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ELBN especially has been introducing tools and methods with mystical atmosphere which you may have only seen in a movie or fantasy stories. This ELBN-4 can be the first of such a list of things, lol. So, please enjoy and fulfill your childhood wonders. Then, you will see what you have been missing for a long time which you would truly care about…


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

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ELBN-4:Forming magic circle and Using magical items
Sunday, August 26th, 2018 22:00〜24:00 (JST)

Lecturer: Mr. Moe (His brief introduction is HERE)
Room: class_elbn04_082618 (in sschool-class.slack.com)

Facilitator : Mr. Seán MacBride (His brief introduction is HERE)
Introduction : AL (K)
Typing (channeling):Beth
Technical Support:AL(K)
Slack Support : JU
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☆☆☆ 82 total participants ☆☆☆



I – Prologue : ELBN-4
II – Magic circle
    II-1 : Pentagram & Hexagram
    II-2: Forming a magic circle (hexagram, practice)
III – Magical items (magatama, sphere, sword, wand)
    III-1: Magatama (experiment)
    III-2: Sphere (experiment)
    III-3: Sword (experiment)
    III-4: Wand (experiment)
IV – Q&A – 1
V – Magic circle (practice)
VI – Q&A – 2
VII – Epilogue : Forming magic circle and Using magical items


AL:Now, it is time to begin the session “ELBN-4:Forming magic circle and Using magical items”!
Mr. Moe, Mr. Sean, thank you very much for this great opportunity!!

Everyone, let’s give them a biiiiig hand👏👏👏

SLY : Good evening! It’s my pleasure to be here! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
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Sean & Moe : (appearing on the stage)

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[Mr. Sean & Mr. Moe appeared on the stage with thunderous applause (regrettably, I have to omit many of such reactions, lol)]

I – Prologue : ELBN-4


Sean : Thank you very much for the introduction, AL-san. This is Sean who is going to be the facilitator as well as answering your questions at Q&A tonight. It is my pleasure to be here again.

I am actually a kind of mysterious looking guy on the left side of the photo above, but I am just an ordinary daddy-o in general.

That even more spooky looking guy on the right is Mr. Moses who will be the lecturer of this session.

AML : Good evening〜😊
SIN:Nice to see you two.
SH:…a daddy-o…. lol.

Sean : Everyone, this is the last session of this ELBN series. We, all the staff members who have been preparing for tonight will bring you all sorts of colorful subjects. Hopefully you will keep staying with us until the end.

We talked about a magical barrier last time. How did you feel about it? It is a great tool to protect your house, car(s), family members, etc. by setting up a magical barrier in reality.

Anyways, we will cover the subject regarding magical items and magic circles in this session. We will do magic circles for the first half (of this session) and magical items + the usage for the second half. We will accept your questions during this session.

[note by editor: Participants could write & submit questions in the “question room” channel on Slack.]

Now, may I present to you Mr. Moses, the last lecturer of ELBN?
Mr. Moses, welcome to ELBN!! Please give him a big hand.

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[I only posted reactions by the people who I did omit previously (smiling)]

II – Magic circle

Moe : Thank you very much.
Good evening, everyone. This is the final session of the seminar series.
First of all, we will look into magic circles.

You have set up a magic circle with a chair as the axis for a magical barrier at the last session.
In this time, you will set up a genuine magic circle without magical barrier.

II-1 : Pentagram & Hexagram

Moe : I am going to explain the difference between pentagram and hexagram at first.

Moe : This is a pentagram.

Moe : This is a hexagram.

Pentagram has the star shape, but it is not just a star mark such as ★. It is important to have the line drawn inside of the star. Pentagram can be referred to a black magic (necromancy) and/or suggested to Hakenkreuz (hooked cross) of German Nazi Party.


Moe : The meanings include “focus,” “obsessiveness” and “denial” which can actually be a tool to brainwash people if this Hakenkreuz is posted everywhere. However, it does not mean such a right-side swastika (卐) is harmful. It depends on the person who uses it. For example, this becomes really useful when you would like to focus on something which makes you move forward to your goal.

Let’s say, if you draw this right-side swastika on a sheet of paper and post it on your stomach, you will be able to lift up some really heavy things easily. This swastika has such an influential undulation.


Moe : Next, I will talk about Hexagram.

Moe : I will repeatedly post this from now on since you all will do learn the magic circle, lol.

