Hello, my dear blog readers & Shamballa staff members!
This is SH.

I hope everyone does welcome this new year 2018!

There have been and there will be many movements happening on this planet, Earth which many of us tend to be tossed back and forth by complicated/ misleading information.

What I would like to rely on during such a time is my own sense.

Our sense is supposed to be the most trustable and reliable antenna to catch beneficial news and information for us if we have been living in such a way.

After I took this ELB-6 (held on live at Slack on December 3rd, 2017), I have been totally convinced that the idea was totally right and this seminar series “Enjoy Life Basic” would give us many useful tips to become the true ourselves.

ELB-1:Psychics, part 1 (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=29098)
ELB-2:Psychics, part 2 (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=30672)

ELB-3 : Sense energy, part 1 (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=32122)
ELB-4: Sense energy, part 2 (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=32939)

ELB-5 : Spiritual energy, part 1 (http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=34068)

Please check it out and take the information into your deeper level so that you will start realizing how amazing you actually are.

There are things you may see at the first time as well as the things you have always been wondering but no one ever had any answer for you before. There are many simple ideas and teachings you might already have been doing anyways without paying attention as well.

I hope you can find “your ways, your ideas” from the contents so that you will be able to tailor them to your original, unique path and mission.

Today, I am going to introduce the second part of the subject “Spiritual energy” which is all about your guardian spirit(s). How they support you, who they actually are, there are different types of them… it should be really interesting subject for you to learn.

Hopefully, this will give you a great call to start taking a good care of yourself not just physically but also mentally & spiritually.


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

If you wish to ask any questions after reading the blog, please enter & submit them through the form“質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please type “ELB” on the subject field ).

All right! without further notice, let’s begin the blog edition of “ELB-6 : Spiritual energy, part 2”!!


ELB-6:Spiritual energy, part 2 Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 22:00〜24:00 (JST)

Lecturer: Mr. Gilles Lambert(His brief introduction is here)
Room: class_elb06_120317 (in sschool-class.slack.com)
Typing (channeling):Beth
Technical Support:AL(K)
Slack Registration Support: JU

☆☆☆Total 67 participants☆☆☆



VIII – Guardian Spirit 
    VIII-1: Sensing the Guardian Spirit
    VIII-2: About Guardian Spirit
    VIII-3: Type of Guardian Spirit
IX – Pars (the spirit guide)
    IX-1 : Soul frequency and Guardian spirit
    IX-2: Protecting system of Guardian spirit and Strengthening
X – Q&A①
XI – Nadia (main guardian spirit)
    XI-1: Identifying Guardian spirit (Nadia/Pars)
    XI-2: Signals from Nadia
    XI-3: Requesting Signals to Nadia (main guardian spirit)
XII – Q&A②
XIII – Epilogue


[We tried to clap once during the introduction which we had learned at the Magic circle seminar. I thought the sound and sensation at the auditorium did resonate and even traveled to our physical world.]

SH:Everyone, please welcome Mr. Lambert with a big hand! Mr. Lambert, welcome to ELB!! 888888888888888888888888888888 (8 = clap in Japanese expression)

[Mr. Lambert appeared jauntily on the stage as usual while the participants were giving a round of applause]

Good evening everyone, this is Lambert. It is my pleasure to be here again.
AL:Mr. Lambert〜♫
SH:Thank you very much for this great opportunity.

Lambert:I heard that more people have been registering for this Slack account since the Japanese edition became available.
Please spread the word and join us with your friends.

So, today we enter the second half of this subject “Spiritual energy.” Please stay with me while you may feel sleepy at this late night session.
SH:Falling a sleep…. everyone, let’s watch out, lol.

VIII – Guardian Spirit

Lambert:We have covered the world of spirits at the last session.
Today, I will talk about guardian spirits, the Astral world behind you.

SH:I’m pretty excited????

Lambert:I am pretty sure that the most of you know what guardian spirits are. It used to be called “spirits behind self (背後霊)” in Japan since they usually stand behind you, but “guardian spirit” is more common name in these days. They are seen almost like this:

[note by editor: The word “Nadia (main guardian spirit)” and “Pars (spirit guide)” are the original & unique words of Shamballa.]

VIII-1: Sensing the Guardian Spirit

Lambert:Let’s try an experiment now.

Lambert:Your guardian spirits are standing behind you. We will ask them to hold your right or left shoulder tight. You all should get relaxed and feel the sensation.

Now, guardians, please do hold their shoulders.
Ready, set .…


Is there anyone who did feel something on the shoulder?

SH:Please let us know.
Lambert:I understand some of you might be confused by the sudden experiment.
SH:I had the sensation on my right shoulder.
LU:No, I didn’t get it…
SH:(to LU) You can take a deep breath and ask them again.
Lambert:If you even feel a slightly something, you will feel more later in the session.
MR:I felt something squeezing on my right.
UP:I have something warm? with a little pressure? on my right shoulder.
Lambert:Oh, that is good.
LG:It was just a moment, but I felt something squeezing.
LV:I’ve got some sounds and warmth from my left.
CO:I feel a soft warmth.
JD:I have a light warmth touching my right shoulder.
MG:I feel a pressure on my right~
Lambert:You are all pretty sensitive. Good.
SH:It seems that many of you feel soft and/or a slight sensation.
LU:I guess my guardian spirit touched my left shoulder. I felt the warmth^^
SY:I had a soft sensation on my left.
HN:I did ask them to touch my right shoulder, and I felt a slightly warm there.
SH:No guardin spirit hugged you yet, lol.

