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Today, I will introduce the second part of the last subject, “dimensional operation.” The term “dimensional operation” sounds unfamiliar to most of you, but you will notice how naturally you have been doing it as soon as you start reading the session.

We often use the word “dimension” as well, but how much do we really know about it? What is it all about? How does it affect us and our everyday life? Let’s check it all out now!


In this blog entry, I post an edited version of the actual Slack session. Hopefully not just for those of you could not attend the session, but also for the people who came to the session will read the whole thing again to understand deeply and gain your knowledge.

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All right! without further notice, let’s begin the blog edition of “ELB-8 : Reincarnation/Dimensional operation, part 2”!!


ELB-8:Reincarnation/Dimensional operation, part 2
Sunday, February 18th, 2018 22:00〜24:00 (JST)
Lecturer: Mr. Gilles Lambert(His brief introduction is here)
Room: class_elb08_021818 (in sschool-class.slack.com)
Typing (channeling):Beth
Technical Support:AL(K)
Slack Registration Support: JU

☆☆☆Total 73 participants☆☆☆



VI – Dimension
    VI-1: Sensation of Shield (Aura)
VII – Dimensional operation
    VII-1: Realizing dimension (experiment)
IX – Moving dimension (Operation)
    IX-1: Coin toss (experiment)
    IX-2: Art of Dimensional operation
    IX-3: Alternative Ofuda-maki (experiment)
X – Epilogue : Dimensional operation


SH:All right, everyone! let’s welcome Mr. Lambert with a round of applause… well, let’s do it more than ever!! Mr. Lambert, welcome to ELB again! 888888888888888 (8 = clap in Japanese expression)

[This ELB’s final session was already in full swing during the introduction, and there was a thunderous applause even before Mr. Lambert was appeared on the stage.]

Lambert:Thank you, everyone. So, shall we begin?
SH:Yes, please.
Lambert:Good evening, everyone. This is (Gilles) Lambert. This is my last session with you, so please do take it without falling asleep, lol!
SH:(I will kick your butt if you fall asleep, hahaha!)

VI – Dimension

Lambert:All right, let’s begin.
So, I believe some of you may hear the word of today’s theme “dimensional operation” for the first time. In Japan, “the law of attraction” has become a really popular word which is exactly what the dimensional operation is all about. Today, we are going to focus on this particular human ability “dimensional operation.”

[note by editor: “The law of attraction” by Esther Hicks; “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne]


Lambert:First of all, dimension refers to the world of “If.” “If I did enter the university at that time…” “If I ever married to the lady…” you all use the word “if” pretty often, don’t you? That is generally known as the world of assumption which has never been actually realized. However, we, in Shamballa interpret it as the world actually exists. You, most Japanese people also know pretty well that the word “if” often affects the world.

SH:Yes, that’s right.

Lambert:For example, when you asked question to an examinee before the entrance exam (for a college) such as, “What would you do if you fail the exam?” and then he actually did fail the exam, he would tell you such as this in Japan, “I failed the exam because you asked me what to do “If” I failed!!” However, there is no such a view or idea in the Christian world.

SH:That’s true. I’ve not heard such a thing in the Western world.

Lambert:Here is another example in Japan: A long time ago, there was a TV program discussing about an airplane hijacking, and one analyst presented the plot “if any fatalities ever occurred in the airplane.” Then, phones of complaint poured in to the TV station from all over the country when the actual fatalities occurred since the audience believed that the fatalities ever occurred because the analyst mentioned about it. The analysis and the actual fatalities should have no connection whatsoever, but it is pretty rare and interesting to see the people who believe in such a thing.

However, it happens because you, Japanese people are aware that the world of “if” can actually do affect the reality. In other words, I would like to declare that Japanese people are tremendously skilled dimensional operators. You have the true ability to consciously operate the dimension called reality.

SH:Indeed, we all know a word becomes reality.

Lambert:One familiar ritual among Japanese people which really understands the dimension is “Yaku-otoshi (driving out negative energies)” at a Shinto shrine. It is supposed to make a catastrophe into a small misfortune. You all do it pretty naturally, don’t you? A long time ago, Beth was asked to choose one of the 3 different prices (3 thousand yen, 5 thousand yen and 10 thousand yen) for Yaku-otoshi when she went a shrine to request the ritual. When she asked staff at the shrine what would be the price difference, they said “Oh well, it is probably… a gift?”

SH:A gift… lol.

Lambert:She asked another person, a priest of the shrine about the price difference again, then he said that the price making you feel a slightly painful at that time would be the best choice for you. You do not have to pay unreasonably lots of money, but the amount can be too little to avoid a misfortune if you are really rich. If you choose to pay 3 thousand yen, you are supposed to move to the dimension where you can avoid injury and sickness equivalent of 30 thousand yen. A catastrophe turns into a small misfortune, and a small misfortune becomes no trouble. You are supposed to obtain such a dimension through an equivalent exchange with the money you feel a slightly painful to pay at the time.

