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Today, you will read the second session: “Extracting data from the person who is not present and Conversation with guardian spirits” — which was held on June 17th, 2018.

This session will give you another interesting idea and tool to explore the area you may have never even imagined before with the fresh surprise “Oh, how easy this can be!”

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In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

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ELBN-2:Extracting data from the person who is not present and Conversation with guardian spirits
Sunday, June 17th, 2018 22:00〜24:00 (JST)

Lecturer: Mr. Seán MacBride (His introduction is HERE)
Room: class_elbn02_061718 (in sschool-class.slack.com)

Facilitator : Mr. Azaf (United Galaxies)
Introduction : AL (K)
Typing (channeling):Beth
Technical Support:AL(K)
Slack Support : JU
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☆☆☆ 80 total participants ☆☆☆



I – Obtaining someone’s information 
II – Spiritual Visions 
III – Q&A – 1
IV – Extracting Data of the Person who is not Present (guided experiment) 
V – Seeing Guardian Spirits (guided experiment) 
VI – Q&A – 2 
VII – Epilogue : Extracting Data of the Person who is not Present and Conversation with guardian spirits


AL:Now, it is time to begin the session “ELBN-2:Extracting data from the person who is not present and Conversation with guardian spirits”!
Mr. Azaf, Mr. Sean, thank you very much for this great opportunity!!

Everyone, let’s give them a biiiiig hand👏👏👏

SLY:888888888 It’s my pleasure to be here!

[note by editor : I do omit the endlessly continuing applause, lol]

Sean & Azaf:(Appearing on the stage)

[Applause continues…]

Sean:Thank you very much, everyone.
Azaf:Shall we begin?

AL:Yes, please!

Azaf:Good evening, here is Sean of the lecturer and my name is Azaf as the facilitator for this session. I will be mainly the panellist for Q&A this evening since Sean said to me that he was a little uneasy (to be the panellist), LOL. We hope you all will have a pleasant time again.

pin pin
[These are the like images of Mr. Azaf. This native costume is pretty similar to where (a region of the planet) he is from.]

First of all, we are thankful to you who have been working towards to the session this evening. We have been truly impressed by the great preparation. We also appreciate the continuous and polite reception to the participants since the classroom has opened (the channel created on Slack).

We will do our best to present the subject this evening.
Hopefully you all will stay next 2 hours with us.

What we are supposed to do this evening is “Extracting data from the person who is not present” and “Conversation with guardian spirits.”
You’d better go to bed as soon as the session is over since the contents are intense and detailed (for you to digest all) (laughing).

Well then, Sean, are you ready?
Sean and I became best friends after the last session which was our first encounters.

All right, he seems to be ready now.
So, please give Mr. Sean a big hand!


[Again, the expression of applause did fill the screen of Slack for a while👏👏]

Sean :Thank you.
Good evening, thanks again for participating this dubious midnight seminar, lol. Please stay with us for this 2-hour session.
Mr. Azaf will take care of the Q&A as he mentioned above, please enjoy the entire session with both of us.


I – Obtaining someone’s information

Sean:First of all, I would like you to understand what we are going to do today.
Everything is made of electricity. That chair you are sitting right now and PCs, foods, everything. Of course you are made of electricity as well.

This includes the elements such as carbon and hydrogen consist of electricity. If the electricity is completely gone in the world, you will be certainly vanished. In addition, it should be no way to think of nerve cells without electricity.

The frequency of such electricity becomes visible and audible beyond dimensions.

Therefore, the most important thing is how you can match the frequency with the other person. You can even enter the deep psyche if the frequency ever matches. Information can be obtained from such places.

You are going to learn the basic way to match the frequency in this session. It should be pretty safe and not so difficult. I hope you will enjoy trying to it.

The biggest obstacle to match the frequency is your anxiety such as “What should I do if I make a mistake?!” “I cannot see anything” and so on. It should never be a problem even if you cannot see anything. It is more important to identify what you learn from it.

Please do think this way: “I am supposed to miss it” when you start feeling anxious. Yes, it is impossible to make a hit from the beginning. The given physical information are only a name and the birthdate. It should be rather abnormal to be able to prove right, lol.

It is supposed to be a little easier in this time since you at least know the target person. When you extract such information (let’s say as a fortune teller or something), you do not know the person in most cases. We, in Shamballa do the similar way in order to obtain the information of newcomers.