Lambert:All right, I now explain about the person who just placed the hand on your shoulder.
It does not mean that you do not have one even if you did not feel anything.
Why are they standing there?
What do they normally do?
I will talk about these first.

SH:Yes, I am really curious to find out????

VIII-2: About Guardian Spirit

Lambert:Well, they are there to guard you all, lol. It seems natural, but it is actually not. For example, have any of you ever seen zero accident and zero incident to make you feel scared before?
Please feel free to make a comment here.

LT:I’ve never seen such experience before (^_^;)
SH:I’ve had some scary experiences but never had any accident before…
Lambert:I see, I see.
MY:Never had such experience before.
Lambert:Oh, we have such people here.
CO:I don’t think I’ve had such a thing before.
SH:Wow, amazingly lucky people are here (laughing).

Lambert:Yes, those of you who have never had any scary experience before actually do have the strongest guardian spirits.
SH:Wow~~ (I wish I could borrow one, lol)
CT:I’ve never had any accident before.
ST:I’ve never been hospitalized before.
Lambert:Good. All right, let’s move on.

Now, have you ever had the experience before which you returned back home several times when you tried to go out because you were not sure whether or not you turned the electricity/gas off and/or locked the door?


Lambert:You come back home again to check out the main valve of gas, and leave home again. Your guardian spirits make such a few minutes of time lag to prevent you from encountering an accident.

SH:Ah, I used to have the experience when I was feeling rushed and almost panicked (giggling). It’s almost too strange to be so worried about the house being locked or not.
CT:I’ve had that experience the other day!

Lambert:The power of guardian spirits are getting stronger every year. We have been hearing the stories more often such as a huge crane collapsed in downtown but somehow not many people were walking around the scene at that time. This means that the messages from guardian spirits become more reachable in these days. In such a case, they take the role of a bodyguard.

Not everyone has guardian spirit certainly. The people who have the mental body definitely have them (100%). Those of you who have up to the deep-layer astral body mostly have them as well (70%). Besides them, there are people who do not have guardian spirit at all. You may not be able to believe this now, but Japan is probably the only country where almost 90% of the people who have guardian spirit(s).

You might wonder why the number of death toll at the place like India was normally one digit larger (than Japan) when they had an accident, right? Of course there should be some safety issues involved though, before even getting the point, it is unbelievable to be there (at the scene) in the first place.

Since most (live at Slack) participants are Japanese, almost everyone here has a guardian spirit. If you did not have one, you would never be aware of the blog either, lol. It is like that.

SH:Surely the damages by accidents in India and around Central & South America are really extensive.

VIII-3: Type of Guardian Spirit

Lambert:There are actually a few types of guardian spirits. First of all, the guardian spirit who is with you even before you are born and until you die is called Nadia (the main guardian spirit) in Shamballa. I explain it with the word “Nadia” in this seminar. They stay with the people who they are supposed to protect throughout their lives, but they are always just single Nadia per person and not everyone has one. I mean those people who only have the shallow-layer astral body do not have Nadia.

SH:I see! The “main” guardian spirit… it is like our advisers from Shamballa.

Lambert:Then, the guardian spirits who come and go after you are born are called Pars (the spirit guides). They can come and protect you anytime as a guardian spirit even if you do not have Nadia. On the other hand, they can leave you anytime by running out of the patience with you.

SH:Wearing out their patience…. nooooo, I might already wear them out…. sigh.

Lambert:Let’s say, you have your late grand mother as Nadia who passed away before you were born. She was an ordinary housewife in her life, but her grandson (you) becomes the owner of a company. Then, she is no longer able to protect you by herself since she has no skill or knowledge regarding the management of the firm. So, here comes Pars to support you.

Most Pars are the experts of areas related to your life mission, and they can be with you as many of them as they like.

SH:That is what “the brains” really mean… (laughing)
Lambert:Yes, indeed.

There is another type which you usually hate to have around called “wandering ghost.” They do not usually stick to you strongly.

They have the pretty similar tendency to stray dogs which follow the person whose frequency is pretty low. That is why they can be easily away by reciting “Amen” or any chanting phrases. You usually scatter a pinch of salt after attending a funeral (as I explained ELB-5: http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=34068) to purify yourself before entering house since you were at the place (funeral) filled with sad frequencies which would attract such ghosts.

However, those ghosts sometimes try to support you so that we, in Shamballa interpret them as a type of guardian spirits.

SH:I am surprised that such a wondering ghost can be a guardian spirit!

Lambert:There is another type which is the entity called tutelary gods.
They are like the general managers at a company if guardian spirits are the section managers. They are the extraterrestrials who are supposed to guide you for your life mission. They are the macro-type guardians who can also support companies, organizations, nations and above.

SH:Extraterrestrials do support us as brains… well, Earth people are the strongest, aren’t they?!????
Lambert:That is right.
All right, I will start with Pars.
SH:Yes, please.

