please do not even attempt as a joke. I am telling you this for your own good.

SH:Heart Sutra is no good… OMG! I can’t believe there was someone who did such a dangerous experiment (putting 2 people in one sutra book)…LOL.
Everyone, please do not attempt at home (laughing).

IX – Variation in Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki

IX-1: Name & Birthdate

Lambert:Next, I will introduce various ways in Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki. First of all, here is the rules to write name and birthdate on a sheet of paper.

① Either name or birthdate can be written first except Ofuda-maki which the birthdate should always be on the top (first).
② Birthdate should be written in Arabic numerals, not Chinese or Roman (numerals).
③ A long name such as some Arabic names should basically be written entirely.
④ If the person uses a professional name/stage name for the job purpose, it should be used for any job related Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki. On the other hand, the real name is supposed to be used for personal issues.

Here is some examples for your reference:
SH:It is really helpful to see them????

(It works for both Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki)

(This example works only for Okyo-maki)

Lambert:Once you put this in a sutra book or make the Ofuda, the situation visibly changes.
Lambert:This really works with someone who has been harassed by a stalker.

Beth used to introduce this method (Okyo-maki, Ofuda-maki) to those stalker victims, and 9 out 10 cases have resolved within 10 days. The remaining one was from a passing-by person so that she does not know the result.

SH:Wow! That means the resolution rate is nearly 100%!

Lambert:There was a case that the police made an action a few days later so that written oath was submitted by the stalker in the presence of his parents, and another case was that the victim had received a phone call from the stalker which he said, “I didn’t realize how much pain you have had by my behavior. I will never show up in front of you again.” and the stalking activities completely stopped. Beth was asked “What have you done?!”, but she did not do anything.

Here comes the issue that many of you probably do not know the birthdate and/or the full name of not just the person like a stalker but also the person who you are not so closely related. It is pretty much a common case which you can write the name of person as much as you know of while recalling the face or the silhouette. Even if you have much less information about the person, you can recall the voice of person as well as call the person by a nickname. It still works.

In any case, please put your emotion/heart into writing.

SH:I see. It still works without the birthdate or the full name.

Lambert:It has been done with the Bible except Book of Revelation which was the only one I have heard that it did not work for Okyo-maki.

[note by editor: If you use the Bible written in your mother tongue (i.e. horizontal writing), please insert the sheet of paper parallel to the lines which means that you should always put the name & birthdate in parallel to the lines of sutra books/bible.]

However, I am sorry to repeat this again, but please do not use Heart-Sutra.

I am often asked the reason, but it is simply, well, just a strong sutra, that is all. Please do not get me wrong, it is a great sutra. It is just too strong for regular people living in a city since this sutra had been chanted by the priests and people who lived an ascetic life in mountains. You all can imagine how strong it should be, can’t you? Beth has been seeing the number of people who ruined their lives since they had started chanting the sutra. It is probably fine with just copying of the sutra by hand or reading it quietly, but it might be a different story once putting a person’s name directly in the sutra such as Okyo-maki.

SH:Oh! There are actually people who have no tolerance to it.

Lambert:Let’s say, you can still try the sutra (if you really want), but especially those of you have never dealt with it before should be extra cautious to do it.

SH:Yes, I really understand it. Wise men keep away from danger… it truly is (smiling).

IX-2: More efficacy and a Phenomenon

Lambert:Another effectiveness of Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki is that you all should be able to see the cause of problem(s).

There was the person who used to ask Beth for an advice which he had an accident by becoming suddenly unconscious while driving a car. His doctor could not figure out the reason why he became unconscious even though he took the thorough test. So, he did Ofuda-maki with his full name and birthdate. 3 days later, he met the person sitting next to him on a train during his trip who happened to be a brain surgeon possibly related to his area so that he got the business card and was invited to go to the hospital for a check-up. When he did a check-up there, the cause of his sudden unconsciousness was revealed as Japanese encephalitis he had when he was very young. His condition has been pretty stable with a good medication since then.