Please do not have any doubt or prejudice during the experiment. You should perform such self-analysis afterwards. So, please feel free to stretch your imagination as much as you can.

We do guide you all in this time again, but you do not have to do this experiment at a quiet room since the surrounding environment in the physical world does not much affect the result.

You will see the guided messages appearing one after another during the experiment. They are there to make you read in order to prevent you from being in a hypnotic state. Please bear with me even if they become annoying to you.

Moreover, it is great for you to keep taking a memo and/or drawing the images of what you see during the experiment. Please do it while you are awake.

When you think of “extracting information,” you must be confused since there are so many areas/fields to choose from. Let’s say, you are trying to hack into the information of a company. If you do not know where to focus on such as the accounting division, business connection, human resources, or schedules of the president, you may end up extracting too much information to be actually able to utilize.

So, you should narrow down the subjects to check out. Please make sure to see the physical health condition. Of course, we do guide you to see it. Then, it should be good to see how the target person thinks of you as well.

II – Spiritual Visions

Sean:Now, I would like to explain how you can have a conversation with guardian spirits.

As we have explained in the previous seminar series (ELB), guardian spirits can be the one who has been with you since you were born, or the ones who come to protect you after the birth.

[note by editor : Please refer to【ELB-6:Spiritual energy, part 2】Enjoy Life Basic☆ for more detailed information regarding the guardian spirits.]

Both are the spirits to protect and guide you, but we (in Shamballa) call the first one as “Nadia (main guardian spirit)” and “Pars (spirit guide)” for the other one.

The reason why we call them differently is because Pars do switch on and on during one’s lifetime while Nadia stays the entire lifetime from the one’s birth to death. We do not know which guardian spirit appears to have a conversation with you today. Whichever matches your frequency will appear and answer your questions.

In this session, you all do have a conversation with guardian spirits after extracting the person’s information. We will guide you, of course. The guardian spirit should not be yours.

You are supposed to meet the guardian spirit who is protecting the target person you have prepared for this session. The main purpose is to try and experience what the conversation with guardian spirits is all about. This can be a great opportunity as well for a telepathy training.

To match the frequency, please imagine the dish for a satellite broadcasting system. You all know the vision can only be seen when the antenna does face towards the direction where it can catch the electric wave, don’t you?

When you set up the antenna for the first time, vision never come up on the (TV) screen if the direction is different no matter how small that is. You sometimes have the experience as well that you only see the vision and no audibility.

Well, you may encounter such a thing at the conversation with a guardian spirit in this time. If the frequency does not match (with you), you cannot see the vision. You may be in the situation where you are only able to see the figure (of a guardian spirit) but no sound at all.

If it ever happens to you, please close your eyes for about 3 seconds, and then open your eyes to look at the sheet of paper (with the name & BD of the target person written) again. You may be able to match the frequency. Even so, if you cannot see/hear anything, please tap your chest lightly to adjust your chakra.

Still, if you cannot hear anything at all, please move on to the yes-no questions. In this way, you should be able to confirm the answer by the figure (of guardian spirit) shaking the head one way or the other since the image is at least visible to you. I will give you 3 minutes to have the conversation with guardian spirit(s).

By the way, I have one thing you all should especially be aware of. Those guardian spirits were mostly dead by the time the target person was born which means that they might have lived in the era of Taisho (1912-1926), Meiji (1868-1912) or even Edo (1603-1868).

Those were the time people were really courteous each other. Therefore, please be polite to greet and introduce yourself in the beginning as well as expressing your gratitude in the end. You should speak politely as well.

If you cannot do a proper greeting, you won’t be able to obtain any information.
Please be extra cautious to it.

[There were 2 sets of Q&A in this session. Here comes the first set. All questions are answered by Mr. Azaf.]

III – Q&A – 1

Azaf:All right then, are you ready, SM-san?
If the guardian spirit is someone I actually know, do you think I can identify it like “Oh, I know him!”? Well, he may only be seen in a photo. I kinda imagine who the guardian spirit can be.
Azaf:Yes, you can.
SM:Oh, really! Thank you very much. That’s all for me^^
Azaf:Ah, I answer your questions. If you have any troubles, say “Come on, super-hero! Please help me!!” to Sean, LOL.
Anyways, what you can find out when you see a guardian spirits is nostalgia and/or the words touch your heart. Please do feel them.
So, is that all for you?
SM:Yes!! Thank you!!