IX – Pars (the spirit guide)

Lambert:Pars is usually an expert of some professions which can go from person to person. If a Pars has been supporting to the person who does not work at all and becomes really greedy for money, then he/she will leave. How they leave and change the person to support is that they check out and move around at professional gatherings such as a party with lawyers, medical association, music/art industry gatherings and so on.

If they find the person with really “famous” Pars (guardian spirits), they of course go with the person. Well then, why did they become guardian spirits? Volunteering? Service-mindedness? Even pickpockets and thieves have Pars as well. Those thieves usually do not enter the house they are supposed to be caught which the Pars guide them which house they should enter. So, do they really have such a thing called service-mindedness?

SH:Hmmmm, they (Pars) check out people at parties, lol.
I really don’t think they do a volunteer work….

IX-1 : Soul frequency and Guardian spirit

Lambert:Now, I talk about a soul data.
Every soul has a certain numbers.
Please take a look at the following graph:

Lambert:This graph is showing the frequency changes of 4 people from the birth to death. This frequency is not what we have covered at the previous sessions but the soul frequency. This soul frequency does tell you where you will be reincarnated and how close you have been with your life mission.

You may think your next life will be determined by your final point of the frequency, but that is not true. The point is the climb rate which means how much you could raise your frequencies since you were born till the end of your life.

By the way, your starting number is the frequency when you died in your former life.

SH:The soul frequency… I see.
This is probably what we know of “accumulating virtues.”

For example, the person ① seems raising his frequency pretty steady. Of course there are some ups and downs because that is the life. However, the overall number keeps rising from 5 at the time of birth and 20 in the end. His climb rate is 15 points.

The person ② is a child of some priests/clergymen or rich people. The number is from 20 to 25 which the climb rate is 5 points.

Then, the person ③ fell into evil ways and the life became total downfall. The number is from -5 to -30 which is actually Beth’s former life. She was quite an atrocious fiend in her most former lives.

SH:The person ③ is really terrible!…. oh well, Beth…. oh, no!! (laughing)

Lambert:We are not even sure how many people she had killed, and such a downfall was common and natural to her since she had been born mostly in the time of wars. Therefore, when people sometimes come to her friendly and say “I think I had met you, Beth in my former life.,” she replies to them “I am sorry I don’t remember when I had killed you.” LOL


Lambert:The last person ④ started with -20, but he has ended up with 15.

When you simply look at the final numbers, of course the person ② is the best. You all think he should become a good guardian spirit; however he is actually considered as the second lowest after Beth because of the climb rate which is the points how much you could raise since you were born till the end of your life as I mentioned before.

In this case, the person ④ has the highest climb rate.

SH:It is really great to see the climb rate of the person ④!
Oh, I see it’s not good to stay at the same level no matter how high the frequency is.

Lambert:Then, what should you do to raise your frequency? It is a matter of how much you could raise someone’s frequency. If you do raise 1 point of frequency for your child, assistant, student and so on, your frequency actually rises 2 points. On the other hand, you will lose 2 points if you lower 1 point of someone’s frequency. What really bad about any crimes, bullying and abusing at school and workplace is that they do affect your soul which even influence your condition/environment of your next life.

SH:Oh, it may cause a life of frequency debt…

Lambert:Anyways, those guardian spirits can raise 1 point of their frequency when they raise 1 for the person they are protecting which they can gain an advantage for their next life. Yes, they are not protecting you based on the “unconditional love”, lol. They are also desperate for themselves so that they move around and go from person to person when they give up with the person who does not seem to have any hope to raise the frequency.

SH:They seem to be a group of moneymaking schemers behind scene, lol.
Lambert:That is right, lol.

By the way, here is one of FAQ (frequently asked questions): “Does my late grandmother become a guardian spirit of someone?”

In fact, there is the rule which you should raise at least 15 points to become a Nadia (main guardian spirit). That is why the person ② on the graph cannot be one. The person ① barely makes to it, and the person ④ is definitely able to become a guardian spirit which is totally possible to be Nadia or Pars.

SH:Wow, the person ④ is excellent!✨

Lambert:It is important to meet and contact people which means that you are supposed to lose the great opportunity if you stay home and withdraw into yourself. If you consider secluding yourself in the mountains in order to raise your soul frequency, you should stop even thinking of it. Your friends and acquaintances usually try to stop you if you are going to seclude yourself in the mountains since they know the fact intuitively. It is much better to stay in a diner/family restaurant for 2 hours than meditating for 2 hours by yourself, lol.

IX-2: Protecting system of Guardian spirit and Strengthening

Lambert:Now, I will explain more about guardian spirit(s) supporting behind you.
SH:Yes, please.

Lambert:Pars (spirit guides) are the experts in certain professional field. You should be able to have Pars for any possible areas such as business, craftspeople, agriculture, fishing industry and so on. For example, it is better for a CEO to have more than just one Pars since he/she can acquire the hidden experience values.