SH:I see! It is good to pay the amount (of money) which makes us feel a slightly painful.

Lambert:For example, if you are walking worriedly in front of utility poles, you probably fall down and get injured. However, nothing happens if you are passing by them pretty calmly. There is the dimension which you see a wonderful person when you are passing by them with an excitement. You take such actions (avoiding or pushing forward) because you know the parallel worlds actually exist in reality.

SH:Yes, I feel they exist really close to us.

Lambert:Moreover, the thought like ”What was I supposed to do if I entered the college?” itself only comes up in your mind since the dimension actually exists. On the other hand, you would think about it because yourself in “that” dimension recalled the contrary situation. You are existing each dimension and able to influence each other.

SH:Each of myself exists in each dimension…

Lambert:You can try this as an experiment. Let’s make a rule which you are supposed to repeat a same thing everyday. Let’s see, please talk to yourself on the mirror when you wash your face in the morning. “I had this and that yesterday.” – You are supposed to talk while recalling yourself looking at the mirror yesterday morning. Then, you ask to yourself in the future or tomorrow morning, “Did anything happen to me?” Please do it everyday.

SH:So, we are supposed to talk to ourselves in the past and future.

Lambert:Then, you realize something unsual happening one day. More the incident is shocking, you will receive the image pretty easily. If the incident actually does not happen, it means that you have already moved to the dimension it never occurred.

That is what we call parallel world which is actually predictable. Because it does not move more than a certain range. For example, there are only a few ways/courses to hit a golf ball to approach the hole when you are on the putting green. The ball cannot climb up the hill if you hit it too soft, and it goes too far beyond the hill if you hit it too hard. You are able to predict the course of ball by the hitting direction & strength, the grain of the turf, direction & strength of the wind, and the shape of the hill.


Lambert:The parallel world is the same thing which you can think of the density of the physical electric layers which you all live and the astral electric layers as the hill I have mentioned above. The things moving in between the layers are so-called dimensions in your world. The denser a dimension is, the better situation you shall see. As a dimension gets thinner, it moves various directions which may cause some extraordinary things. You can compare the dense area as the top of hill, and the thin area as the flat space under the hill.

VI-1: Sensation of Shield (Aura)

Lambert:Let’s check out the sensation which you are moving all over the electric layers. If you have an adviser from Shamballa, he/she will make you feel it even more accurately. If you have never been to Shamballa, please try to take the action with a little stronger impression.

Now, let’s touch your aura. Many of you already know this from ELB-1: Psychics, part 1. First of all, please stretch out your right hand in front of you which makes the arm almost parallel to the floor. Then, please turn your right palm against your face. All right, let’s start moving the palm slowly towards to your face. Yes, move it slowly. Then you should notice some sensations at the certain point such as an elasticity, warmness, a tingling feeling or some of you may feel it cold.

SH:Everyone, let’s recall the former session and try it out.

Lambert:Now, let’s touch the shield from the inside. You can turn the palm the other side and touch the shield from the inside, and/or you can start moving the palm slowly from the inside through the shield. You are supposed to stick your hand slowly out of the shield in order to feel it. If you cannot feel it, please make sure the location of the shield from the outside first, then touch it as you are sticking out from the inside.
What it actually is…



SH:Wow, that’s a nimbus✨
Lambert:You are tocuhing the shield like these paintings. Those painters in the old time should have been able to see it.

Lambert:This shield is the thing covers you while moving through dimensions. It is like a protective suit.

It shines as the moving speed gets faster which is just happening by the resistance of dimensions even as you are being how you are now.
More people who take action towards their life missions, it gets faster and brighter. The reason why some people who are enthusiastic about their work look brighter is because of this.

SH:Oh, I see! The Olympic athletes are the great examples!
They really show the tremendous brilliance.


Lambert:You always live with the shield covering you as if the image indicates that a meteorite enters into the Earth’s atmosphere.

SH:Yes (I’m totally convinced).

VII – Dimensional operation

Lambert:Then, what is the “dimensional operation” all about? In fact, a really familiar and popular Japanese animation expresses it straightforwardly.

SH:Oh? animation…

Lambert:That is “Doraemon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doraemon).”
In the common episode, a machine which Doraemon takes out from his pocket which is connected to the future world becomes the main topic.
For example, when Doraemon would love to eat his favorite Japanese snack “Dorayaki (a bean-jam pancake),” he takes a machine out from his different dimensional pocket while calling the name (of machine).

SH:Doraemon… yes, I really longed for the pocket before.

Lambert:He inserts a paper of the Dorayaki drawing into the machine. He does not put any ingredient of Dorayaki into the machine such as a wheat flour and adzuki beans. All he does is drawing Dorayaki on a paper and inserts it into the machine.