SH:Wow!! (I’ve heard more voices of “WOW” from the auditorium, hee-hee)

Lambert:I recommend Okyo-maki and/or Ofuda-maki when you have questions about something you have been bothered. For example, you do not know the cause of sickness, you have no idea why you have been bullied by others, you cannot find the reason why your husband acts such a way, and so on. Nothing is as fearful as being ignorant. People are generally able to find a solution or make a decision in most cases once they know the cause. At least you should no longer be in worries. I would like all of you to use this Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki as a tool to relieve yourself of such troubles.

SH:We can find out the cause! That is really encouraging.

Lambert:There is another phenomenon sometimes to be seen which the paper (with the name & birthdate) has different ways to be burned.

Most of you are supposed to use a sheet of copy papers which you have purchased as a package so that all sheets should be the same (materials). However, (at the end of Okyo-maki or Ofuda-maki) one paper burns really hard, and the other one burns with smelly smoke. Some of you may encounter the ultimate phenomenon which the paper does not burn in the fire. There is a special picking tool for burning the papers in Shamballa, and I imagine most of you (in Japan) may use a pair of long wooden chopsticks for cooking which is called “Saibashi.” Even the saibashi is burning, the actual paper only burns really slowly from the bottom like an incense stick. Such a phenomenon occurs when you write name & birthdate of the person who are really energetic and/or has strong thought-forms.

SH:That is one of the popular questions in the blog.

IX-3: Difference and Choice between Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki

Lambert:Next, I am often asked by people which one (Okyo-maki or Ofuda-maki) would be suitable for their issues. You can trust your own intuition… well, some of you are probably not satisfied with the answer, right? In fact, the choice is made by the condition of your soul. First of all, we have identified the soul types such as rough soul and quiet soul before, would you like to review it here again?
SH:Oh, yes! Please do it again.
I know everyone is really interested in identifying own soul type.

Lambert:You can find out about it whether you could focus on studying at quiet surroundings such as your own room and/or a library, or you could study well at a busy coffee shop and/or in a train in your school days (including the current students).

The reason why you like the quiet places is because your are a quiet soul (静霊 : シズタマ), you are a rough soul (荒霊 : アラタマ) because you love the busy places. In short, we have assigned Okyo-maki to a person who is cool and steady, Ofuda-maki to a person who is sports-minded and lively. However, it is not so easy in reality. The soul type can be protean such as a quiet soul person sometimes becomes a rough soul and a rough soul person suddenly changes to a quiet soul, and therefore, it is said to be your intuition.

SH:I see! The type of soul has a change.
Lambert:Yes, your are correct.
SH:There are the people who are the earnest fans of Okyo-maki as well as those ones who are the Ofuda-maki specialists (smiling).

Lambert:Why do you think you can leave after you have done Okyo-maki, on the other hand you are supposed to talk to the Ofuda in your mind whenever you notice and burn it after a week? It because Okyo (sutra) is supposed to absorb energies of the paper you put in, and Ofuda is supposed to accumulate thought-forms in the paper. I will talk about the mechanism for absorbing energies some other time.

[note by editor: Okyo-maki = absorbing energies of the paper putting in a sutra book; Ofuda-maki = accumulating thought-forms in the paper called Ofuda.]

SH:Oh, that is the difference between the leaving and speaking to!

Lambert:It is sometimes better to burn the paper putting in a sutra book (Okyo-maki) after a week even though you are supposed to leave and forget about it (for a while).

The timing for burning paper is also a faq. For the time being, 1 week after creating the paper is the prospect of burning it. However, you should be able to tell the time to burn it by sensing no effect if you are one of those intuitive people. Those of you who are not familiar with such a sense should remember the cycle of 1 round per week for a while.

SH:Yes, it means that we all are eventually able to catch our own sense of timing, doesn’t it?

Lambert:Moreover, it is good to burn the paper in the morning of an important day such as the day of you or your child’s entrance exam, interview, surgery, and so on. Please burn it in the morning of such important days even if you have done Okyo-maki/Ofuda-maki only for a day so far. One of the reports said that after burning the paper on the day of job interview, the cinder became shape like a rose flower when the person got a promise of employment.

I recommend this method to the family whose child has been suffering from social withdrawal. Ofuda-maki is suitable in this case.