A company owner sometimes says “Please investigate this since I have a bad feeling.” at a business deal. The bad feeling is the world that Pars (spirit guides) usually inform you. Owners and CEOs especially experience such mysterious bad feelings quite often so that people may think of them as fickle and selfish dictators; however they actually only catch the information from the guardian spirits obediently and unconsciously. The time people become successful is when they respond either Nadia or Pars pretty sensitively.

SH:Ah, that is what leaders and CEOs are often said to be spiritually sensitive!

Lambert:If you would like to get Pars, you should proceed your life mission. Then you should be able to have more Pars with you. They are not supporting you by unconditional love, but they never leave you alone as long as you live fair and square since they always take pride in their job as an expert. Being honest… just as you cannot deceive yourself, you can never deceive your Pars or Nadia.

SH:I see.

Lambert:There are many exposures and disclosures in these days which suggests that the honest people will win in the end from now on after the Ascension (2015). It will happen quite naturally. No matter how many exploiting people actively exist, they can no longer ignore their guardian spirits.

SH:If we live fair and square, we will be protected by guardian spirits.

Lambert:There are actually ways to strengthen your guardian spirits.
SH:Oh, I would like to hear it!! I want them to train their muscles behind me!!

1. Studying — in order to develop your soul.
2. Greeting — You are supposed to fit your frequency to others by exchanging greetings so that you should be able to have a flexibility in your mind.
3. Hobby — This is your life mission and the way to stabilize your frequency.
4. Being grateful — You are supposed to receive the high sense energy of the company.
5. Small act of kindness — Giving up your seat (to elder/disabled person), giving your way to someone on a street… the gratitude from such small acts of kindness contains a really pure feeling which makes guardian spirits really strong.
6. Doing small good deeds — It is fine to do something really small so that no one even notices such as picking up and throwing a trash/empty can into a waste basket. Your guardian spirit would be really happy to see it which is the same as you would be really happy to see your child doing a small but a really good conduct.

SH:….oh well, these are all the things I should work hard (cha-ching!).
These look like some teachings at a temple (laughing).
Lambert:Yes. After all, these are the things we end up caring for.

SH:Yes, that’s really true.
All right, let’s move on to the Q&A.
SN:I would like to be the 3rd questioner.
Lambert:Oh, of course yes.
SH:SN-san, you are the third!
Lambert:Here cooooommmmmeees Ms. SN!

[We had asked for some questioners in the middle of session. There were 2 people raising the hands at first, then SN-san appeared just before the Q&A.]

X – Q&A①

SH:So, ST-san, are you ready for your question?
ST:The soul data or the points you have explained a little while ago… Where do they get recorded in us?
SH:Oh, that’s an interesting question.
Lambert:They are in your deep-layer Astral body.
It is not possible to get such data in your shallow-layer Astral body. That is why some religions suggest that you are supposed to be vanished after you die.
SH:Is that myself in Shamballa?
Lambert:No, no.
It is totally different between you in Shamballa and you who is in the cleaning process.
Lambert:You (who is in the clening process) are not awakened.
SH:Oh well, we are all getting confused now, lol.
Lambert:I believe so.
When you try to get data of your muscle, you usually find it out by some machines/instruments, right? It means that you need an apparatus to conduct electricity through your muscle.
Lambert:However, you probably never know how your muscle nornally gets tense, do you?
ST:No, I don’t.
Lambert:We, people in Shamballa all know our own muscle data since we can totally understand and manage our own selves.
SH:Wow, you guys all totally understand such data by yourself without depending on any machines (AMAZING)!
Lambert:That is what “awakening” really means.
SH:Man! What am I doing?! (It’s not time to continue sleeping!)
Lambert:That is why you in Shamballa and you who is in the process of cleaning (soul) are totally different. You may still get confused…?
SH:I kinda undestand what you mean.
Lambert:Yes, I think you all should be able to see the soul data by yourslef one day.
ST:Who is that myself in the cleaning process?
Lambert:You who has not been awakened yet.
Those of you who have been participating the seminar which is to see your former life are taught to see the data as well. That is just a tip (to see the data) so that you cannot get the exact numbers, but you all will be able to get at least this much data one day.
Please do support and participate the second seminar at Slack.
SH:Oops, here comes the promotion, lol!
Lambert:(Laughing) So, is this fine with you?
ST:Thank you very much!
Lambert:I am sorry (if I did not give you enough answer).
SH:ST-san, how is it? Are you fine?

SH:All right, so MN-san, please ask your question.
MN:Mr. Lambert!
How can I raise some other people’s frequencies, not mine?
I would like to raise my soul points (by doing it).
Lambert:That is to raise and cultivate people.
Telling-off, praising and teaching senses… it is simple but pretty important.
SH:Oh, Mr. Lambert, it means that you are currently raising your own frequencies pretty actively, lol.
Lambert:Yes, I have been raising so far 65 x 2 points tonight (laughing).
SH:Wooooow (lol)!
Lambert:Now you understand why staff in Shamballa would like to teach a class, lol.
MN:Not just raising children or being a teacher, is it possible to raise the frequencies between friends?
Lambert:Yes, I believe the points should be higher with a friendship.
SH:It is really special that a friend gives us a great idea and inspiration, isn’t it?
Lambert:Yes, it is. That is why everyone suggests you to have a friend.
Is this fine now?
SH:MN-san, are you fine with the answer?
MN:I now understand how important we have such a good relationship which we can teach and grow each other❣️
Thank you very much!!