Azaf:Then, SLY-san.
SLY:Is it fine to keep opening my (physical) eyes while seeing guardian spirits? Also, can I just speak to them like a regular conversation?
Azaf:Of course, please do open your eyes as much as possible.
You can look at the sheet of paper and you can speak to them like a regular conversation.
The reason why we ask you to keep opening eyes is because we do not want you to be in a hypnotic state.
Please be assured that you will be guided by us.
SLY:Yes! I try not to fall asleep!!
Azaf:Hey!! (laughing)… well, are you fine with the answer?
SLY:Yay😜 Thank you very much.

Azaf:Next person, TN-san.
TN:Yes. in this session, I’m going to see a guardian spirit of the person who I actually know only the name but the birthdate. Do you think that’s still fine?
Azaf:Oh well….
The information is already so limited by name & birthdate only, and you do not have the bithdate. You may only get extremely limited information (from the guardian spirit). If that is still fine with you, you can try to do it.
TN:Thank you very much. I will definitely try it out then!
Azaf:Have you seen the person before?
TN:I do see the person everyday.
Azaf:All right then, please try it out while recalling the person meticulously.
TN:Yes, thank you very much.
Azaf:Thank you all for the questions. I am thankful to these 3 people.

OK, Sean. We are ready to start.

IV – Extracting Data of the Person who is not Present (guided experiment)

Sean:In any case, please enjoy the experiment and do not hesitate to stretch your imagination as much as possible since no one can look at inside of your brain.

All right then, are you all ready?

Let’s begin (the experiment).
First of all, please write full name and birthdate of the person who you would like to check out. You can write these in the way you feel most comfortable.

[note by editor : Here is some examples.]

I will give you a minute.
Please write it slowly while recalling the person (his/her face).

…well, you may want to tell me “You should say that at very top of the instruction! You fool!!” …LOL

Then, let’s recall the person in detail. If you have never seen the person before, please imagine him/her standing in front of you.

Do not try to make a hit.
I will guide you from now on to make you recall it more in detail.
It is natural to make mistakes.

Please take a note as much as you can.
This is because of you preventing from becoming in a hypnotic state.

You can find out the age of the person by the birthdate.
Of course, you are supposed to know that the person is male or female.
You may be able to imagine the personality by the name.

If you know the person, all you have to do is just recalling his/her face.
If you do not know the person, please roughly imagine the face.

How about the contour of the face?
Square-jawed, rounder, big, skinny, hollow-cheeked, an egg-shaped, sticking out jaw, broad or narrow forehead, etc.

You see? You know many many faces and the features. You are supposed to choose the one which rings a bell. This is not a true-false contest so that you should not be too seriously.

Especially if you know the person, please recall the atmosphere (instead of too much details).

What shape of the eyebrows? — thin, thick, down-slanted, arched, etc.
How about the eyes? — thin, rounded, slanted, upturned eyes (Sanpaku), gentle eyes, stern eyes, eyes which are not accepting other people, etc.

Please follow the guidance even if you know the person.

How about the nose? — button nose, big or small, aquiline nose, upturned/downward, big or small nostrils, etc.
How about the mouth? — big or small, thin/thick lips, puckered-up mouth, buckteeth, etc.

You may realize how little you actually know about and/or look at people in general.

This is quite important.

What kind of atmosphere does the person have in general?
— sweet-looking, high-handed, weird, ernest, looks irresponsible, interesting, fun, twisted, etc.

You can describe it roughly. When you do this much checking out the person like a montage, your can match the frequency of the person.

All right, you all have covered the groundwork.

Now, let’s check out the physical condition at first.
You see, the body (of the target person) becomes transparent. Your imagination is really tested in this stage.

Ideally, it should be great if you can see the body three-dimensionally with rotating it up & down and/or left & right.
You will eventually be able to do it even if you cannot do it now.

Is there any place he/she is not well (unhealthy)?
Or, please imagine if this person ever has a sickness, where that can be.

Some of you may see the diseased part of the body as it’s flashing red, or other colors such as gold, blue, black and so on. You may also see the diseased part hazily, fuzzily with white color, or really dark… how are you seeing it?

Are you all following me?

[Many of the participants answered with “OK” emoji reactions (on Slack)]

All right then, let’s look at it more closely.
How about the bone? joints, may be.
Or the jaw? shoulder joints, a wrist, back, an ankle…

We are now looking for the diseased part.
Let’s look at the flashing part of the body.