SH:Oh, let’s pay attention! It’s a case for Ofuda-maki!
Lambert:For those of you who cannot go outside because of a clinical depression, it should be good to try it out as well.
SH:They may be able to find out the cause too.

Lambert:You should be able to go out, and most of them say, “It makes me feel like the fog around my head has cleared.”

This “fog” is the sense energy which people around them have been worried to and made them stop thinking. Human aura is usually spinning slowly counterclockwise when you look at it from above. The sense energy of worries by the people such as parents gets accumulated along with the spin. Since it is spinning, some psychic mediums interpret it as a snake coiling up. In fact, it is the sense energy coiling around them.

SH:Here come the sense energy….

Lambert:If the sense energy gets coiled around too much, some psychic mediums cannot perform the spiritual vision. It becomes as much serious as such. That is why Okyo-maki is the effective method to burn the excessive sense energy which prevents the way from reaching it. If you have a child who has been preparing for an entrance exam of school, please do not worry him/her too much since such extra anxieties interfere his/her thoughts which makes him/her impossible to display the natural ability.

SH:I think all of you have been understanding the mechanism from the previous session.

IX-4: How to burn, Other ways besides Burning

Lambert:Next, I would like to introduce the way to burn the paper (for Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki) which you can use either a gas burner at your kitchen or a cigarette lighter. It is fine to throw the cinders away as a piece of garbage since it has no effect on you. But please be cautious with fire. For those of you who cannot burn the paper at home because of the fire/smoke detector(s), there are other ways I am going to show you now.

SH:Yeeeees! I am the one who cannot burn it!

Water Sealing — Place the paper in the water about 30 minutes. It is done after 30 minutes and you can throw the paper away as a piece of garbage. Since the sense energy is an electricity, it can be dissolved by soaking in water.

Soil Sealing — Bury the paper in the ground. This means “returning to the ground” which Onmyoji (Japanese diviners) in old time used to do as a part of rituals.

Bamboo Sealing — This is a similar way to the soil sealing which the paper is put in a bamboo cylinder, then sealed and buried in the ground. This is another way Onmyoji in old time used to do which is not really a contemporary method, but I introduced it anyways for your reference.

SH:It is pretty interesting to seal the paper in a bamboo (cylinder)!

Lambert:Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki can be performed by you for yourself or by someone (such as a family member) for you without telling it. The result is still same no matter how you perform them even if you do it secretly.

If you think of the anxious motherly thought-forms interfering the life of your child as you have seen at an experiment of the previous session, let’s burn it and hope your child will realize his/her full potential.

Please make sure to burn the paper (at the end of each cycle).

SH:The method will be completed with the step of burning.

X – Q&A

Lambert:Now, I would like to accept questions from 3 people.
SH:Yes! It‘s time for Q&A.
Lambert:Let’s decide 3 people here in the beginning.
SH:So, if any of you have a question…. oh, SM-san, you’re the first!
SM:Oh? Am I the first? (*゚ヮ゚*) Yaaay!
SH:Does anyone want to be the 2nd? Please say (type) “Yes” now.
Lambert:You can type your question now (while we are asking for the questioners).
SH:Yes, CR-san. You will be the 2nd questioner.
How about the 3rd questioner? Anyone?
SH:Oh, WM-san, you’re the 3rd!
All right then, Mr. Lambert, let’s start with SM-san.

SM:Am I a quiet soul or a rough soul?
I used to love to draw pictures just by myself.
When I looked at a plain white drawing paper every weekend, I always came up with something I really wanted to draw and I was totally absorbed in drawing it.
That’s why I used to get really stressed out when there were many people in my classroom. (。>д<)
I still love to be alone even nowadays. Whenever I am with someone, I always try to adjust myself to him/her and get really tired in the end. Do you think such person I am a quiet soul type?
Lambert:Yes, you are a quiet soul type.
SM:Oh, I see! Thank you very much.
SH:SM-san, you are now officially a quiet soul person!
Lambert:Another characteristic of quiet soul people is that they have to lie quietly in order to get better when they are sick (laughing).
There are many rough soul people who get better with moving around when they are sick.
SM:Really?! I can’t get well without taking a complete rest.
Lambert:Well then, you are an absolute quiet soul!! lol!
SH:Quiet soul!!????????
SM:I can’t believe there are people who get well with moving around, but such people are rough souls… I see!
Lambert:I bet some of you here are such types, right? If you feel better moving around even though you have a fever and are told to take a rest, you are definitely a rough soul. I am sure such type of you are often told restless though.
SM:That’s all for my question. Thank you!
SH:Are you fine with the answer?