A short time later, a phone call comes from Nobita’s (main character, friend of Doraemon) homeroom teacher of his elementary school. He says that he cannot make to Nobita’s home visit today because of an urgent business. Nobita’s mother bought many Dorayaki for the teacher which now become a waste and make her in trouble so that she asks Doraemon, “Hey, Dora-chan, why don’t you have some Dorayaki?” Happily, Doraemon can eat many Dorayaki… that is the plot.

Well, everyone, this story itself is the dimensional operation. This is especially epoch-making because it is done by a machine.

SH:Wow! indeed it is! The author might have known about… (Shamballa)

VII-1: Realizing dimension (experiment)

Lambert:Now I would like you to experience the dimension.
I asked you to prepare the 2 choices prior to the session. Please take them out now.
I will explain it here again for those of you have not heard it before, so, please be ready.

The 2 choices mean that you are supposed to write each possibility (A and B) on each sheet of paper regarding something you have not been decided yet between 2 choices.

For example,
A. I will have surgery for my disease.
B. I will not do it.

A. I will change my work place.
B. I will stay at the same company.

SH:Everyone, please prepare the 2 choices!
Lambert:Are you all ready?
SH:I’m completely ready.

Lambert:Please look at the sheet of paper.
Then, please see your choice A now. If the choice is something like a surgery as I mentioned above or things you are supposed to do, please imagine the time you finish it. Yes, please take a look at an image of the future instead of the time of the event. If your choice is to go on trip, please imagine when you come back from it and relax at your home which is the time you are absorbed by fun memories of the trip.
If you cannot imagine it well, please imagine of you on the New Year’s Eve. It is fine for you to feel like “We had a great trip this year, right?” on that day.

Changing your job is the same thing. You can imagine how you are feeling on the New Year’s Eve after you start working at the new place.
You are supposed to imagine the vision which you are relaxing at your usual place on that day.

Now, let’s begin.

It is easy for those of you who have done this before, but I will explain it anyways so that those of you for the first timmers can also understand.

SH:Yes, let’s imagine, imagine♪

Lambert:All right, let’s imagine yourself on the New Year’s Eve after accomplished the choice A.
Or, you can imagine yourself a month after the trip, or a month after the surgery whatever your choice A. You should be able to see “the vision” clearer when you set the same time & same day between the choice A and B.

SH:Same time, I see! that’s why it is easier to judge the scene on the New Year’s Eve.

Lambert:Now, I ask you the following questions:

Which vision was clearer?
Which vision did you think was brighter?
Which vision were you smiling?

Yes, that is the direction you would like to pursue.
This means that you should have seen the blurred, darker, or inexpressive vision with the other choice.

What we should pay attention here is the phenomenon “blur.”
Please take a look at the following image:

The space between the blue lines refers to a paved road in a savanna.
You all can enjoy a pleasant drive on the paved road.
However, your car definitely gets shaken as soon as it touches the blue line, and it will be broken eventually if it becomes completely out of the way.

You may think you all share the same space of a dimension; however, everyone actually drives on the road called different dimension. For example, the above image is the dimensional road of the frequency 38. The reason why you have got the clear vision is because you belong to the electric layer of the frequency 38 which is between the 2 (blue) lines. This is also the frequency of your life mission. If the frequency is 40 or 36, your vision should be blurred.

SH:Oh, I see! There is the frequency of my life mission.

Lambert:When you watch a BS (broadcasting satellite) channel on your TV, it becomes blurred and/or no sound you can hear if the direction of the antenna is a slightly off. Even the picture will not be shown if the antenna is completely off the direction. This is so-called “unimaginable” state in terms of the thinking. I did not explain why your vision would become blurred when we had the same experiment at ELB-2 : Psychics, part 2. It becomes blurred since the frequency is different which is not supposed to be the path you should follow.

Here is one example of “changing the dimension” that you cannot find a sauce on the dinner table so that you ask it to your wife. She says “It is right there” then you recognize it in front of you. That is also called “distorted dimension” which the sauce has gotten into wrinkles of the dimension.

I have mentioned this at the topic “Signals from Nadia” (【ELB-6:Spiritual energy, part 2】Enjoy Life Basic☆) that you would not be able to find your belongings as a sign before encountering an accident.

SH:Wow, you mean we are watching our own frequencies!
Yes, I thought it (the missing sauce on a table) would be just another thing I have been absent-minded, but it could be into a wrinkle of dimension…

Lambert:There are rumble of the earth and/or thunders when a large dimension moves. You sometimes see the scene with a thunderbolt on a drama which suggests a sudden change. You all actually notice the phenomenon which a large scale of the dimensional movement is occurring. Such thunderbolt and rumble of the earth are caused by a friction of each dimension.

Now, we move on to the Q&A.