Now, the third brave lady…..
SH:SN-san, please ask your question~
SN:Do guardian spirits have any emotion? I believe (and hope) they do though.
I was thinking whether or not there was a guardian spirit who could stay with me no matter how many points I had even dropped. Do all guardian spirits work with the mind of profit and loss? I know they would definitely prefer the person who is really productive and active. But… anyways, please let me know.
Lambert:Emotion? Of course they do have it.
They are like your comrades.
SH:I think SN-san can be such a guardian spirit (who can stay and encourage forever a weak person).
Lambert:You should be a good mother before becoming a guardian spirit.
Oh well, it does not mean that you are not (sweating).
SH:lol, I can’t say anything, lol.
So, there are guardian spirits who can stay with me for a long time because of their emotions (attachments).
Lambert:Yes, totally.
SN:I’m relieved now ( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ
Thank you very much????
Lambert:No worries.
SH:Let’s be a person who the guardian spirits would love to stay and support as much as they can.

XI – Nadia (main guardian spirit)

Lambert:Next, I will explain to you all about Nadia.

Lambert:Nadia has been supporting/protecting you since you were born. If you have grown up pretty healthy and without any problem up to now, I can safely say that you have come to this point because of Nadia. If you have such the most powerful Nadia with you, you probably never be even interested in looking at a brochure of possible troublesome travel plans. Then, how would you be able to find out about their existence?

XI-1: Identifying Guardian spirit (Nadia/Pars)

Lambert:Now, please prepare a sheet of paper.

It is fine with the size of a notepad, copy paper or you can actually use a page of a notebook. Please write a person’s name and date of birth which is the same way as Okyo-maki.

[note by editor: How to Okyo-maki from【ELB-4:Sense energy, part 2】http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=32939#ind8-2]

SH:The name we should write is the person we have prepared (for the session), isn’t it?

Lambert:Yes, someone other than yourself.
The reason you do not use your name is because it is difficult to see your own guardian spirit(s).

Let’s begin if you are all ready.

SH:Have you all written (the name & DOB) on the sheet of paper?

Lambert:All right, let’s begin.
Please look at the sheet of paper.

Now, the person you have written the name is standing in front of you.
Let’s imagine the guardian spirit and how many of them if he/she has any.

Please do not make a hit.

You can just simply describe what you are seeing/imagining now.
Is it just one? or two, three… more than that?

If he/she has any guardian spirit(s), how many of them does he/she have?… you can casually imagine that.

SH:I go with my delusions, lol.

Lambert:That is totally fine.
Yes, you can feel free to explore your delusion.

Now, please focus on the one of them… is that he? or she?

How is the figure/physique?
Is he/she a big person? or skinny/slender?

Yes, you are now seeing the guardian spirit.

If you can have the eye contact, please say hi to him/her.
It should be nice to introduce yourself such as “Good evening, I am a friend of ◯◯.”

You can also tell him/her if there is any message to ◯◯.

You may see the guardian spirit who is just smiling at you.

SH:I am trying to talk to the one who has a beautiful smile.

Lambert:You all have learned this at the subject ”Psychics”

[note by editor: “Telepathy/Channelling” from 【ELB-2:Psychics, part 2】http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=30672#ind6]

Some of you may catch the message by the sensation/feelings.
Some of you may catch the message verbally.

The tip is “not trying to hit the correct answer.”
“It is all OK since this is a delusion” — That is totally fine.

What you see and hear now is pretty much the same as when you talk with your teacher in Shamballa.

Now, are you all ready to close?

SH:Yes, I am currently expressing my thanks to the guardian spirit.

Lambert:Well then, let’s finish the exchange with saying “Thank you very much” to them (Nadia/Pars) .

Yes, you should bow in your mind while saying “Thank you very much,” and then clap once in front of your chest with your physical body.

Now, Clap!

That is all.

SH:Although other guardian spirits seemed to wish for more conversations, I told them “next time” (laughing).

Lambert:The person who assigned the Kanji character “power (力)” for the word “Ku-sou-ryoku (空想力) – power of imagination” must have noticed the tremendous power.

Power of imagination is a physics.


Lambert:How did you do it?
This is how you see the guardian spirit.

When you encounter the occurrence which never overturn one day, you will finally be able to be convinced that you have been seeing the objective facts.
SH:So, we all have the day to verify our answers, don’t we?
SH:I’m looking forward to it!

Lambert:Although you can learn this in detail if you attend the live seminar in person (in Tokyo), this is the basic method.

XI-2: Signals from Nadia

Lambert:Let’s continue the session.

A long time ago, there was a survey conducted to the family members of every victim who died by a fatal plane crash whether or not they heard any signals (by the victims).
It is a survey of what is called “premonition.”

What the survey says:

1. The victim himself left home with murmuring “I do not want to go.”
2. The victim told (the family) that he/she saw a dream of late relatives.
3. The victim came back home several times when he/she was leaving to pick up some forgotten things.
4. The victim said a symbolic parting words.

Lambert:At least half of the victims left such signals. Yes, these are the things their Nadia (main guardian spirits) had told them. They are protecting us with all their strength in order for us not to involve any troubles on a daily basis.