SH:Then, CR-san, please ask your question!
CR:I have a question regarding “Ofuda (bill).”
I have seen the notion about making Ofuda for peaceful dissolution of a relationship and making wishes in the blog before.
CR:I have also seen that it would be great to write in detail if I have desirable places for employment as an example, does this mean that I am supposed to write several desirable words in order?
I always brood over how to write the end phrase.
Lambert:Oh, no no, you should pick just one desirable word.
CR:Just one?!
Lambert:I will introduce this later though, you can add the name of company. You do not need end phrase.
◯◯会社 入社希望 (◯◯ company, I would like to get employed)”
They should be four-character idioms (Kanji).
Do you understand?
CR:I see!
SH:A four-character idiom is really useful~
Lambert:Yes, it works since Japanese is the origin of word in this world.
CR:How about if I would like to be a couple or get a desirable job?
Lambert:In order to be a couple, you should write name and birthdate of your future partner and add “恋愛成就 (achievement of love)”.
CR:I understand ^ – ^ (smile)
SH:I think the idioms like “願望成就 (achievement of desires)” and/or “心願成就 (earnest prayers being answered)” can cover all our wishes though, lol.
Lambert:If you would like to get a desirable job, you should write the name of job. However it is a little too abstract to write a job name only. I will introduce this case later.
CR:Thank you very much for your polite answers!
SH:So, one Ofuda per (one) wish, right?
Lambert:Yes. Are you fine with the answer?
SH:CR-san, are you OK with it?
CR:Yes, thank you very much!
Lambert:Thank you.

SH:All right, so WM-san, it is your turn now.
When I have done Okyo-maki, some seemed to have no reaction at all while the other guys had severe reactions like vomiting blood. I would like to know how come such people who had no reaction exist and whether or not Okyo-maki truly works for such guys.
Lambert:A person vomited blood?
Lambert:As a matter of fact that there are people who show the reactions quickly while the other ones who seem to take time.
Sometimes the reaction is even appeared on the close family members instead of himself/herself.
WM:Taking time? How long does it take?
Lambert:The cause of various time lengths is the frequency differences.
Someone shows the reaction right after making the Ofuda while the other does it after burning Ofuda.
The time length (to show some reactions) may be 6 months as a longer side, but it won’t take a year. If you would like to reach the person quickly, you should do it innocently.
WM:6 months? That’s really long. Why does it take such a long time like 6 months?!
Lambert:Yes, it because the person’s biorhythm becomes affected by Okyo-maki.
WM:The person (I have tried Okyo-maki for) is really thick-skinned. Is that why?
Lambert:How long has it been (doing Okyo-maki) so far?
WM:Well, the last time was several months ago. It has been about 2 months most recently.
SH:Thick-skinned… (laughing)
Does this relate to the person’s frequency being too high or too low?
Lambert:It is possible the person’s frequency may be too high, but you should not misunderstand that Okyo-maki is not a curse.
It is the method to remove the person’s low frequency.
SH:I see!
Lambert:I have hardly heard that it would take more than 6 months.
You might not have heard the obvious change from the person.
SH:I thought this would be the case we just could not see the reaction.
Lambert:That makes more sense.
How do you think?
WM:I see.
SH:Is there any way to figure out if we cannot see the reaction?
Lambert:Oh well, why don’t you just watch the person carefully?
SH:Ah, I should be able to see some kind of reactions if the person is close enough to me, yes?
Lambert:Are you fine with this?
SH:WM-san, are you fine with the answer?
WM:That actually reminds me… the person held the back with pain in the end of last year… oh yes, I am fine.
SH:That sounds like a curse, lol.
All right, let’s move on to next (laughing).

Lambert:That actually gives us the good timing. I will introduce the “ice pick” next.
SH:Oh, here comes the ice pick, lol.