Some people call this a white magic. It is also well-known as the Jewish crest which expresses levoversion (left-side rotation) and links to left-side swastika (卍). There is a swastika (Manji) at Zenkoji-temple in Japan which is the left-side swastika.


Moe : When the winter olympic was held in Nagano, Japan, people overseas made a fuss about this left-side swastika of Zenkoji temple shown on the TV screen as the first image broadcasted from Japan. I believe you Japanese people did not know about it. Well, it cannot be helped (why they reacted such a way) since they do not really know the difference between left-side and right-side swastikas.

This left-side swastika has the meanings such as “release,” “tolerance” and “forgiveness” so that you cannot lift up heavy things if you post this on your stomach, lol.

Also, can you see another difference between these 2 swastikas? The image I have posted here as an example of the right-side swastika is Hakenkreuz which has a tilted, diamond shape. On the other hand, the left-side swastika at Zenkoji temple has a square shape. This also has the meaning. The tilted one shows instability which becomes more emphasized by a particular brainwash. The one at Zenkoji temple shows stability by the square shape which emphasizes the meanings like forgiveness and release.

By the way, I would like to correct the definition of black-magic and white-magic since the people on Earth seem misunderstanding of them. The black-magic is a magic circle which you try to reach the place where the frequency is lower than the place you are currently located. The white-magic is used to reach the place where the frequency is higher than the place you are now. This means that a person who belongs to the mental world (divine world) uses a black-magic in order to reach the physical world.

This is just a tool which there is no way to judge one is better or worse. If you misunderstand this, you may think these wrongly such as dextroversion (right-side rotation) is bad and levoversion (left-side rotation) is good. Both are equally important for humans. It really depends on how you use them. For example, you are supposed to use the levoversion which is the left-side swastika when you try to confuse people.

One more thing to inform you how to identify either the right-side swastika or the left-side swastika at a glance. The top arm folded towards right is the right-side swastika while folding left is the left-side swastika. Please do not get confused by them. Even Tomoe often confuses many Japanese people.


Moe : The top arm is facing left so that this is the left-side swastika.


Moe : This is a family crest in Japan which is amazing.
This is the right-side swastika.

II-2: Forming a magic circle (hexagram, practice)

Moe : Now, we are going to build a foundation for using a magical item. Let’s form a magic circle with the hexagram in this time.

We did use a chair as the axis last time, but we do not use such a thing in this time since it is not a magical barrier.

You are not supposed to place any furniture within the magic circle in order to avoid making it as the axis. This means that you are supposed to perform this on your feet.

If you cannot see the monitor of your notebook PC because of your standing position, please adjust to see my message by sitting cross-legged on the floor. If you are looking at this on your desktop PC, please do stand up. It is fine to hold the PC/mobile phone on your hand while performing a magic circle tonight since it is the first practice.

However, please remember it is necessary to use the magic circle with hands-free in general, all right?

By the way, some of you students at Shamballa School do have the room for magic circles, but you are not going to use it today. Please form one with your physical body.

All right then, let’s make one with the hexagram.

The hexagram has been drawn around your feet. It is probably around 1m/3.3ft in diameter.

Moe : You are standing at the center of this hexagram.
Next, the line of the hexagram starts shining and rising up.
When the light reaches around your height, please keep it.

This is similar to the magical barrier we have done the last session.
The light seems enfolding you.

What color of the light do you see?
That is the color of your aura.


Moe : This is a scene from an animation movie, but I would like you all to rise up the light much higher than this. The wall of light should be as high as your height.

You can touch the light.

How do you feel it?
Is it different from the magical barrier?
It may be softer than the last session (when you set up a magical barrier).


Moe : Now, you will put out the hexagram.
The light is going down smoothly as the entire wall is setting down.

Please turn off the shining hexagram now.
That is all.
How was it?

III – Magical items (magatama, sphere, sword, wand)

Moe : Now, I will explain magical items in order of magatama (comma-shaped bead), sphere, sword and wand. Have you all received them? If you haven’t had them yet, I will guide you to receive them. So please follow my direction calmly.

This is a manual for you to be able to fully utilize the items you have received at the places such as shrines and temples in the physical world. It would be meaningless if you could not use them in your real life. I hope you all will master it by listening to the instruction today.

You will be pretty busy today, so please be ready to follow me.