Let’s move on to the internal organs.
You are not required to have the anatomic knowledge, but it should be good to know the rough placement.
First of all, the mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine (colon), pancreas, spleen, liver, lung, kidney, urinary bladder, and the heart.

You see? You would like to gather the ones strike your mind from what I just said.
It usually resounds in your mind.
Please take the note.

When you see the head, there are 2 sides of brain, right or left. It can be the front, back and/or the side.
There are also sense organs there such as eyes, nose, ears, tongue and so on.

Healers are pretty good at this (scanning body). I am sure some of you are not good at it. However, it is definitely worth a try.

Now, please look at the whole body.
Where is the flashing part? I bet you all can see it more in detail.
The reports such as “His stomach has a dark color” and “One of the knees is flashing red” are good examples. Please trust your own vision.

Would you be able to see them now?

[Several people entered “Hmmmmm🤔” emoji, lol]

It is great to be honest (laughing).
Even if you are not good at scanning a body, please be assured that you can find other things you are superb to.

[Oops, I’ve found the one who entered this emoji…. 😪]

Oh, Lady! Please do not fall asleep!!

This is how psychic mediums look at the clients.
Of course there are various ways (to perform such a spiritual vision), this is supposed to be the safest way.

Then, let’s look at the issues/problems which the target person has.
The tip for this step is to turn completely into himself/herself.

Please try to project the person’s mind onto yourself.
Some (psychic) mediums mention this as they are looking outside through the person’s eyes.

Who is the person he/she has the issue/trouble with? — parents, spouse, children, friends, coworkers, or supervisors?
How about a money issue? — borrowing or lending? savings? fund or investment?
Relationship issues? — at work? relatives? family members?
Some people have trouble with other family members/relatives regarding a grave and a memorial service for ancestors (which are more of Japanese things).

If any of them rings a bell, that should be it.
The sensation of “ringing a bell” is really subtle, but you will be able to get it by certain number of experiences.

Do not hurry.
Do not try to make a hit.
Do not push hard.

What else? There are some vague issues such as a fear for the future.
Older people especially tend to have this problem.

By the way, you can check out how the person thinks of you (laughing) if the person is someone you know of. If you have never met the person before, you do not have to do this.
Please think of you as if you were the person.
What would I think of me if I were him/her?

…did you get it?

All right, if you & your heart had any reactions while I was saying above things, you would be pretty much done.

Please keep taking notes.
It is probably proper to describe this as “feeling to it” instead of “extracting data.”
If you encounter the unusual incidents such as hearing the voice particularly loud, seeing the certain letters much bigger and/or your heart pulse rate is suddenly raising, you can consider the answer as “Yes.”

Then, you are supposed to pull out the information more in detail.

Let’s say, please approach even a deeper level when you find out one of the above mentioned things : “Please let me know more about this issue since I would like to find out a little more in detail.”

Please do try this only if you think you can.

After you hear the issues/problems, please ask the following questions:

How would you like to handle it?
When would you rather do it?
What would you actually like to do for it?

It can all be rough answers.

Can you hear them?
You should be able to figure it out at the next stage even if you cannot hear anything now.
The guardian spirit is supposed to give you the answers.

From here on, let’s start a conversation with the guardian spirits.

V – Seeing Guardian Spirits (guided experiment)

Sean:If the person ever had a guardian spirit, what do you think he/she would look like?
Let’s all imagine it.
Illusions and delusions are all welcome.

Let me guide you now.
First of all, you are going to do the same thing as you have done previously.

What would the guardian spirit look like if he/she had one?
Let’s imagine it in full force.

Please do not be shy! “Oh, I see the member of BSB!” … that is totally fine.

[note by editor: BSB = Back Street Boys]

Male? or female?
How many of them am I seeing?

Do not try to make a hit. Please focus on your imagination.
If you see a few of them, please choose just one. You may be able to see only one since the frequency matches you even though there are actually more than just one spirit.

When you decide one, please do focus on him/her.
Are you ready?

How is the figure?
— stoutish, skinny, broad shoulders, sloping shoulders, medium height and build,

Let’s look at the face one more time!

