Here is the list of classes and seminars which are ongoing or were held at Shamballa School for the blog readers & participants from the physical world. We hope you to enjoy exploring the ideas for your everyday life as well as trying out the experiments you might have never seen before!

Enjoy Life Basic NEXT☆(ELBN)

Welcome to Enjoy Life Basic NEXT! ELBN is a continuation of ELB (Enjoy Life Basic) which contains 4 sessions – the first half (2 sessions) refers to Enjoy Life Second Seminar by Beth in Tokyo and the second half (2 sessions) is supposed to cover the subjects from Enjoy Life Third Seminar.

Lecturer:Mr. Seán MacBride (ELBN-1 & 2), Mr. Moe (ELBN-3 & 4)

ELBN-1:Accessing former life
ELBN-2 : Extracting data from the person who is not present and Conversation with guardian spirits
ELBN-3 : Sticking a magical barrier and Oracle by numbers
ELBN-4 : Forming magic circle and Using magical items

Enjoy Life Basic☆(ELB)

This 8-series seminar is the blog special edition of “Enjoy Life First Seminar” which has been holding live in Tokyo, Japan since 2000. This is the first time everyone including people live in overseas is able to access and learn the very basic spiritual knowledge from Shamballa. We hope you to enjoy all 8 sessions of the following 4 subjects: “psychics,” “sense energy,” “spiritual energy” and “reincarnation/dimensional operation”.

Lecturer:Mr. Gilles Lambert

ELB-1:Psychics, part 1
ELB-2:Psychics, part 2
ELB-3:Sense energy, part 1
ELB-4:Sense energy, part 2
ELB-5:Spiritual energy, part 1
ELB-6:Spiritual energy, part 2
ELB-7:Reincarnation/Dimensional operation, part 1
ELB-8:Reincarnation/Dimensional operation, part 2

Happy come*come! Let’s operate dimensions Course♪

Would you be interested in finding out about your life mission? What is your talent? How about making money as you wish? or Have you ever wished to make people around you move & act as you like? This 4-lecture series will give you a hint to identify who you really are :

– The First Session :To Identify Own Life Mission
(Lecturer:Mr. John Smith)

– The Second Session : To Identify Own Talent
(Lecturer : Mr. Brahman Vickers)

– The Third Session : To Make Money along with Your Life Mission
(Lecturer : Mr. Arom)

– The Fourth Session : To Manipulate People (Like a puppet)
(Lecturer : AZwell, the Commanding General of the United Galaxies)