III-1: Magatama (experiment)

Moe : Let’s start with the magatama (comma-shaped bead). What magatama would look like is the following image:


Moe : You think it is just a stone with a hole on it, but the shape is actually compared to a fetus. When a woman had a miscarriage (in Jōmon period), they did dry the contents coming out from the body and felt some powerful energies on the fetus. They later shaped a stone into it which became magatama.

That is why magatama has a different use from other beads or spheres. Please understand they are not the same.

Now, you are going to bring a given magatama into the physical world.
Please hold out your right hand and imagine a magatama is on the palm.

You are supposed to hold it with the sharper side above between your thumb and index finger. Yes, that is the upside down from how you normally use it.


Moe : How big is it by cm/inches?
What is the color?
Is it glossy or not?
Do you feel it cold? or warm?

Please touch it. It is fine to pretend touching it.

Now, this is how the magatama is being at the place between the physical world and the astral world. The famous Sai Baba’s materialization is that the objects have moved even more towards to the physical world. You all can do this match.

[note by editor : Sathya Sai Baba by Wikipedia]

It is easy, isn’t it?

Magatama is often used as a necklace which is usually positioned on the heart chakra. The vibration from the stone gives you some effects.

When you use it with a magic circle, please hold it with your right hand. That is because magatama originally has the power “to strengthen the soul ability”.

There are different colors in magatama such as:

pin pin

Five elements wood fire earth metal water
Five viscera liver heart spleen lungs kidney
Six internal organs gallbladder small intestine stomach large intestine urinary bladder
Organs above neck eyes tongue lips nose ears
Color blue red yellow white black

Moe : You can review this carefully later.

Each color has the meaning which is shown on the five elements (in Chinese philosophy: wood, fire, earth, metal and water). Please see the name of color corresponding to the affected area (organ) of a body on the table above.
The color can be used by the magatama.


Moe : Now, let’s try to use it on the magic circle.
We are going to use the hexagram.

Please draw a magic circle with hexagram on the floor (by your imagination, not drawing in real, lol) and stand at the center. You are supposed to stand in front of the top of the hexagram (the acute angle).

Next, you hold a magatama on your right hand with the sharper side being between thumb and index fingers.

Then, let’s put your right hand with holding the magatama on your chest. You may feel the warmth within the magic circle.

Let’s put it on the part of your body where you have any pain now.
When you do it for someone, it is supposed to be embedded from the heart chakra.
You should be standing outside of the magic circle in this case.
This is supposed to be done at last.

When you finish using magatama, please throw it up in the air.
It will be vanished.

III-2: Sphere (experiment)

Moe : Let’s move on to the sphere. It is classified by the color & material such as white, gold, silver, copper, iron and crystal.

You may have seen the crystal sphere on a stand which should be placed in front of your heart chakra. The reason why it should be set on a stand is to make it remain stationary.

Sphere can display the power by being a standstill unlike the magatama which performs the function by quivering. The power of sphere is “to strengthen one’s ability” which a clairvoyant can show the skill even beyond the capability.

An unique use of the sphere is as an output device for sporting skills and memories. This means that you can use it to recall things. Well, it is probably a good tool for some exams which no one can even see, lol.

You normally use it with the left hand because it is the part (of your body) which absorbs the energy. If you see the person on your left is sleeping at a lecture meeting, you will definitely fall asleep (laughing). The person on the stage is supposed to witness the phenomenon which the audience fall asleep from the left side, lol.

Anyways, let’s use the sphere with a magic circle. It is supposed to be the hexagram.


Moe : Please draw a magic circle with hexagram on the floor and stand at the center. You are supposed to stand in front of the top of the hexagram (the acute angle).

Now, let’s get a sphere on your left palm.

What color is it?
How heavy is it?
How about the gloss?
How big is it?

Let’s touch it.
Is it cold?

Then, please hold the sphere and put it on your chest.
How do you feel with it?
It is successful if you feel the change of the temperature.

After that, please do throw it up in the air.
It will be vanished.

When you use it for someone else, it is supposed to be embedded into the heart chakra from outside of the magic circle.


Moe : There is an unique, the Slime (of the game, Dragon Quest) shaped sphere which is the mixture of a magatama and a regular sphere. You are the lucky person to receive such a sphere with the sharp head on the top of it. It is also called Hoju (precious orb) in Japanese. It is supposed to make your any wishes come true (laughing).