How is the hairstyle?
If it is female, it can be a long hair, Baroque or Rococo tone, “Shimada” coiffure (from Edo period in Japan), bobbed hair, ponytail, short hair, permed hair, wearing a wig and/or fascinator…

If it is male, close haircut, side parting, combed-back hair, long hair bundled in the back, bald-headed, wearing a wig, “chonmage (topknot)”…

How about features of the face?
— a round face, thin face, square-jawed, hollow-cheeked, rounder face,

How about the eyebrows?
— thin or thick eyebrows, down-slanted, arched, bushy eyebrows (I have not seen this much in these days…), or well-shaped eyebrows,

How about the eyes?
— thin eyes with single eyelids, round eyes with double eyelids, slanted eyes, drooping eyes, wrinkles around eyes are deep,

There are many different features which are not just what I have mentioned above. Please imagine freely.
This action (imagining the figure and face) does actually make you match the frequency with the guardian spirit.

How about the nose?
— big or small nose, aquiline nose, upturned or downward,

You may think this is persistent and/or redundant; however it is really important.

How about the mouth?
— big mouth, puckered-up mouth, thin/thick lips, tight-lipped, grinning (lift the corner of the mouth), mouth is open, lower jaw being caved in, sticking-out chin, sticking-out lower lip, putting on a lipstick,

Is there any mole or scar?

You are doing great. You all are getting matched the frequency now.

All right! You are standing in front of the guardian spirit right now.
Let’s greet him/her. Most of them had been passed away even before the target person was born which they might have been born around at least 100 years ago or even older. If you pay respect to them with proper greetings, you should be able to hear more stories.

First of all, please say,
“It is my pleasure to meet you.” to them.
You do not have to speak the phrase to them.

Now, let’s start asking some questions.

“Please let me know if you have anything, any advice to tell him/her (= the target person). I will certainly let him/her know.”

If you cannot let the target person know, you do not have to tell this phrase (to the guardian spirit).
You can ask the questions based on the data previously gathered, or do ask new questions.

Please do start the conversation if you think you can do.
If the guardian spirit is only smiling (without saying anything), you can ask Yes/No questions which make him/her shake the head.
The guardian spirit may start talking to you when you take a note.

I will give you about 3 minutes.

Please talk with the guardian spirit if possible.

[2 minutes has passed.]

1 more minute.
Could you all make it?

In the end, please say,
“Thank you very much for giving me the information.” and make a bow with your physical body. That can be a stabilization (of the session).
Please be well-mannered until the end.


Azaf:All right, everyone. This is the method of extracting data from the person who is not present and a conversation with guardian spirits.

Fortune tellers/mediums can do things like this pretty quickly.
They temporarily stop doubting the reliability at such occasions.
You can do the same when you are able to admit the sensations honestly no matter how settle they are.

We will have another Q&A in about 2 minutes.
Please let me know if you would like to ask a question.

I will try to answer as much time allows us to do as possible.
In this time, let’s do more of a free conversation than setting a number of questioners.

VI – Q&A – 2

SM:Is it OK to ask you a question again (smiling)?
Azaf:That’s fine.
CO:Yes! (I have a question)
Azaf:Again… (laughing)
All right, CO-san will be after SM-san.
SM:Can I start typing my question now?

SM:Well, I saw my daughter’s Nadia (= main guardian spirit).
SM:I thought that was my grandfather who died during WWII.
It was really great to see him which made me almost cry… was he really my grandfather?
Azaf:Your adviser is saying “That is correct.”
SM:Wooooooooow! OMG∑(゚д゚;)
Azaf:He also said “You have done a great job!”
I’m sooooo happy!!
SM:(;ω;) Thank you very much!
Azaf:You are welcome.

Now, it’s your turn, CO-san.

CO:Yes. How can I figure out the difference between reality and delusion?
Azaf:You can recognize it as time passes. Visions from your delusion can be blurred even after a few seconds.
CO:I see, it becomes vague, yes?
Azaf:That is correct. You can find out within a few seconds.
CO:I understand. Thank you very much.


GR:Is it possible that a guardian spirit can be a foreigner? I saw my son’s, and the clothes did not seem to look like a Japanese person.
Azaf:GR-san, could you please wait for a minute? FR-san is next.

FR:I could see the guardian spirit who looked like rather a Continental person than a Japanese. He was a large soldier with bushy hair and mustache who was wearing armor and a spear… may be?
Oops, this is almost the same question as GR-san’s (laughing).
Azaf:Yes, they could decide to stay with you while you were on a trip abroad.

Azaf:SLY-san, it’s your turn now.