Let’s say when you write an application for an entrance exam, you are not supposed to make it dirty. Aren’t you really careful to fill out the form in order not to make any mistake? This is because many schools (in Japan) usually dispose of the application (envelope) with stains without even opening it since they believe such dirty forms will cause some problems. They would like to have not only superior students but also a consistent trust/reputation without any problematic issue especially for those private schools.

SH:We all must listen to a premonition…. brrrrr.

Lambert:It is also a same kind of case that the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Antoinette] made a blot by ink on the official marriage contract.

SH:It is a world common understanding that ink blot on a sheet of paper is a sign of bad luck.

Lambert:Such a problematic condition with the bad flow is the proof of Nadia desperately trying to lead you out from troubles.

SH:I see!

Lambert:There were 2 businessmen who were supposed to take the train which had the famous incident by a Japanese cult sect, Aum Shinrikyo [“Tokyo subway sarin attack” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_subway_sarin_attack)]. However, they did not get involved in the incident. One of them went to work earlier without any reason, and he even said “I had not idea why I arrived my work place so early.” The other man did not get involved either since he overslept by the alarm clock never turned on that day.

Besides them, there should have been more people having similar things in order to avoid the train at the particular time & day.

In fact, there are many testimonies which the train at the particular time on the day was not as crowded as usual.

SH:Oh, I’ve heard that before….

Lambert:That was the result of each Nadia trying to avoid the incident. Yes, the signals from Nadia can be visible/noticeable by various phenomena.

If you are planning to go on trip which you are supposed to be involved with a fatal accident, your Nadia will try to let the plan be cancelled.

SH:Oh well, we usually love to go desperately (since we can’t either predict the future or know the existence of Nadia) so that it should be a conflict between us and Nadia.

Lambert:You are supposed to encounter the things such as hitting the red light too many times, missing train when you just come to a platform more than 3 times in one day, and so on. However, you probably never even imagine of these signals by Nadia in relation to the trip you are planning of.

Then, you will have the next signals such as unable to find a pen, making a mistake on the contract and making the travel documents dirty by knocking a glass of water when you talk about the trip at the travel agency.

Shortly after, you start noticing the changes in your emotion.

There are quarrels whenever you talk about the trip.
Your friends who were supposed to go on the trip together can longer make it.

However, you keep pushing ahead with the plan since you are the one who brought it up first.

SH:Yeees, that’s really a common case with us.

Lambert:Then, you will see the troubles at your house such as electrical appliances being broken down, leakage of water and so on.
You should be extra cautious when you see such troubles I just said more than 3 incidents one after another.

You now have more things left behind since you start losing the power of concentration. Things you have placed get lost.

A long time ago, one of Beth’s sons had a trouble finding a text book for his supplementary private school which he claimed he left at the entrance of their house. Since he became so emotional to claim his correctness, Beth had noticed the signal and told him not to go to the school. He did not seem to be satisfied with the situation, but he found the text book at the center of entrance as soon as he agreed not to go there. So, he said “Can I go there since the text book has been found?” and Beth answered, “Well, it appeared because you decided not go there.” so that he ended up not going there on that day.

SH:Wow… that’s the signal!

Lambert:Next signal is that you start seeing the dream of people who have already been dead.

Then, people tend to attain a split second of a state of selflessness when they do a routine action on a daily basis. For example, locking the door, turning on the car engine, wearing the shoes… when you do such a routine action one day, you do murmur the things like “Ah, I do not want to go today” with a sigh.

This is a famous episode that Kyu Sakamoto who died in the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123, the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history used to have a custom of giving a hug to his children before leaving the house, and on the day (August 12, 1985), he said “I don’t want to go” while looking up the sky.

[note by editor: Kyu Sakamoto (well-known as “sukiyaki” song) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyu_Sakamoto]

Your Nadia keeps sending alert in many different ways until the last minute.

SH:It is good to lead a regular life in order to catch such signals obviously.

Lambert:Have you all seen on a TV drama that the main character came in late for an important meeting so that the other company got really upset and breached the deal?

You can understand easily if you analyze the situation. It is much better to avoid such a bad deal which goes against the flow instead of pressing the person who came in late.

Those dictatorial company presidents suddenly terminate some deals because their Nadia let them know and they can catch the signals. No matter how badly they are labeled such as fickle and arrogant dictators, they never agree with such problematic plans by their keen & wild intuition in order to protect their companies.

SH:It is kinda important to have the wild intuition (even though it may annoy others).

Lambert:Now, I will let you know how to deal with the unavoidable things/situations you have to do/go even though you would not wish to.

That is to sift the time.
5 minutes is enough if you do push or delay the timing, and then the dimension definitely will shift.

SH:Wow, just 5 minutes?! We only need 5 minutes to avoid troubles!

Lambert:Beth once had a phone call from her acquaintance which she said, “My 3-years-old child has a high fever and does not seem to get any lower. Do you think he has been possessed by some weird ghosts or something?” However, Beth could not find any such “weird ghost” no matter how she tried to check him out.