XI – Application of the method

XI-1: Ice pick

Lambert:There is another method called “ice pick” which you perform as a last resort against the person who has been driving you crazy and/or you have held a grudge. Please be sure that it is not a ritual of curse.
This has been introduced on the blog, but I will do it here as well.

Lambert:This is a summary of the method.
① Things you need to prepare :
1. Full name & birthdate of the target person written on a sheet of paper
2. A thick magazine
3. Ice pick
② Time to perform should be before bedtime. It had better not to be seen by other people. I will tell you the reason later (smiling).
③  Place the paper on the magazine and grasp the ice pick while recalling the face of target person.
④ Take three (3) deep breaths and hold the breath at the last (3rd) time, then stab the paper (a few times) at one sitting.
⑤ Stab as hard as you wish, and do it again from the deep breath if you are not satisfied yet.
⑥ Once you reach the point that you become out of breath and your hand & arm are no longer functional, then burn the paper.
⑦ Flush the cinder down the toilet while you say, “You’d better get flushed!”
⑧ Then, calm yourself down and go to sleep.

SH:During the Showa era (well, it was about 40 years ago), we had a really thick phone book in Japan which could be perfect for this, lol.
Lambert:Well, our staff (in Shamballa) used some Japanese comic magazines when they came to the Earth (in physical world), lol.

AL:(Hey SH-san, phone books in these days are pretty thin…)
SH:(Well, that’s why I said “Showa-era”, lol)
SH:Oooops, I am sorry to talk rubbish, lol.

Lambert:This is, again, not a ritual of curse. What you are actually burning is your sense energy which you wished you could throw at the (target) person. This method is to cope with the accumulated sense energy (of yours), that is all.

Things do not go as you wish since it (= the sense energy) has been accumulated, and you become evil-looking and lose your friends because of it. You should try this method out when you realize you have been living with constant complaints. Please consider this as a surgical operation to discharge the pus which has been festering in your heart by the injuries.

SH:This is a method to deal with a kind of metal autointoxication.

Lambert:A long time ago, a wife of the eldest son who had been bullied by her father-in-law was introduced in a TV program in Japan. She was unable to contain herself any longer, one day she wrote his name on a paper, stabbed it with an ice pick and burned it. She said she treated the paper as a straw doll (effigy) of him(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ushi_no_toki_mairi). Soon after that, he came down with cardiac infarction and hospitalized. At that time, she happened to do the same ice pick method as I introduced above.

What actually happened was that the wife’s frequency raised up since she felt much better and refreshed by the ice pick method. That made the sense energy by the father-in-law who must have been sending her as well come back to him since it was no longer reachable to her (a boomerang effect). Yes, he was damaged by his own sense energy.

SH:I see!! It is cool (smiling cynically) that he seemed to take the cónsequences by suffering from his own energy.

Lambert:There is a sequel to the story. The father-in-law started bullying the wife of his second son after he got out of the hospital. He changed the target to rob the energy since he realized not be able to suck it up from the wife of his eldest son anymore. Until then, he and the second son’s wife got along, but this is a great example of people taking the energy away in order to keep themselves which you all have learned at the last session.

XI-2: Cleansing of land (experiment)

Next, I will introduce the method to cleanse a piece of land.
Lambert:I am sure some of you worry about your old parents since their house is far away.
Let’s cleanse the house and your current home.

What you need to prepare is a sheet of paper with:
① Address
② Name and birthdate of the legal/registered house owner

Here is the example:

SH:I’m writing this down on my memo now…

Lambert:The format is pretty much same as previous examples, but I would like you to really pay attention to the name of registered owner. If your place is a rental, it should be the name of tenant who signed the rental agreement (lessee). If the address is an apartment, you should include the room number as well.
You can make this to an Ofuda-maki and feel free to talk to it. It is fine to do with an Okyo-maki as well.

Here comes an experiment. I would like you to write 2 sets of name & birthdate on a sheet of paper. On the top half, please write the legal house owner’s name, address and birthdate (of your place) as I just introduced above. Then, you can write any other person’s name & birthdate on the bottom half of the paper.

SH:Oh, it’s time for another experiment!