WM:May I ask my question now?
SH:Yes! Please let us know your question, WM-san.
WM:I actually had a close brush with death quite a few times, but I didn’t die. Why? (laughing)
SH:Oh well, I would not be able to see you if you were dead~????
Lambert:(laughing) Because you are currently in the dimension where you were not dead.
WM:Well, yes, I have the luck of the devil. But why, why??
I was not caught to be eaten by the aliens from Sirius, and I could survive even though I was abducted by Essassani aliens.
Lambert:You still had the enough lifespan at that time.
Lambert:Also, your guardian spirits did protect you from injuries.
WM:Oh, I see.
I’m wondering why I could survive by the “five elements I Ching (six-lines divination/六爻占術).”
The first text book of the divination cost a hundred thousand yen (= about $1,000).

[note by editor: I Ching – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Ching]

Lambert:Well, what do you mean by “surviving by the divination”?
You had done it because you wanted to be safe, hadn’t you? Does your life only cost a hundred thousand yen?
WM:I could predict the timing by the divination which I would be involved a traffic accident so that I asked to change the driver and I could avoid it. I thought it was a coincidence.
Lambert:In that case, you entered the dimension to survive by yourself instead of wondering why you have survived.
SH:Oh, I see! You had the strong intention to live so that you actually did operate the dimension! You had the ability as well.
Lambert:You should value your life.
WM:The divination is a book supposed to really prove right which was found from some remains, and a hobbyist of fortune-telling did translate it into Japanese.

Lambert:In your case by the image above, you were supposed to get in the area “40”; however you did fix the route and come back to the center by yourself.
SH:It seems that the fortune-telling book would be a tool for you to accomplish your mission.
Lambert:It would be a navigation tool to operate your steering wheel.
SH:WM-san, are you fine with the answer?
WM:Yes, thank you very much.

SH:All right then, SLY-san, please let us know your question.
SLY:I’m sorry if my question is off the subject. Well, I have the person who sometimes comes into my mind. Does it happen because of the person actually thinking of me? Or am I operating the dimension to make the person think of me? Is it just my selfish idea? or our dimensions correspond each other at the same time?
The story always makes progress whenever I see the person in my dream. Does this mean I also live in a parallel dimension? I would like to find out why the person suddenly appears in my dream even though I normally forget about it.
Lambert:First of all, it happens because the person sends you some thought-forms if he/she is still alive.
SLY:My heart is pounding so that the pulse rate should be the fastest now!!
Yes! the person is still alive! Thought-forms…. really?!
Lambert:However, this does not seem to be just that. You guys might have some collaborative projects in a former life since you two are so connected.
SLY:Yes, you are toally right! I I’ve always had the sense!!
SH:Hmm, so you two have the connection from the former life.
Lambert:That is correct especially your dream making progress is the point.
SLY:What should I do from now on?
For example, we actually do have a quarrel when we see each other in the real life. On the other hand, we can discuss calmly in my dream.
Lambert:You should try Ofuda-maki for the person to burn the sense energy anyways.
SH:Yeah, I kind of tell the person sends you a ton of thought-forms.
Lambert:However, it is not an eternal burden so that you just have to keep burning it patiently.
SLY:So, it’s not eternal, is it?
Lambert:No. It will vanish someday. It usually takes 3 months the maximum length (of time).
SLY:Is it possible to live in a parallel world separately while living in the real? or should I even not think of such an option?
SH:I think you’d better focus on your current real life.
Lambert:I agree with you.
SLY:Well, but I tend to burn my passion for the unknown mission which I should do with the person in this dimension.
Lambert:That is the influence by the sense energy.
A mother having a strong attachment to her child… is a good example, isn’t it?
SH:Oh, I see! It seems to be a good idea for you to try Ofuda-maki and see how your feelings ever change. What do you think of it, SLY-san?
SLY:I see! Well then, I will try burning the sense energy!
That should be the first step! Thank you very much????
SH:All right, thank you very much for your question!

Now, LU-san, please let us know your question.