SLY:I talked to a gusrdian spirit of the person who I had a relation from my past life. He is the other one of my twin-souls, and we are supposed to move forward to the different paths instead of staying together in order to gain more experiences. However we are both still caring (spiritually) each other. Is this correct?
Azaf:Well? Whose guardian spirit is it? (。´・ω・)?
SLY:The one I mentioned on Slack at the previous session (ELBN-1).
Is it possible to leave some requests to the guardian spirit?
Azaf:…and Whose (guardian spirit) is it?
You should be able to say whose guardian spirit it is since he/she is supposed to protect someone. Is it someone you know of?
SLY:The person I have always been in my mind who I used to date with.
Azaf:I see. I now understand why you were hesitating to say.
Then, you can leave any requests to the guardian spirit.
SLY:We now move forward to different paths.
Azaf:I see, but you still have him in your mind, don’t you?
SLY:Yes! We are supposed to have a relationship from the past life .
Azaf:I see.
SLY:So, he and I are twin-souls, is that right?
Azaf:Yes, your adviser says “That is correct.”
SLY:An elegant old lady was the guardian spirit.
Azaf:That is nice.

H:My daughter’s Nadia (=main guardian spirit) whose name is Aya from Heian period (around 10th century) did thank to me by looking after her (the daughter) pretty well. Is this right?
Azaf:H-san, that is confirmaion, isn’t it?
Even if you do not have the opportunity like this, you should still be able to figure out if you are correct by the signal which you are supposed to see a great coincidence.
You are supposed to see it no matter how many times you would like to ask (to the guardian spirit).
Is that all?
H:Thank you very much.

SI:The guardian spirit I saw was a noble lady from France. When I asked her to leave me any messages to the target person, my stomach suddenly felt heavy and difficult. Is that some sort of problems in the uterus?
Azaf:There is a possibility to receive the message in such a way.
SI:(sexually) frustrated?
Azaf:Frustration?!, lol.
It can be an illness in the intestines instead of the uterus.
In case of an illness in the uterus, you are supposed to feel the pain not only in the stomach but also in the back.
SI:The large intestine seemed really deep-dark colored.
Azaf:It only happens when the person has an illuness.
Please let him/her know.

Now, how about MG-san…?

MG:I saw my sister’s guardian spirit who looked like a woman from Ryukyu (Okinawa) region with the unique hair style (putting up her hair making a chignon on the top) and the defined, round face. She looked kinda like my sister, but that’s not her in the past life… right? Is she an ancestor?
Azaf:Oh, there should be no such a case of past life. You have not even entered the zone in this time.
It happened because either the guardian spirit came to your sister when she went Okinawa for a trip or she might have been given some gifts from there.
Is that all for you?
MG:Oh, I see. I haven’t entered the zone!
Wow, she probably got her from Okinawa (^_^;)
I understand. Thank you very much!

Azaf:Who is the next… oh, SM-san.
SM:Yeeees! Thanks again!
Azaf:All right.
SM:I want to confirm the message from my grand father who died at the war and is now my daughter’s guardina spirit. I heard that he asked me to tell her this message, “Please take care of yourself.” He seemed to come close to me and talk to near my ears. I think the message (Please take care of yourself) means that she (my daughter) should prioritize her own honest feelings more since she tends to put off herself till later. Is that right?
Azaf:Yes, you are correct which your adviser just said. It is pretty useful to have the adviser in a case like this.
Please explain the message to her based on her reactions and feelings.
SM:In addition, the guardian spirit did not say anything particular about her physical condition, but I have noticed some places such as her throat, stomach and bladder. Does she have any health problems?
Azaf:You would rather think of them as her weak placs instead of problematic areas. OK?
SM:Hmmm, weak. I see, she often eats too much…
Azaf:(laughing) then, please be careful with it.
SM:Yes, I will. Thank you very much!

Azaf:This concludes the Q&A time. Thank you very much all for the questions.
Sean, it is your turn now.

[note by editor: I introduce the extra question here which was appeared during the ending part of the session]

SI:I saw myself as a child in the eyes of the target parson. She and I are relatives…?
Sean:No, it does not mean your are relative to her.

VII – Epilogue : Extracting Data of the Person who is not Present and Conversation with guardian spirits

Sean:This experiment is usually performed in pairs at the live seminar in Tokyo so that the participants can check the answers immediately on the spot.
The guidance is also done verbally by the live person.

You all have done it in your own environment in this time.
It should be actually a difficult attempt.