Lambert:Surprisingly, some people do not know who the legal owner of your place is though, please write down whoever you think it is anyways.

SH:Are these sets of names should be related?
Lambert:You can come up with anyone (other than the name of the top half) for the bottom half.
SH:I’ve got it!

Lambert:Are you all ready? Now, please check the difference of the sensation between top and bottom names by placing your hand as we have done in the beginning of this session.
If you hit the “bingo!”, you should be able to feel the warmness and pressure which are also the energy from the land. You are supposed to feel the plain energy if you are right.

I will cover this topic about land more in the next subject “spiritual energy”.

SH:That should be great.

XI-3: Granting wishes

Lambert:All right, here comes the applications of Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki.
I will introduce some other methods to exorcise and purify (places and people) though, especially Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki work well in cases with far distance.

– In case you would like to make the thing(s) as you wish –

If you are experiencing a really hard time such as arguments and disagreements with someone you cannot stand anymore and you wish him/her to disappear, you are supposed to write your wish on the paper in addition to the person’s name & birthdate. The wish should be written as small letter as possible in (possibly) four-character idioms.

[editor’s note: Four-character idioms = yojijukugo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yojijukugo]

This means that you would like to get rid of Mr. Jason Christopher Spencer, Jr. peacefully, lol. That 円満縁切 is the four-character idiom which means “wishing to break off the relationship peacefully.”

This is why four-character idioms are written on the amulets you purchase at the places like Shinto shrines. Here is one good reference page you can check out more than 3,000 four-character idioms with English explanation: http://home.earthlink.net/~4jword/index3.htm

SH:That’s really awesome! I can learn more four-character idioms.
海上安全 (kaijyo-anzen) – wishing to be safe on the sea.
家内安全 (kanai-anzen) – wishing to be safe and happy in the family.
商売繁盛 (shobai-hanjyo) – wishing to have a great business.
交通安全 (kotsu-anzen) – wishing to be safe on traffic.
無病息災 (mubyo-sokusai) – wishing to be healthy with no troubles.
子宝成就 (kodakara-jyojyu) – wishing to have a child
業務安全 (gyomu-anzen) – wishing to have safety at work
業務繁栄 (gyomu-hanei) – wishing to have prosperity at work

These are all widely-known idioms and safe to use. You can also create your own four-character idioms.
円満解決 (enman-kaiketsu) – wishing to solve (the problem) peacefully.
円満縁切 (enman-enkiri) – wishing to break off the relationship peacefully.
劇的痩身 (gekiteki-soshin) – wishing to lose weight and become slender…. LOL.

Anything should be fine as long as it is a four-character idiom.

SH:劇的痩身…hmmm, it looks like a Chinese advertisement, lol!

(恋愛成就:Renai-jyojyu – wishing to be her boyfriend/lover)

Lambert:There are the following 2 only phrases you can use as sentences (instead of four-character idioms):

(Thank you very much)

This phrase is easy to understand, isn’t it?

When you feel someone has been sending you some meddlesome sense energies, you can write the following phrase:

(I would like to decline the offer.)

This is a resolute phrase.

SH:”Goenryo Moushiagemasu”… That’s good words!
Lambert:Other than these 2 sentences, it only works with four-character idioms even though we have tried many other possibilities.

One useful tip on four-character idioms is to write as small characters as possible. It makes you focus on writing each character very carefully so that your feelings and thought-forms really stay in it. You should be able to realize the effectiveness of the 4 kanji characters.

SH:So, people in Shamballa do also write four-character idioms, don’t they?
Lambert:Yes, we do. So, I am afraid to say this though, those of you who are not familiar with Kanji should still write the four-character idioms in Kanji.
SH:Hmmm, this is going to be a difficult task to explain in English, hee-hee.
Lambert:Even if the name is written English (or other languages), this bottom left corner (four-character idiom) should be written in Kanji. I am sorry about that.

XII – Epilogue

Lambert:Anyways, in this world, there are certain people who pay a lot of money and ask many famous mediums and/or fortune tellers for advises, and yet nothing has been working out. Here is the common ground for such people:

① They are sending the sense energy with full of grudge and jealousy towards someone else.
② They are sending the sense energy towards the past with regrets such as “Why did I do this?! I should have done that instead!”