LU:Please let me know the things I can & cannot do with the dimensional operation. – ① Would you please explain the level of “a small misfortune” from the phrase we’ve learned today “Making a catastrophe into a small misfortune”? – ② So, if a dimensional operation becomes successful, can we avoid a disaster like tens of thousands of people become victimized? – ③ Or, is there any tragedy we can never change the dimension as a necessary experience? – ④
① What you can do with a dimensional operation is to create a totally different situation. This means that a golf ball never jump into a completely different green.
② A small misfortune usually sugeests that a slightly painful damage or expenses.
③ Yes we can. For example, there used to be the dimension which USSR (Soviet Union) would completely vanish; however it was evaded by the dimensional operation so that the only political system as Soviet Union was gone. This is a great example that tens of thousands of people were saved.
④ This is the case which the person who is due for his life as the destiny comes to the end. There are many signals I have introduced before, but such a person does not have any of it. He/she usually leaves house with the smile of satisfaction.
LU:Well then, if there are fatalities in some accidensts, does it mean either an insufficiency of the dimensional operation or a destiny?
Lambert:When there are fatalities involved, we are told that they are sucked into a hole of dimension… ah, it is only the case of a huge accident.
SH:I guess some of them are just caught in such a fatal accident (like a place crash and/or a war).
Lambert:Insufficiency (of a dimensional operation)… yes, I suppose you could say so.
LU:Oh, a hole of dimension?! I would like to ask about this some other time.
Lambert:All right.
LU:Thank you very much for the answers I really wanted to know!
SH:LU-san, are you fine with the answers?
SH:Thank you very much!
Lambert:All right then, let’s move on to the next.
SH:Yes please.

IX – Moving dimension (Operation)

Lambert:Now, let me talk to you about moving dimensions by yourself.
SH:Wow, I’m excited to hear it!

Lambert:Flowing as you expect… this is the purpose why we, Shamballa people do the greetings “as you go with the flow.” Anyways, there is a knack for the dimensional operation too. There are people who can pass an entrance exam without any trouble while some people work really hard and try several times and yet they are unable to make it. Someone asked about the difference between Ofuda-maki and Okyo-maki before.


Lambert:Okyo-maki is a method of burning negative energies absorbed by a sutra book which a paper with the person’s name and birthdate is inserted into. Ofuda-maki is to prepare the paper called Ofuda which the thought-forms are rubbed & accumulated, and it also gets burned. If you are a priest-type, you probably feel that Okyo-maki is more effective even though it is just a paper inserted into a sutra book. However, those of you who are a dimensional operation type are not satisfied with Okyo-maki at all. You would rather make a “Hitogata (effigy) = Ofuda” by yourself to feel effective. That is the reason why we always tell you it is hard to decide which one is better than the other.

Even so, there is a way to operate dimension no matter which type (priest or dimensional operation) you are.
Please take out a coin now.

SH:Hmmm, oh, here comes the coin-toss!

IX-1: Coin toss (experiment)

Lambert:What we are going to do now is a way to operate a dimension.
Let’s do a coin toss.

SH:Yes (I’m excited!).

Lambert:Please toss it in the air with a spin as much as you can. If you usually drop a coin (instead of the toss), please do it with a spin as well. It is fine to drop it on a table if you cannot catch it on your hand. It is probably the easiest to drop it with a spin on a cloth.

SH:It is the way to make a little noise by the coin, lol.

Lambert:The odds are normally 3:2 or 2:3.
All right then, please follow my directions.

SH:Hmmm, the number of coin toss should be… 5 times?
Lambert:Yes, 5 times.

First of all, please put the coin on your skin between eyebrows by your right hand. You are supposed to put the side you would like to win on your skin. You can get the better result when you actually say “face” or “back” whichever you like to get more (while putting it on your forehead). As I said, the right hand would be preferred, but please use your left hand if there is a injury or problem on your right hand. It is probably enough to hold it for about 3 seconds.

SH:Yes! I’ve done it.
Lambert:Then, let’s do a coin toss. 5 times, please.
How is it, everyone?

SH:Please let us know your result.
HK:I’ve got 4:1
IZ:Mine was successful with 4:1!
SY:I’ve got 4:1!

[The result has lined up one after another. We have not seen 5:0 yet at that time (those results from about 30 people so far)]

SH:Oh, various results!
Lambert:Why don’t we try one more time.
SH:How about the chakra adjustment? Tapping chest lightly.
Lambert:Putting the coin on the skin of your forehead where the third-eye is supposed to be located. If you do not like to directly put it on your skin, please put your fist with the coin inside on your forehead.
Yes, it is necessary to adjust your chakra.

KT:1:4 – I’ve got a crushing defeat.
SY:I’ve got 5:0 by adjusting my chakra!
Lambert:Oh, someone did get the 5:0 result.
IZ:2:3… what?
SH:I think it also depends on how I toss it, but I can get the side I would like to see when the coin spins well.
SM:2:3 (;´・ω・)
AL:I’ve finally got 5:0!
SH:I see the other side when the coin gets tossed without spinning much.
SH:I think some of you might have done more than 50 times, lol.
Lambert:This is a momentary dimensional operation. Of course it depends on the ability, but it is quite a simple way.
Oh, it is almost time to hit the wall by your left brain becoming active.
KT:2:3 The reverse dimensional operation….
Lambert:I believe you see the side preferentially which you put on your skin.
Even if you cannot do well today, it is possible to increase the odds if you become able to operate dimensions.
SH:Yes, I can always get my side at the first time, lol.

Lambert: For example, people tend to put the postcard for a prize contest on your forehead instinctively while praying for the winning before mail it because of the ability.