However, your mind which would like to know the information for the person in order to support him/her makes your frequency match them.
You do not have to wonder whether or not the answer is wrong since the attempt itself is the almost impossible thing from the beginning.
Even so, you can finally admit you have the ability when the answer is correct.

It may take a lot of time to confirm it, but you can take time to improve your ability.
It is not for someone but for yourself.

You may say something you do not mean to say at the live session which I consider an advantage; however someone may have a sense of inferiority at the same time because of the nature of the live session which is easier to compare the outcome. You should not mind that but it cannot be helped.

Although it was really a challenging experiment in this time which every guidance was the written form, you all tried hard to access the person and the guardian spirits.

As we mentioned on the session, ELB: Psychics, everyone has different talent and ability.
If you are a healer, you may be really good at finding health problems. But it does not mean such person is also good at having a conversation with guardian spirits.

I think you all are still on your way to discover own talents since most of such abilities are still hidden in you.

Tonight, you have learned the method of extracting data of the person who is not present and conversation with guardian spirits. These are the things I would like you to start building the experience which you can casually ask your friend, “I’ve learned this interesting method. Can I try on you?” Please do not be afraid of making mistakes/being wrong. If you rather enjoy making mistakes with your friends, you can actually become better at it.

Please use this method as a fun tool.

So, we have done 2 things at the same time today. Some fortune-tellers do include the former life which we have covered at the previous session.
Why do you think it is important to acquire such information?

It is because you would like to avoid excessive anxieties and fears.

People cannot see themselves. In fact, your guardian spirits are only able to give you some signals and unable to make a conversation. You cannot see the answer you would like to get so that you usually need to see the person who can actually see it.
The safest way is to study and analyze by yourself in order to move forward while asking someone close to you who can check you up instead of paying a lot of money to ask “pro” to check you up.

I am not suggesting you to depend on someone else for solving all your issues. Your life mission should be more interesting if you eventually pursue the way of self-analysis, self-management and self-responsibility. It may sound like your life mission is the best thing in the blog, but in fact, this is the game of growth which is how you are supposed to have a fun life.

It is quite important to understand it.

It is not time to fight against each other for the pride at a court, let alone waste time to scramble the fortune. You also have no reason to have a quarrel every day to make yourself morally decayed. You are not living to do such a waste.

If you imagine your guardian spirit who is a precursor of the life is actually giving you advices all the time, why don’t you think you would like to be nice to other people? Most of them are unknown of even the existence and never be thanked, but they are still supposed to stay with you the entire life. Such people are always behind you. I wish you all feel them sincerely.

You never be alone.

This seminar is here for you to make your life even more fun and meaningful.
Please let others know about what you have learned here not just looking at the session by yourself, and learn from them in order to develop your skills.

Thank you very much again for your participation tonight for such a long time.
I am really thankful to all of you who have prepared for this session.
Thank you.

Also everyone, please give a big hand to Mr. Azaf as well.

UP:👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you very much〜!!!
SH:Mr. Sean, thank you very much for your great guidance💖
Sean:Thank you.
LG:Thank you very much‼
AL:Thank you very much, everyone!
Again, please give a big hand to Mr. Azaf and Mr. Sean one more time!
SY:Thank you very much!
CT:Thank you very much😊

[Thunderous applause continues…]

Sean & Azaf:(bowing)

[AL-san gives an announcement while the round of applause is going on.]

AL:Thank you very much all for participating the session tonight.
I know you all still feel like the session continues with the excitement, I am going to announce the next one.
The subject of ELBN-3 is “magical barrier.”
We will post the detailed announcement on the blog, so please look forward to it.

This concludes ELBN-2.
Thank you very much again for coming to take the session for a long time! Hopefully I will see you all for the next session😄


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire session of ELBN-2.

I hope you all did enjoy reading and actually trying to talk with the guardian spirit of your friends and/or family members. As Mr. Sean said on the session, it will be great for all of us to try out and let others know our experiences. It does not matter whether or not the answers are correct in the beginning. We can have fun as a game.

This gives us the new idea that “spiritual experiments don’t have to be treated as just an occult and make them be prohibited.” Instead, we can enjoy the experiments and exchange the information so that we all are able to actually look at ourselves more carefully based on the results.

I hope many of us gradually feel free to talk about our guardian spirits and our life missions without any hesitation.


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Please feel free to let us know your opinions via the form above and/or posting your comments (English language is totally welcome).

Thanks again and hopefully see you again at the next session (ELBN-3:Sticking a magical barrier)!!