So, Beth asked her “Do you have any plan for a trip in near future?” then, the acquaintance lady said she was going to go to Niigata where her parents live 3 days later to show their grandson so that she already purchased the tickets. She asked Beth:

“Does this mean that we should not go there?”
“No, you only need to change the date which even half a day should be fine.”

She immediately changed the ticket to the next day, and soon after that, Beth received a phone call from her, “My child’s temperature became normal when I came home!” Child is really sensitive to the things like that.

SH:That is amazing.
I think every parent should understand condition and reaction of the child.

Lambert:Yes, that is true.

I will give you another example. When Beth was planning of her family trip to Shimoda, the 3 electrical appliances were broken one after another at first. The only plan for her trip at that time was the Shimoda thing. Then, Beth started sensing an ominous premonition so that she was almost for sure the Shimoda trip would be the cause of this spooky signals. However, she knew that her husband would never change the plan by such superstitious stories.

So, her neighbor lady who has a keen sense asked her, “Beth, are you going to go on trip near future?” (laughing) The lady told Beth not to go and really tried to stop her emotionally by even getting upset in the end. However, Beth had a good chance of winning this bet, and she would really like to find it out. Her children had already seen such phenomena pretty often so that she told them what to do. On the actual trip day, they acted really sluggish at the time they were supposed to leave the house. The family could finally leave the house after a delay of 2 hours, and Beth even switched a seat from where she normally sits. In this way, the Shimoda trip ended pretty peacefully. Well, I can tell you this now since they had no problem, lol.

SH:Wow! That sounds wild!
Some people may get upset since they did not have any trouble, lol.

Lambert:Now, you all understand well. You should not get scared by such signals, but instead you can do whatever you would like to do actively. It should be much easier to shift the time instead of choosing only 2 ways between going or not. You cannot recommend the person who is desperately trying to arrive on time at work that he should be late.
There is actually a telling phrase for such occasions:

“Well, it is cheaper than your funeral, isn’t it?” LOL.

This phrase somehow gives you the sensation which falls into your deep mind so that you will look pretty calm in the moment.

SH:I see (laughing).

XI-3: Requesting Signals to Nadia (main guardian spirit)

Lambert:I have talked to you how you would receive the signals by Nadia pretty passively. Instead, you can request such signals to them.


Lambert:When you have some undecided issues such as which company should be the best for you, which school can be the most suitable for you, which hospital, etc. Beth goes with a coin toss without hesitating. She does it to make a decision on the spot. That is so quick, isn’t it? (laughing)

SH:Coin toss, that’s a good idea!

Lambert:Of course there are many signals you should be able to see at the preliminary inspection. If your Nadia does not want you to go there, you will see things such as hitting many red lights on your way, leaving some things at home more than twice, and so on. You can understand the intention of your guardian spirits when you see the phenomena on your way there. There is a phenomenon that you get there much earlier than you think if they want you to go there.

However, this is also a great chance to learn how you can ask the signals/messages to your Nadia.

You can ask your Nadia, “Please give me a coincidence” in your mind which Beth often does as well. It is a good idea to decide a particular number especially with a triple digit such as 333, 555, 888 and so on. You may start looking at many numbers by receipts at some shops, number/license plate of cars, signboard of stores and businesses, etc.

SH:That’s a great way to confirm the signals.

Lambert:However, you should not be satisfied with the triple digit you have just seen once. If you found one, you should ask “Thank you very much for the numbers. But show me the same numbers again, please” … (laughing) so then, you should be able to see the numbers again. Beth on the other hand, does not get satisfied there either. “I am very sorry!! But I would like to confirm one more time to make me really believe your signal!”… well then, it actually happens. People no matter who they are tend to believe the things like this after they see a triple digit with the same number 3 times.

Then, you should be able to see the numbers at 3 times.
Please try it out.

SH:Being persistent…. well, I hope my Nadia won’t become disliking me, lol.

Lambert:If you see an unexpected triple digit on a receipt, you should recall whether or not you have something you have wondered to yourself.

Your Nadia never dislike you because they are really desperate too, lol.

SH:I’m relieved…????
It must be really hard to protect such lazy-bones in order to raise the points (not my business though, lol).
Lambert:Yes, so.

[Here comes the second Q&A. TN-san and FR-san raised hands for the questioners.]

XII – Q&A②

SH:All right then, TN-san, are you ready for your question?
Is Nadia (main guardian spirit) somehow related to us like an ancestor?
I have tried to see my own guardian spirit(s) at the experiment.
The main one among 4 of them seems to support my life mission so that I assume that is one of my ancestors. Please let me know the answer.
Lambert:Yes, you are correct. Your gene does involve here (to assign the particular Nadia).
If that is an old gent you do not know, he should be someone related to you in your past life.
SH:An old gent… I like a young guy better, lol.
Lambert:Relatives and grand parents are pretty common in this case.
You have seen your own guardian spirits?
Wow, that is amazing.
TN:Yes. I did imagine myself sitting in front of me.
Lambert:I see.
Please lead your life decently once they revealed themselves for you.
TN:Yes!!! Thank you very much.
Lambert:Thank you very much for your question.