IX-2: Art of Dimensional operation

Lambert:You need a decent technique to “operate” a dimension.
Although I might have talked to you this a few times before, please bare with me.

SH:Yes, please (I think there are still some people tossing coins, lol).

Lambert:First of all, the mental attitude for dimensional operation should be “simple-minded.”

SH:We should not be dark-minded (laughing).

Lambert:You should not waste your sense energy by jealousy and/or grudge against other people. Sense energy is like a fuel for your vehicle which should be provided to you in order to get what you really desire and/or need along with your life mission. If you waste it, you will not be able to move forward when you really need it.

It should be even worse to send the sense energy by regretting what you have done in the past. Those successful people seem to be simple-minded like children because they do not waste energy and become innocently delighted when their wishes come true. Let’s say, when you win a lottery with $30, why don’t you think it as “Wow, I won $30, great!” instead of “Oh, I have got only $30”? Your winning amount will gradually increase (smiling).

SH:I see. We should not be out of gas at a really important situation.

Lambert:Next, you should make your purpose clear (to operate a dimension).

When you think of exams such as job interviews and/or any qualifying exams, someone can get it easily while others have really a hard time and yet unsuccessful to make it. The unsuccessful result is brought to you because you do not have the clear purpose. What would you do with the qualification/license? This applies to money as well. The people who have lesser amount of money tend to say “as much as possible” by the question “How much money do you want?” However, you can understand how unreasonable this is if the conversation is between a parent and a child, can’t you?

If you were the parent and asked your child “How much money do you want now?”, then he answered “6,000 yen ($60).” You probably would like to give him the amount of money if he said “I need to buy a dictionary” or “I would love to buy a reference book,” wouldn’t you? If he even got so delighted and said to you “Thank you so much!!” for the money, you might want to ask him “What do you want next time?”, right? However, if you asked the same question “How much money do you want now?” to another child and he said “As much as possible!”….Wouldn’t you feel like slapping him? (LOL)

SH:Yeeeeeeees!! (laughing hard)

Lambert:”As much as possible” means “I want as much money as possible” which the desire for money exists but it does not mean you make the most of the money for your mission and yourself. Therefore, such money will disappear at a strange point even if you are lucky enough to get some amount. This is the reason why no criminal (thief) can become rich by getting someone else’s money.This is the phenomenon that money abandon and leave you alone.

SH:There are probably many people who do not have clear purpose… it may sound pretty vague to them.

Lambert:We mention money a lot in this blog; however, it is supposed to be granted if you follow your life mission. You should be able to find so much money available for your needs on the road “38.” If you lose money very quickly, it means that you just picked up the money on a different frequency. That is why it is gone so fast.

SH:I see! (I don’t have money but I am not in need either!, LOL …a bluff, lol, lol.)

Lambert:Then, you should use the navigation by your guardian spirit fully. It is also good to become sensitive to the signals. It is fine with any numbers you see which can be a receipt from a supermarket or numbers of a car passing by you. As I said previously, you should be able to notice if you are out of your paved way even it is pitch-dark.

SH:It should be obvious by the impact of rumbling.

Lambert:Those signals are always sent to you which you should not spoil the chance.
When you hit the right one, you will see the unimaginable “bingo!” signals everywhere. We have done this at the theme “spiritual energy,” haven’t we?


Lambert:At last, you should relax the stiffness of your soul.
SH:This can be the hardest????

Lambert:You may think this is the hardest to achieve; however the wishing/praying at Shinto shrine itself is actually the act to relax the stiffness of your soul. You are supposed to be relaxed and relieved by surrendering all your wishes to God. You should be able to live easily by doing it.

SH:Recommendation for the complete surrender, lol????

Lambert:It is really difficult to convince the person who is drowned by saying “You should be able to float if you get relaxed.” The thoughts like “I may get drowned” “I am scared because I was drowned before” make the person even more stiff. However, your soul stiffness will be released whether willing or not if you have the hobby which makes you be back to your basic frequency as I have mentioned in this seminar. Please do what you really love.

You will definitely realize when you become a successful person “This is unexpectedly easy!”… LOL.

SH:We should do something makes us feel fun and excited♪


*Tips for dimensional operation*

  1. Being simple-minded
  2. Never waste sense energy
  3. Make the purpose clear
  4. Use the navigation by guardian spirit fully
  5. Relax the stiffness of soul

IX-3: Alternative Ofuda-maki (experiment)

Lambert:At last, I will tell you the alternative Ofuda-maki. I hope you all will try it out.
Please prepare a 1,000 yen banknote.

[note by editor: For this experiment, please prepare a Japanese banknote like 1,000 yen, 10,000 yen and so on. It should be available at any foreign currency exchange service in your country. You will see the reason later.]