They cannot make it because they are wasting the sense energy in such ways.
Anyone can climb up even from the bottom unless you do take such actions.


Lambert:I am sure some of you think the world is unfair. There are people who blame the society which creates the gap between rich and poor. However, people actually are all created equally. This means that there are 24 hours per day for everyone. The amount of sense energy given within 24 hours are all the same. The given energy should be all used for your future.

You should notice that the successful people you know of are often very innocent as a characteristic. Yes, they do not wastefully get jealous, blame or regret at all. They just accept who they are and use the energy only for what they truly like to do. People can have their own way just by doing such small things.

Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki are ways to make you become innocent.

“Ah, I no longer need to worry anything because I let it take care of all my concerns.”
… such a peace of mind makes the stress of your soul be relieved.

Please do try out what you have learned here in this seminar today.

It is totally fine to introduce this method to anyone who has been in troubles.

Now, let’s recall the Earth in the end.
It is the shining blue planet Earth.

SH:Yes, everyone, let’s imagine now.

Lambert:There are many people live here.
You can imagine it as you normally do at the song project.

This is the planet which nurtures 7 billions of humans.
You send the sense energy to someone close to you, but it actually connects and links with the people all over the world.

Please do not spin the Earth with grudge and jealousy.

Let’s spin with the sense & feelings like gratitude, joy, compromise and kindness.
That is the world of sense energy in terms of the macro view.
Please do try what you have learned today with doubt in mind, and make your life be just as you like to with the sense energy.

You can be as selfish as you wish.

There is the thing only the people who have achieved everything they wished with living truly their own ways can see.

That is the realization “I have been letting live.”
From the moment on, all their expressions will change from “I’ll do it for you” to “It’s my privilege to do it.”

I really wish you all stand at the pinnacle of it.
And I would like you to become expert of the game called “life.”

So, we will cover the subject “spiritual energy” with 2 sessions starting next time.
I will introduce the reality of psychic spots/haunted places, how to deal with animal spirits, association with your guardian spirits and so on.
Please look forward to it.

SH:Yes, I am looking forward to it!

Lambert:Thank you very much for staying with us again for a long time today.

LG:Thank you very much〜❤️
SH:Mr. Lambert, it was really a great session again tonight! Thank you very much!
SU:Thank you very much!
HK:Thank you very much????
JU:Thank you very much^^
JD:Thank you very much!
CO:Thank you very much.
AT:88888888 Thank you very much!!
UP:Thank you very much! 88888888
SM:I truly thank you very much.
CR:Thank you so much.
SK:Thank you very much????
SN:Thank you very much.
MSA:Thank you very much.
AL:Thank you very much.
WM:Thank you very much.
MA:Thank you very much!
KZ:Thank you very much.
SH:Mr. Lambert got a thunderous applause from the audience at Shamballa School auditorium!!
LT:888888 Thank you so much.
SY:Thank you very much!
MS:Thank you very much????
Lambert:Thank you(bowing)
MY:Thank you very much????
LC:Thank you very much.
MG:88888 Thank you very much✨????????
SH:Wow, here comes the standing ovation!!!
LN:Thank you very much.
YU:Thank you very much!
UM:Thank you very much????????
HIK:@Thank you very much.
Lambert:(leaving stage)
KP:Thank you very much!
YK:Thank you very much〜〜❤️
Thank you very much.
H:Thank you very much.
SH:Mr. Lambert dashingly left the stage!
Thank you very much for your participation, everyone!!

[A round of applause for Mr. Lambert was continuously going on at the auditorium of Shamballa School, and the participants in the physical world kept exchanging enthusiastic messages at Slack with sharing a sense of unity.]


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire session of ELB-4.

I hope you all will get a sense of the method Okyo-maki and Ofuda-maki and make good use of it in order to sail your journey smoothly with lots of excitements instead of setbacks.

If you have any questions, please submit them from the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please type “ELB” on the subject field).

Please feel free to let us know your opinions via the form above and/or posting your comments (English language is totally welcome).

Thanks again and hopefully see you again at the next session (ELB-5:Spiritual energy, part 1)!!




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