SH:Now FR-san, please ask your question.
FR:I imagined “the President” of that country when I heard the word “a dictatorial company owner.” Did Mr. Trump become the President since he was really good at catching signals from his guardian spirits and/or he had really strong guardian spirits?
Lambert:Of course yes, and it is not just one or two spirits.
By the way, one of the former Prime Minister in Japan, Kakuei Tanaka is famous as he had 50 guardian spirits at his peak.

[editor’s note: Kakuei Tanaka – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kakuei_Tanaka]

He shouldered a group of 50 people (spirits)…
Lambert:It should be interesting how many of them Mr. Trump has on his back.
Let’s check it out next time.
SH:The President, who runs the country by his wild intuition. (I’ve made a Haiku!)
SH:FR-san, are you fine with the answer?
FR:Yes, I totally understand.
If he could have tutelary gods, he would be even much stronger/influential and not be hated as much as this, lol.
He may have 50 of just regular guys (spirits)…
SH:Tutelary gods… please do support him!
Lambert:Well, this is just between ourselves.

XIII – Epilogue

Lambert:Now, we are going to do the same experiment we have done in the beginning of this session today.

SH:Oh, yes!

Lambert:Let’s ask the person behind you (guardian spirit) to hold/touch your shoulder.
Please say “Thank you very much for always being there for me” as well.

…. How was it? Did you feel the sensation any stronger than the beginning?

SH:I felt that my guardian spirit actually hugged me from behind, lol.

Lambert:You all have been living in your life without even noticing such existence watching over you on a daily basis until now.

If you can truly realize that you are not alone, your attendance of this seminar is successful. Your guardian spirits are supposed to navigate your life which they let you know any dangers and/or shortcuts and set you up for (meaningful) meetings. They did cry with you when you were overwhelmed with grief, they were overjoyed with you when you were really happy, they have been cheering you up and sometimes telling you off. It is probably because of them why you can read this seminar without any problem.


Lambert:At last, I would like to let you know the tip for catching the guidance of your guardian spirits smoothly and stably.

That is…
you do what a human normally does. You are supposed to wake up at the same time to shape yourself as a human. You are supposed to be bright and positive, be thankful to others and make a resolution for your life. They can always navigate your way with a favorable position if you do these things.

Please do live your life with an awareness of their presence even a little bit, then you will be able to become a master of this game called “life.”

I will talk about “reincarnation” at the next session.

SH:We are planning to hold this in January, 2018.

Lambert:I will explain things such as why there are so many people claiming they are the reincarnations of Jesus, why you do reincarnate, and so on.

Thank you very much again for staying with me such a long time.

SH:I am looking forward to it!
Thank you very much, Mr. Lambert for the year-end ELB!!
ST:Thank you very much!
SY:Thank you very much! 88888888
CT:Thank you very much!
MY:Thank you very much????
HN:Thank you very much(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
AL:Thank you very much!
TN:Thank you very much.
HD:Thank you very much.
AC:Thank you very much????????????????????????
Lambert:I am thankful to staff members in Shamballa and those of you who have been supporting ELB.
OR:Thank you very much!
RY:Thank you very much!????
MR:Thank you very much!!
JI:Thank you very much????????????
HK:Thank you very much!✨
LG:Thank you very much❗️
SN:Thank you very much????
SH:Thank you very much, Mr. Lambert!!!
UP:Thank you very much(⌒▽⌒)
OS:Thank you very much!
HI:Thank you very much????
CO:Thank you very much☆
RK:Thank you very much!
UM:Thank you very much!!
FB:Thank you very much!
GR:Thank you very much.
JD:Thank you very much.
GC:Thank you very much.
SH:It is amazing that he actually did finish on time (it must be some sort of dimensional operation involved!, lol) ????
MG:Thank you very much????

KZ:I participated today from the place near Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.
When I am here,
the words like “the US Nuclear Umbrella,” “Nuclear deterrent” are all blown away.
Peace is not such a thing… we all can deeply understand.
Thank you very much.

Lambert:Please go ahead to blow away.
Such a feeling will move the history.

EV:Thank you very much✨
UP:???????????????????????????????? Please!
CL:Thank you very much.
SI:Thank you very much.
Lambert:Thank you all.
(Leaving the stage)
JU:Thank you very much~~^^
SH:Thank you very much for all of you 〜!????

[Mr. Lambert mentioned “It may enter the overtime tonight” in the middle of this session, but he actually finished really, really on time without any rushing attitude and left the stage stylishly.]


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire session of ELB-6.

I hope you now feel some warmness around you… yes, you are not alone.

It is interesting to find out that many of signals and inspirational thoughts which I used to think “That is my intuition” are actually from my Nadia and Pars. I realized I could survive as of today because not just I was healthy or strong but also such guardian spirits have been supporting and protecting me.

This may be a savior for those of you who feel really lonely and helpless.

Let’s live this life as full as possible and come back to read this ELB whenever we need a little tip and guidance. Your guardian spirits will lead you the way for sure.

If you have any questions, please submit them from the form “質問★Questions & Inquiries” (please type “ELB” on the subject field).

Please feel free to let us know your opinions via the form above and/or posting your comments (English language is totally welcome).

Thanks again and hopefully see you again at the next session (ELB-7:Reincarnation/Dimensional operation, part 1)!!




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