SH:Yes, everyone, please take the 1,000 yen banknote out now.
I only have a Mr. Fukuzawa, lol (= 10,000 yen banknote).

Lambert:The reason why I chose 1,000 yen banknote is, oh well 10,000 yen is fine too though, because everyone has it in the wallet (laughing).

SH:Oh well, I’ll try to get a 1,000 yen banknote next time in Japan, lol!

Lambert:Anyways, here comes the experiment. Please have your pencil ready.
SH:Yes, here is my pencil!
Lambert:You can use a mechanical/propelling pencil as well.

Everyone, the 1,000 yen banknote has a watermark in the center which looks like an empty space. You all know that the printed face of the featured person for the banknote can be stood out by holding it up to the light.

However, don’t you think it is weird to place the watermark in the center of the banknote? It does not have to be such a noticeable place… oh well, I do not mean to talk about an urban legend here (smiling).

SH:Urban legend… Japanese banknote has several of them, lol.

[note by editor: One of the participants did actually post the question regarding this watermark mystery after the session. You can see the answer on the following blog entry (written in Japanese) : http://gaia-shamballa.xyz/blog/?p=36451]

Lambert:In any case, it is great to use the space (watermark on the banknote). This Japanese banknote is made of a traditional Japanese paper which is the world most durable material. Moreover, a banknote is usually covered by the thought of money through many people.

SH:Japanese banknote is really amazing~~✨
(I wish American dollar bills were a little more beautiful/stylish/durable, etc., etc… lol.)

Lambert:You all actually hand in some money when you go to a Shinto shrine which is the (money) offering. That is the item closest to the dimensional operation.

Please write the amount of money you wish to be granted on this space (watermark) of the banknote. In this time, since this is an experiment, let’s all write “50,000 yen within a week. Thank you very much.”

[note by editor: The phrase can be written in your mother tongue.]

The tip here is to write as light as possible. You can easily erase it later, but you can actually focus even better when you write it lightly which is the same as writing (four-character idioms) really small on Ofuda-maki.
All right, let’s all write it together like a song project.

SH:Oh? Am I writing directly on the space (of watermark)?

Lambert:Yes, yes.
Please write it on the space.
Are you all ready?
Then, please start writing it now.

FC:Am I supposed to write it vertically?
SM:Oh, I’ve already written (ノω<;)
WM:I’ve done.
SH:I did write horizontally.
SM:Me too, horizontally (smiling).
JU:Which side should I write, front or back?
SLY:I have done writing it????
WM:I’ve written horizontally on the front.
Lambert:Have you all written it? It has been passing a minute.
HN:I’ve written horizontally.
Lambert:It is fine to write horizontally or vertically.
LT:I’ve done it.
AT:I’ve done.
MY:I finished writing.
CT:I’ve done writing.
LN:I’ve done it.
SH:Hmmm, Mr. Fukuzawa seems laughing at me… lol.
MKU:I’ve done it~!
SM:Is it fine to write on the front or back?
Lambert:Why don’t you write on the front?
SH:Well… this seems…. kinda funny (laughing).
CO:This looks like a balloon of Hideyo (Noguchi), lol.

[note by editor: Hideyo Noguchi is on the 1,000 yen banknote – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hideyo_Noguchi]

SH:You see~?! (laughing)
Mr. Fukuzawa seems to tell me “Are you really sure with such a small amount (of money)?”… Noooooo????

[note by editor: As you have seen above, we are supposed to write the phrase on the space of watermark vertically/horizontally (I think the horizontal writing is almost definite! for English).]

Lambert:Then, please place the banknote in your wallet to carry around for a while.
It depends on the person whether the 50,000 yen comes as goods or money.

By the way, there is the law called “Act on Control of Damaging and Other Acts Related to Coins.”

  • Paragraph (1)  Money shall not be damaged or melt it down.
  • Paragraph (2)  Money shall not be collected to damage or melt it down.
  • Paragraph (3)  Any person who has violated the Paragraph 1 shall be punished by imprisonment with work not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding two hundred thousand yen.

[note by editor: This article is available only in Japanese wikipedia]

So, please erase whatever you have written completely with an eraser before use/circulate the banknote.
However, if you ever find the banknote with the phrase written by a pencil on the watermark space someday at a store (or anywhere) you receive as a change, you can just generously erase it for the person who probably took the same session, lol.

SH:It may become my treasure, lol.

Lambert:Let’s find out whether or not you all can get this 50,000 yen.
Also, you all can write together and carry around the phrase of the song project. I believe you can change it. People in Andromeda and the United Galaxies sometimes do the same thing. Writing, singing, listening, anything can be possible. It is not just singing a song.

[note by editor: Song project 2018 is going on! Please check it out the Facebook page!]

WW:I think we will be happy when the money comes.
SH:Well, everyone, let’s get together with plenty of money next week, lol!