You are supposed to hold it by both hands when it is used with a magic circle.


III-3: Sword (experiment)

Moe : Next, I will explain about the sword.

Sword has the power “to strengthen your thought form”. It becomes effective while it has any motions. You are supposed to use it for the outside of your aura such as gripping & swinging. As the bewitched sword does display the power when it is unsheathed, you should draw and swing the sword.

It should be pretty interesting to do so in front of your boss who is a power harasser, lol.


Moe : Let’s set up a magic circle with the pentagram.
Please draw the pentagram on the floor and stand at the center while the top of the star should be in front of you.

Moe : Now, let’s get a sword in your hand.
If the sword has a sheath, please unsheathe it.
Take a look at the sword in front of your eyes.

What is its length?
Is the blade long?
How heavy is it?
Would you able to hold it by one hand?

Let’s take a look at the hilt.
How about color of the hilt?
What kind of material is it made of?
Is there any pattern on it?
Is there any stone or something embedded?
There may be no ornament at all on it.

Now, let’s swing it as you slash something.
If you have any painful parts of your body, please swing the sword as you cut the parts off.

What do you think to happen?
You pain will disappear if it goes well.
How is it?

All right then, please throw it up in the air.
It will be vanished.

III-4: Wand (experiment)

Moe : At last, we do cover the wand.
There are different wands in the world such as a magic wand which is decorated by jewels you have seen on Tarot, the good old staff of Moses which is actually called “Arom” (laughing) is also a wand. Harry Potter’s short wand is famous one too.


Moe : The wand is normally used “to strengthen one’s spiritual power”. It is often used to draw circles in the air which is the motion to gather prana in the atmosphere around. You are supposed to turn it left to move prana and right to stop. It is also turned right to gather it (prana) while turning left to scatter it.

You are supposed to gather prana by the dextroversion (ride-side rotation) and shoot it. If you use a long wand, you can gather prana a range of a few km/ml radius by turning right above your head and blow them up by the levoversion (left-side rotation).


Moe : First of all, you are supposed to draw the pentagram and stand within it.

Then, let’s take a wand out. Please choose short one. You won’t be able to handle a long wand, lol.

You can totally feel like Harry Potter now. Please wind prana by twirling the wand right and shoot it against your right leg.

If you do not get it, please try it again.

You should be able to feel it (prana) even with your clothes on. How do you feel it anyways? It should be successful if you feel something warm on your right leg.

All right then, please throw the wad up in the air.
It will be vanished.

Now, here comes the Q&A.
AL : Yes✋

[AL-san did quickly copy the questions posted on the question-room in Slack.]

IV – Q&A – 1

Sean : Please post 2 questions.

Q1. I have a question regarding the drawing of a magic circle. Is it better to be drawn by a single stroke with one hand even in my imagination? For example, I prefer to draw the hexagram by both hands because it is much easier for me. What do you think about it?

Sean : Drawing by both hands (・・?
Well, you are supposed to draw the pentagram by a single stroke for sure. You can draw it by both hands, but you may become tired of it.


Q2. You have mentioned about aura color rising from a magic circle which should be mine. Which body composed by electricity does correspond to the color? an ether body, astral body, mental body or causal body?

Sean : The pentagram is your shallow-layer astral body, and the hexagram is your deep-layer astral body so that the color should be appeared on the magic circle.

You all can see the aura of bodies in the physical world and the shallow-layer astral world only. The color of any reincarnation deeper than there is actually the same even if you can ever see the deeper level.

Let’s move on to the continuation of Mr. Moses.

V – Magic circle (practice)

Moe : Now, let’s work with a practical use of the magic circle.

I have asked you all to bring name & birthdate for 2 people prior to the session. Please choose one of them and write it down on a sheet of paper.

Moe : Let’s write a wish at the lower left such as “get rid of knee pain,” “full recovery of ulcer” and so on in Chinese character (four-character idioms: Please refer to ELB-4 : Sense energy, part 2). All right?

[The image is copied from ELB-4]

First of all, please draw a magic circle with the hexagram on the floor.
Then, you are supposed to read the name and birthdate, and perform the ritual as you imagine the person is standing at the center of the magic circle.

Let’s all use a magatama in this practice.

You should hold it on your right hand, and please touch the person’s chest.