X – Epilogue : Dimensional operation

Lambert:I would like to tell you this in the end.

Lambert:Currently, you all have fear of your various futures. There is one story of the future many people seem to believe to be happening that AI will take over the world one day and control humans. However, you should think about it a little more carefully. Those ETs (extraterrestrials) coming here with UFO and even Shamballa have much superior AI to ones in the physical Earth, and we have never been controlled by them. Why do you think it is possible?

It is because we, human beings who exist in several electric layers and are able to operate dimensions and reincarnate are far superior to AI. No matter how excellent machines can do things such as chess and go (a Japanese board game) they will be turned-off after the game is over. On the other hand, humans do have a great emotion and dream such as taking a rest, having a pleasant chat, analyzing the game and praising each other after the competition.

SH:Yes, that is true.

Lambert:The fellow humans who realize their life missions contact and cultivate each other, and they can exist beyond the old times via reincarnations. AI can never follow the path, and actually they cannot operate dimension. They can never resist the dimensional operation such as the machine becomes broken no matter how hard they try to avoid the situation. Therefore, I would like you peoples to train and improve yourself more and more.

WM:Oooops… do you actually see my room? I have a book about AI just in front of me now!

Lambert:Things like medical science, modern science and society are definitely making progress, but they can more cultivate each other especially you can do even more so in your next life if you dream until just before the moment of your death. No machine can ever do it at all. They cannot even pretend to do it.

SH:AI can never operate dimension. We should do what the human with soul can only do as much as possible.
SLY:Ah~!! I am really relieved????

Lambert:So, I would like you humans to live more confidently.

The seminar will actually go on even after this session, and we have so far released the contents at ELB which are equivalent level of the elementary school in Shamballa. Despite our possible imperfect presentation and leading, you all came along with us and reached this point.

I am sincerely thankful to SH leader and K leader who have been supporting the seminar behind the scene, and am thankful to all of you students who have participated and brought the seminar to life.

The next series will be more fun and useful contents which are supposed to give you a great tip to fulfill your life. I strongly recommend taking the seminar to you all.

This concludes my sessions with you as lecturer. It has been really enjoyable through the entire 8 sessions of this seminar.
That is the proof I am very fortunate to have such great students.
I am proud of you all.

SH:Mr. Lambert, thank you very much for leading all of us up to this moment!

Lambert:I hope you all grow up with making full use of the contents for your life and become a true expert of the game called “life.” Then, let’s work together someday.
I really look forward to the day.
Thank you all very much for taking the seminar for a long time.

SH:Mr. Lambert, thank you very much!!
SLY:Mr. Lambert????????Thank you very much????
WM:Thank you very much.
LG:Thank you very much\(^o^)/
KT:Thank you very much!(for your hard work, hee-hee)
SY:Thank you very much!
JU:Mr. Lambert, thank you very much????
MKU:Thank you very much!!!!!!!
KB:thank you very much!!
MSA:Thank you very much.
SH:I am thankful to this great seminar from bottom of my heart!
LN:Thank you very much.
MY:Thank you very much????
CT:88888888Thank you very much????
CS:Thank you very much!
EL:Thank you very much!????
RK:Thank you very much\(^o^)/
HD:Thank you very much????
MO:Thank you very much.
FC:Thank you very much.
AN:Thank you very much!
LY:Mr. Lambert, thank you very much❤

(applause continued…)

[I actually tried to copy & paste all comments & applause from the Slack original, but it was overwhelming and I gave up… I’m sorry???? There was a fun reception followed by the session. If you are ever curious to check out (in Japanese), please click the following link to the Slack channel (Slack account is necessary): https://sschool-class.slack.com/messages/C94UG1U57/]


Thank you very much for taking your precious time to read this entire session of ELB-8.

How did you feel about the subject “dimensional operation”?

I hope you all understand how close and easy the dimensional operation really is. At the same time, you should be able to drive your life path smoothly by your own skills, not by an unexpectedly given fortune.

Including this session-8, ELB has given to us so many useful ideas and tools to live the way we really should proceed which is our life mission… in other words, what we really want to do. If you are not sure what you really like to do in your life, please read this entire ELB series as many times as you wish and try out all the experiments. At least, I as an editor, did find my own path through reading the 8 sessions many many times while translating into English, LOL!

You all can do it too. I would like all you to feel the excitement and see this world completely different way. Then, I hope to see you all someday in a live session.

ELB will continue with the new chapter called【Enjoy Life Basic Next☆】which I am sure you will enjoy the unexpected ideas and concepts again. The contents are all based on the ELB so that it should be helpful to read the whole 8 sessions again anyways.

I am really thankful to Mr. Lambert to let me work on this translation project which has given me deeper thoughts on each theme.

Also, thank you all very much for reading the English edition of ELB… it will be my pleasure if you can make the best use of the contents.


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