Then, please recite the following spell 3 times:

To-ho-ka-mi Tsu-ta-e E-mi-ta-me

Please do this with your presence of mind without thinking too much.

After that, let’s insert the magatama into the person’s chest.
You may see (imagine) the magatama being sucked in (the chest).

Finally, please clap once and the magic circle will disappear.
Ready? CLAP!!

Are you all done?

If you use a sphere, you are supposed to do the same with holding it on your left hand.


Let’s use a sword next.

Please draw a magic circle with the pentagram, and write down the name & birthdate of another person. Oh, please do not forget a wish on it.

Then, let’s imagine the person is standing at the center of the magic circle.

If the person has a mental issue, you stab the heart chakra with the sword. You are supposed to cut off the affected part if the person has some disease.

Please throw the part up in the air to make it disappear after you cut off… all right?

Then, please recite the spell (3 times):

To-ho-ka-mi Tsu-ta-e E-mi-ta-me

… and clap once. Yes, now, CLAP!

Now, it is all gone.
Easy, isn’t it?

Please practice this 7 times a week (once a day for 7 days).
Let’s check out how the person changes.

All right, here comes another Q&A.
Sean, please answer the questions.

VI – Q&A – 2

Sean : We probably have time for about 5 people.
AL : I will post the remaining questions from the previous Q&A first.

Q3. The magatama appeared on my hand had the color purple which is not on the table of five elements. Does purple cover both red and blue?

Sean : The color purple is used for a treatment of mental issues.


Q4. Whan kind of the meaning does the spell “To-ho-ka-mi Tsu-ta-e E-mi-ta-me” have?

Sean : It is for the stabilization (of the ritual) as well as an increase of the effect. This spell is used in the end of some Shinto rituals even nowadays.


Q5. Do I need to gather all colors (of magatama or sphere) in order to cope with various issues/disease?

Sean : Do you mean by necessity that you are supposed to collect all colors in order to get items? It should be gathered naturally, but I would like you to change colors per affected parts.

AL : (I am asking the questioner to give us a supplementary explanation.)
Sean : All right.

CO : Yes, I do ask you the question.
What should I do if I haven’t collected all colors yet?

Sean : Gold is the one you can use for many different issues, but it is a rare item. If you cannot treat the person without the particular color of item, you should consider not performing the treatment for a while.
Please do your best to collect all colors.
By the way, you can find a list of shrines when you search Gods in Japan via Wikipedia. When you place a cursor on the list, a photo of the entrance and/or the Torii gate are appeared. You should be able to collect as many magical items as you wish by visiting shrines all over Japan in such a way.

CO : Yes, I will work on it. Thank you very much.


Q6. My sight suddenly became poor around the time of the magatama practice. Was it a side effect of the magic circle?

Sean : In fact, the magic circle moves between dimensions so that the visibility often becomes poor. This also means that you are truly moving towards the dimension where your wish comes true.


Q7. I think my throat mucous membrane has been inflamed so that I have a sore throat from it. When I did the magic circle, I received the magatama which seemed to be made of jade. The color green is not on the table (of five elements), so please let me know what I should do with my throat condition.

Sean : First of all, the magatama you have received is the correct one. The color green is considered blue and yellow.
Then, if you can see your throat area shining, the success is yours.
It actually corresponds to “tongue” on the table, but your adviser handed you the green one since either that was the only choice or the best choice. In any case, please follow his/her advise.

Thank you very much for your questions.
Oh, I guess I can answer one more question.


Q8. I’ve got the magatama made of white ceramics. Is this considered the chosen one since the name of organs on the table are all my weak parts?

Sean : Yes, that is correct. Your adviser picks up the right one based on your physical condition, personality and aura (pneuma). Please feel assured to follow the guidance. They are truly amazing people for you.

Thank you very much for your question.
Thank you for your support too, AL-san.

All right, let’s move on.
Moses, it is your turn.

VII – Epilogue : Forming magic circle and Using magical items

Moe : Thank you, Sean.
Here is the final chapter of the session today.

First of all, I would like to talk about the response to some emergency situations. If you have a family member who has already been hospitalized by a injury or sickness, please put him/her in a magic circle with the bed.

You are supposed to use either a magatama or a sword to cut-off the affected parts.
It is usually the time no one can do anything really, but such a ritual should be able to support him/her.

The magic circle is supposed to be used the hexagram for a sphere and/or a magatama, the pentagram for a sword and/or a wand.

To link the item (in the astral world) to the physical world… that is the power of magic circle.

It sounds like an animation or a movie, but you will understand if you actually try to do it.
It has been called a secret or an esoteric art; however, it is just a matter of how calmly you can imagine the ordinary principle “Your thoughts are supposed to be realized”.

As a matter of fact, your life does change whether you know this or not.
It is the fastest way to practice what you have learned at this seminar in order to spend your life favorably.

To obtain more significant results with less energy

That is the purpose to perform a magic circle.
Please use it proficiently.

When you have a perfect command of it, you will become more humble than before.
You are let live – The magic circle is a way to enlighten you about this.

There are more natural disasters you will see, but they are all avoidable if you do move forward strongly on your path. On the other hand, there will be absolutely no future for the human beings if you cause man-made disasters and wars which are unavoidable by magic circles.

It is not our intention for you to lose everything by going astray with your life mission which you obey the words of rulers and create the overestimated enemies.

As long as you know of the magic circle, you realize there is no border in the world. We watch over you all what you are supposed to do with this really useful magic circle at the time.

We sincerely hope you will use it to avoid natural disasters and link between people.

That can be used for a personal purpose and/or to solve a quarrel over trivial matters. Please consider you all are always tested how you live with being honest with yourself.

We wish you to cope calmly with any situations by putting all you have learned here in the seminar in order to have a fruitful life without hesitation of disasters.

This is the end of the seminar series.
We could come to this point because of your support.

We thank you from bottom of our hearts especially for those of you who have always greeted whoever participated the seminar room and those of you who have submitted questions during the session.
It was really a fun time.

I would like to have such a learning opportunity with you again if possible in the future.
Now, please speak to everyone, Sean.


Sean : Thank you very much, everyone.
It has been a really smooth series of sessions.
I felt it all happened in an instant.

I thank to Sh & K leaders who have been greeting to the participants and students everytime they entered Slack. I was really moved by JU-san who has been very gentle to support them.

We have always been thankful to all the participants who made generous reactions by the emoji buttons.

We thank you all advisers as well. It has been really smooth and enjoyable sessions without any accidents because of your supports. We hope you will continue guiding your students to master the subjects.

We are reluctant to end this, but let’s move on to the next.
One day, you will start working together with us. We are all so looking forward to it.
Well, let’s stay together anyways, lol.

We hope to see you again!

Thank you.

AL : Thank you very much.
Everyone, please give a big hand again to Mr. Moe and Mr. Sean.

SLY : Thank you very much for the amazing seminar! I would like to do my best to make full use of what I’ve learned here in order to see a bright future of the Earth🌏
SIN : It has been really helpful for me to have the session on Sunday nights since that was the only time I could have such a time.
LG : Thank you very much! I had really a fun time!!
MK : Thank you very much for such a precious time! I really thankful to the teachers and everyone from bottom of my heart!8888888888
CO:👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖Thank you very much.

[Participants handed flowers to the teachers]

Sean & Moe : Thanks for the beautiful flower bundles.

UP:Thank you very much!888888888
JNT : Thank you very much for the great seminar♡
JU : Mr. Sean, Mr. Moe, Thank you very much~~~😍💖
SM:👏👏👏👏Thank you very muchヽ(‘∀’*)ノ
RF:Thank you very much✨✨

[The applause and “Thank you very much!” kept going for a while.]


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire session of ELBN-4.

I’m almost sure that you readers who have been reading until this point probably know/feel the reality of the seminar (Otherwise, you would not check the whole thing out, lol). It’s really up to you whether or not you can make full use of this tools and methods.

Although the seminar has been introducing magical, mystical tools and rituals, the idea and philosophy behind are the quite simple things that we, as human beings would like to keep in us all the time during the life time. The entire seminar have been a great time for me to keep reminding such fundamental ideas such as “Your thoughts are supposed to be realized” which has been absolutely true to me.

I hope you all will keep it in your mind and keep coming back to this seminar series so that you can share the fun tools with your friends & family.


If you have any questions from the session, please submit them from the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please type “ELBN” on the subject field).

Please feel free to let us know your opinions via the form above and/or posting your comments (English language is totally welcome).

Thanks again for your time to check out the ELBN. Hopefully we will see each other someday and talk about the mysterious world and the magics & items!